Hear Ye!

Here are Merit Badges that were recently approved.

Congratulations Sisters!

Merit Badges Approved 5/28/24 and 5/29/24

Cindy Kinion, #6058, AussieChick

Intermediate Make It Easy / Candlemaking

Expert Farm Kitchen / Food Allergy Awareness

Heather Neeper, #4701, nndairy

Expert Cleaning Up / Shopping Green

Beginner Farm Kitchen / Bustin’ Out

Beginner Outpost / Orienteering

Beginner Outpost / Buzzin’ Around

Intermediate Outpost / Buzzin’ Around

Expert Outpost / Buzzin’ Around

Expert Cleaning Up / Recycling

Tiffany Bowman, #8644, HistoryGirl17

Beginner Make It Easy / Relaxation

Beginner Each Other / Lost Art of Letter Writing

Lily-anne Hein, #6071, GinghamGirl

Beginner Farm Kitchen / Palate Pleasers

Intermediate Farm Kitchen / Palate Pleasers

Jessie Yonkovit, #134, JessieMae

Beginner Cleaning Up / Green Energy

  1. Gail Chapman says:

    I want to vote on the bouquets (Fake or real). The instructions say to search for Joy and Smiles but when I do, nothing is found. Can you please send me a link or better instructions?
    Thank you so much.
    Gail Chapman
    Live Oak, FL

  2. Krista Butters Davis says:

    Congratulations everyone! Keep up the amazing work!

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