1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Rain is beautiful in the many surfaces it feeds. This looks like tulip leaves but that is too early out your way, I think?

    My latest MJF magazine came yesterday and of course I had to sit down and read it cover to cover! One of the articles that caught my attention was the one about bacon gravy. Three years ago, I found a series of books written by a descendent of Swedish Immigrants to the Kansas area in the late 1860s. In the recipe book, there was the recipe and history of white gravy. When bacon or other meat was not available, farmers’ wives kept the family fed with the three ingredients they always had; milk (from their cow), butter, flour. A white gravy was made following your exact recipe given (at the bottom of the page under tip) and placed over homemade bread. When eggs were plentiful, they were chopped up and added to the gravy. This meal was a family staple when times were lean and a hungry family needed a hot meal to keep going.

    Also, every Easter, we dyed 4 dozen hard boiled eggs for the annual egg hunt on Easter Sunday afternoon. The week after Easter, our favorite breakfast was when Mom made white gravy with chopped hard boiled Easter Eggs served over toast. Our big family always looked forward to this treat. It was almost as wonderful as foil covered chocolate eggs in our Easter baskets!

  2. I’m originally southern and so no meal is complete without gravy. My mother’s name was Davie ( named after her father David who was called Davey ) and we always called it ” Davie Gravy” . I could positively live on bisquits and gravy I do declare.

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