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My featured Merit Badge Awardee of the Week is … Cyrie Wilson!!!

Cyrie Wilson (Pixiedustdevil, #6941) has received a certificate of achievement in Stitching & Crafting for earning an Expert Level UFOs Merit Badge!

“I went through my UFO box and weeded out old projects that didn’t interest me anymore, or they had lost irreplaceable pieces. Then I pulled out my bag of chicken potholders, and some jeans that needed patched.

I took about 3 more pairs of jeans and patched/repaired them, using recycled fabric from old jeans. I’m fussy like that; I see no point in tossing clothes if they can be repaired.

Finally, my biggest job was finishing 2 sets of chicken potholders that my sister requested. She requested them a year ago. Shame on me! I finished them in time to give them to her for Thanksgiving.

I’m used to fixing my jeans, especially the corners of the back pockets. One hole even came undone after washing. So I reinforced it with all the powers of ‘overkill’ that I could muster. That solved the problem.

As for the potholders; I’ve made so many that I’m tired of making them, so my sister’s will hopefully be my last for a while. I didn’t really like the colors (I didn’t choose them), but as long as my sister was happy with them, then that’s fine.”


  1. Lisa Bell says:

    These are adorable!

  2. Kathy Gaughran says:

    Oh how wonderful great job your sister will love them always and think of you every time she uses them.
    We always feel good when we finish a project that some one has been waiting for I have an afghan I have been working on for three years my husband hopes he will receive it this winter I hope to do so.
    Happy holidays

  3. Nielsen,Winifred T. says:

    Cyrie, this potholders are adorable! I am sure they made your sister very happy too. Congratulations on tackling your sewing room and making sense out of everything for moving forward. Isn’t it amazing how projects and bargains can pile up on you?

  4. Shirley Romig says:

    Is there a pattern for the chicken potholders

  5. Marilyn Berger says:

    I love your chicken potholders! Something our quilting guild could make if we had a pattern…Can I buy a pattern from you or would you share your source? Thanks so much!

  6. Lisa Von Saunder says:

    Love those chickens! too cute for words!

  7. Kris says:

    OMG these are the cutest pot holders I have ever seen. Wheels are already turning for next Christmas! Is the pattern available to purchase?

  8. Jen Parsley-Kellenbarger says:

    Hello, I’m Jen Parsley-K…. A born and raised country girl, my mom and dad always tried to have a micro farm…you know, chickens, rabbits, gardens etc..pop hunted & fished regular..my mom handcrafted many things..of which I’m proud to say most of my clothes. Hence I LOOOVE CHICKENS & sewing. So I would love your pattern for the chicken pot holders!? Where would I find it?
    Jen the Hen, (thanks to grandpa Parsley)

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