1. Nielsen,Winifred T. says:

    I love these rustic and creative bird houses. They look almost romantic with snow.

  2. Helen Halmay says:

    Regarding your comment about vocabulary. In the distant past a high school graduated was considered to be educated enough that they could teach school. How far we have fallen! Now, our schools are not even teaching cursive writing, which means that cursive reading will disappear, too. How will people, in the future, be able to read old family diaries, or other important documents written in cursive? As a historian, this prospect just makes me sick. What a loss!

  3. Lisa Von Saunder says:

    no cont.reading on the gladsome sisters, cant respond –alot havent had that – help!

  4. Betty Jane Great says:

    My favorite dessert is the carrot cake my Mom always made me for my birthday…….often she used cream-cheese frosting, but other times she made a fluffy butter cream……..oh so good!!
    She past at 85 y.o……..miss her. She was a great cook, you should have tasted her bread !
    Love your mag. so much I’v used it for Christmas gifts . Keep up the great work.

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