1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Is this the door to “my cabin”? I know there was a cool old door inside at the foot of the bed, but the siding here looks like the cabin too. Hmmmm, it would be confirmed if the “light was still on”. LOL!!

    Good Morning, MaryJane! I hope all of the Butters/Ogles had a wonderful day of family fun and love on Christmas. By the way, I was wondering if my Miss Daisy sent me a Hello at Midnight on Christmas Eve? They say animals can speak at this moment of the year. I was thinking of her and my Bump before bed that night so maybe I just couldn’t hear their greetings for the jingle of the reindeer’s harnesses busy making the rounds!

    • MaryJane says:

      Close. It’s the door to the bunkhouse kitchen (that will need some foundation work this summer–one of the sides has dropped). Once it’s gussied up again and good to go, you should picture yourself gathering a couple of eggs, next a pint of cream for coffee and fixing yourself breakfast there and then walking with it to dine on your sewing cottage porch, a hot bath waiting for you after. Good morning, Winnie!

      Probably a tomte ( came to visit my animals on Christmas Eve while I slept. Ha, my cows “try” to talk to me all the time and I “try” to talk back. We’re a little clumsy at it to say the least.

      • Winnie Nielsen says:

        I do love that image of making myself a Farmgirl breakfast and enjoying it on the porch. Sweet!!!

        I have to admit that despite the real differences between Meow and English, Bump and I did quite well getting across our needs and interests. Of course his way was always the winner in the end,but everyone who ever took care of him,when we traveled, said he was so clever at telling them what to do! How I miss that furry friend.

        There is a Celtic proverb that says heaven is only three feet away and closer in the thin spaces. Midnight Christmas Eve is one of those thin spaces and I am pretty sure my Bump was closer because I couldn’t stop thinking about him and I told him in my heart he was such a good boy and a faithful friend!

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