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My featured Merit Badge Awardee of the Week is … Diane Kasperzak!!!

Diane Kasperzak (DiDi, #3657) has received a certificate of achievement in Each Other for earning a Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert Level Farmgirl Shutterbugs Merit Badge!

“I researched the photography terms and found several of them to be intriguing (especially framing and leading lines) and something I hadn’t considered when taking photos. I will try to use these techniques in the future.

I have taken well over 20 photos of horses, country scenes, and family pets, three of which were posted on the chatroom.

I got a blue ribbon at the Eastern States Exposition for the Black-eyed Susan photo posted in the chatroom, and a white ribbon at the Four-Town Fair for the photo of my parents’ dog, Baby Sammy.


I admire so many of the famous photographers’ photos, but I am particularly drawn to close-ups of flowers. There are many such photos on display online, and I was also inspired by a woman I worked with who also takes flower photos. We went to the Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls on two occasions, and I posted my 10 favorite photos from those trips in the chatroom. I also entered several of the photos in the local fairs, and shared 8x10s with several elderly family members to send them cheer.

I read “50 Incredible Photographic Techniques and Tutorials” and “Ten Top Photography Composition Rules.”

I was astonished when I first saw my photos; I won a few ribbons at the fairs; my family loved the colorful photos; I learned new techniques; and I look forward to another wonderful trip to one of my new favorite places, the Bridge of Flowers.

I have taken photos for several events where I have taken more than 100 photos at each. One occasion was a high-school graduation. In addition to a photo album for the graduate, I framed several photos of her with her family members. I also have made several calendars with photos that I have taken.

I read “Advanced Photography Techniques,” “Six Advanced Tips for Photography Composition,” and “18 Composition Rules for Photos that Shine.”

I posted one of my favorite photos of a chipmunk sitting on a raccoon statue, along with my thoughts about taking photos, in the Farmgirl Connection Chatroom.

I have recently been informed by the National Wildlife Federation that I was a finalist in its 2015 photo contest, and that my photo of a chipmunk sitting on a raccoon statue (taken in my backyard) is on the NWF website in the Honorable Mention slideshow. The photo was also awarded a blue ribbon at the Eastern States Exposition.”

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Diane, Congratulations on your photo taking accomplishments! You are an inspiration to everyone thinking about picking up a camera. Enjoy having fun outdoors in all seasons and please share more photos again with us so we can keep up with where you have been!

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