Cow Kisses

Our girl Maizy is about to pop, as in birth her first calf, so she’s fenced in during the day and put into a warm barn at night. Just in case.

Have I considered taking my sleeping bag down there? I have. But …

… I haven’t gone there yet. But I will admit to this—wet, sloppy, loving, cow kisses.

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  2. June Sparks says:

    Love cow kisses!!

  3. mary says:

    has Maizy calved yet?if so what?
    there’s nothing cuter in this world than a new baby calf!

    • MaryJane says:

      No, she hasn’t. I was just down checking on her again. Today Kim had her ear on Maizy’s stomach (not sure why, just checking in I guess) and the calf kicked that very spot! I must add that Maizy is soooo gentle and loving right now. She wants to be touched all over and scratched and brushed. If she weren’t so big, I think she’d crawl into my lap and purr. Pretty adorable.

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