Finding Money

Gratitude can grab you in the simplest, silliest, and most unexpected places. Take, for instance, the recesses of a pocket, or deep down in a crevice between couch cushions, (that’s where those keys are!) Or, maybe, gratitude will get ya when you’re …

… rifling around under the seat of your car.


I’m pretty sure it’s universal—that rush when you find money you’d forgotten (or never knew you had). I get a kick out of a quarter, but the other day I happened upon a windfall: a twenty-dollar bill. Right there …


Under the seat of my car.

I’ll never know how it got there. (I was looking for the ice scraper I used last winter when …)

I don’t toss around twenties (or quarters, for that matter). Weird. My giving-minded side immediately started running down the list of charities that could use 20 bucks. But, no. It felt like such an out-of-the-blue windfall that I gave in to something like  … this was meant to be … for me.

By the time I hatched a plan, I was determined to use it (and then some) to take the Reverend husby out to dinner. It’s something we rarely do, as in, twice a year at best and besides, Carol had been raving about a new restaurant in town.

Have you unearthed your heaviest winter fur coats from storage yet? Check the pockets. Packed-away pockets are some of the best places to find money. But don’t forget to check under your car seats. You might find a two-hour, 4-course fancy dinner under there.

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