Gamboling is approved for all ages. It’s even doctor-recommended for kids from 1 to 92 and it’s a word found in many of the classics.

No, we aren’t talking about Kenny Rogers’ high stakes poker game, nor are we talking about a convenience-store lottery ticket.

Gambol (with an “o”) is something better. More fun. And not at all illegal. In fact, a good gambol can generally grant some quality guffaws and general gaiety. (Phew. That was a good G run.) To gambol means to skip about in play.

Who couldn’t use a little more gamboling with an “o”?

My youngest granddaughter had a picture-perfect gambol when she skipped and pranced to the creek-side swing set at our most recent Butters family reunion. With a few crumbs of dessert still on her lips, she had a gait that progressed to a skip until she generously allowed her dad to catch up and the two of them gamboled through the green grass in search of more frivolity.

Comic-book fans may already know this, but Gambol, is a villain from the Batman movie, The Dark Knight. We’ll just go with the old-fashioned “before Batman” meaning.

When was the last time you gamboled? Did you have some friends join you? Two legged or four?

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  2. When did I last ‘gamboled’?… why just last week, with my 2 wee grandbabies as we annoyed (in good nature as only a 20month & 23month old can do) the family goats and sheep…..
    Everyday is a great day to ‘gambole’…
    Thanx for the word of the day, you’ve made my day !

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