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I love witnessing tender moments between mother and child.

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Sticker Man

How many times have you picked and scraped to remove one of those pesky produce stickers?

Photo by acloudman via Wikimedia Commons

I hear you!

But the next time you have a sticker stuck under your nail, you might look at it a little differently. You might—who knows?—even smooth it out, strip away the pieces of peel that cling to it, paste it to a piece of paper, and mail it to the Sticker Man.

That’s right—Sticker Man.

Once he has your sticker, it’s anybody’s guess where it could end up …

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Look closely. Yes, those are ALL produce stickers stuck by “Sticker Man” Barry Snyder.

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Why produce stickers, Barry?

His reply, “It’s so stupid, it’s neat.”

Neat, indeed. The 60-year-old, self-proclaimed Almost World Renowned Food Sticker Mosaic Artist has had a penchant for produce stickers, reports Modern Farmer, since he was teenager in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Over the years, he has refined his hobby into a singular sort of produce-inspired pointillist pop art.

This one might just be my favorite …

Photo courtesy of

Or, well, who wouldn’t love this colorful interpretation of American Gothic?

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Something about Barry’s art just makes you smile.

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You can actually purchase prints of Barry’s brilliant work, but you’ll probably have to call him (he prefers the telephone to newfangled computer chat).

Of course, he also welcomes produce stickers via his (tongue-in-cheek) Save Our Stickers Foundation.

In Barry’s words, “The Save Our Stickers Foundation provides a new home and a meaningful purpose to these unassuming stalwarts of our supermarket lifestyles. Won’t you please help? If you could find the compassion in your heart to simply peel these valiant warriors off the skins of your preferred produce and then place them, sticky side down, on a piece of notepaper (paper, not plastic), they can live as artwork (united with thousands of fellow food stickers as part of a symbiotic visual presentation), bringing joy to young and old alike.”

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He asks that you send your stickers to:

Barry Snyder
POB 301
Erie, CO 80516


May Day Flowers!

We made hanging baskets a few weeks ago (featured in the online Sister Issue of MaryJanesFarm) and have been patiently (some of us a little impatiently) waiting for the first day of May to arrive.

We woke up early Thursday and carefully cut our bouquets.

Photo May 01, 7 45 07 AM

It was a beautiful day and the girls were so excited!

Photo May 01, 7 45 14 AM

Off we went to ring seven doorbells and run as fast as we could (the best-est fun-est part)…

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