excess eating is called …

Chances are this Thanksgiving you and loved ones will gather around the table, say what you are thankful for and then delve into the pilgrim tradition of stuffing your tummies with all sorts of delicious fare — candied yams, green bean casserole, stuffing, mashed potatoes …

The excess is enough to leave you in a 3-day food-induced coma. Then, combine that with spiked eggnog and endless turkey — and all bets are on you’ll be nodding off when the pumpkin pie comes around. If you avoid the coma, well, odds are you’ll be feeling … crapulent.

crapulent (krāp’yə-luhnt) adjective – sick from gross excess in drinking or eating

excessive indulgence; intemperance

crap·u·lence, (krāp’yə-ləns) crap·u·len·cy, noun

The origin of this word can be traced back to around 1650–60. Late Latin refers to being crāpulentus or drunk and in Greek kraipálē meant drunkenness, or a hangover. Is this where we get the sayings, “I feel like crap?” “I’m starting to feel crappy?”

  1. Annika Laurea-Wood says:

    Oh MaryJane, what a wonderful word! I am proud to admit that I’m a language lover and read dictionaries (The older the better) for fun! I do believe you may be right, it likely is where the term crappy comes from!

    Happy Thanksgiving from my home to yours =)

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