Another Cog in the Noggin

It’s time for a little wordplay. My word for the week is something I like to do a lot of before I sit down to write my journal entries. Can you guess?

It’s cogitate.

To think hard about something. To ponder it. To mentally turn it over, carefully and deliberately. And here’s how to say it.

You can use cogitate with or without an object. But please, allow me:

With an object: After getting herself buried in an antique quilt avalanche, albeit a decidedly comfy one, MaryJane knew she’d have to cogitate an escape plan.

Without an object: Every time MaryJane goes to her friend Willie with a question about the universe, he cogitates about it and says just the right thing.

Nothing. (Gotta love the silent type.)

Now cogitate on this. How about applying your mah-velous minds to using cogitate in a sentence? Or better yet, use it when you speak today. Or right now, out loud, quick, before you lose this week’s latest new cog in your nog.

  1. I cogitate best when sitting on my porch stoop in the warm morning sunshine with a nice cuppa tea. When I cogitate elsewhere it manifests itself more like worry and less like pondering.

  2. Elizabeth Colvin says:

    Occasionally, cogitating gets me into trouble 🙂

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