She’s a virago!


origin and etymology:

Middle English, from Latin viragin-, virago, from vir man


Plural: viragoes or viragos

  1. a loud, overbearing woman
  2. a woman of great stature, strength, and courage

Mixed messages, anyone? While once considered a compliment (one famous virago being Joan of Arc), it later became more of a slur or derogatory comment (think Taming of the Shrew’s very own shrew). Now it’s trending more towards the complimentary once again. Is there a virago in your farmgirl life?

Wonder Woman Lynda Carter, Photo by ABC Television via Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Barbara Criss says:

    I have definitely known some of the first kind! And I was blessed to have known one of the second—my best friend from college. She had both physical and moral stature—she was 5’11 and wasn’t afraid of anything or anybody. She taught me a lot. I never knew a more honest,kind and caring person. Her last act of courage was four years ago when she found out that she had cancer and only six months to live. She planned her own funeral down to the very details of the service. Never once did she feel sorry for herself. She was the most courageous person I have ever known.

  2. Carolyn Kistner says:

    I like the second definition! My best friend is a virago although she’s only 5’4″; I’m 5’7″. We are outspoken and tell it like it is! We’re from the same generation, were born in the same month and year and are always on the lookout for adventures whether it’s cooking, shopping or traveling to places we’ve never been.

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