SWIVET: Something a swimming frog says? New handy-dandy carpentry tool for DIY homeowners? Swiffer attachment that swivels? Sniveling swine? Tearful sentiment? Amount of air sniffed up when sniffing? Petite snifter for women who drink whiskey?

Say it with me: Swivet \ˈswi-vət\ (noun), a state of extreme agitation

Citizens of Lake Wobegone are in a swivet over the milk powder that went missin’ from their biscuits.

The frogs, suddenly in a swivet, stopped riveting (ribbeting?) when a moose splashed into their pond for a midnight swim.

It seems this word was first used in the South during the turn of the century, Kentucky specifically, before it started showing up in national magazines during the 50s. It is now considered mainstream … and normal for people to be in a constant swivet over one thing or another.

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