beetle mania

Is this not the coolest aluminum boot puller (to match my Airstream) you’ve ever laid eyes on? A gift from our Ranch Farmgirl, Shery Jespersen, it took me a few minutes to figure out what it was. In the meantime, my husband piped up, “Can I put it on the hood of my truck?

Not a chance. This beetle is all mine. Who else thinks of Camp Swampy when you hear the word Beetle?????

FREE Bumper Stickers

They’re here! Another batch of free bumper stickers for International Glamping Weekend 2013, June 1 and 2. Head on over for details on how to get yours!

I put mine on the back of my teardrop trailer, right in between my “Junk Gypsy Road Crew” sticker and my “glampin” license plate.

Winnie Snow White

Ring, ring, ringaling. Winnie Nielsen? Are you there????

We noticed yesterday that you have more comments than anyone, well, except for me, and Miss Wilma’s shipment of her Kentucky lovin’ handmade white pillows arrived, and sooooooooooooo … we got to talking.

What if we sent four of the bestest of the bunch to Winnie as a way of thanking her, no, as a way of saying, YoU RoCK SisTaH!!!!! We love you. And we wish you sweet dreams.

Miss Wilma scours the countryside for old feather mattresses. She brings them home and sterilizes the pure down feathers and then packs them back into the original ticking (cut into “piller” sizes), and then, and THEN, she makes pillowcases for them using old vintage dresses and handmade lace that she finds when out and about. They are exquisite. One of a kind. The stuff of sweet dreams. Winifred.