Spring is definitely in the air at my farm, and love is bloomin’ just as big and bright as all the flowers in my garden.

Even that precocious little MBA Jane has found herself a man (I can’t let that girl out of my sight for even one morning!).

(Wondering who she is? She’s Merit Badge Awardee Jane, MBA Jane for short. In her former life … )

Mr. Wonderful, she calls him.

Well, he does look awfully cute. And he says the sweetest things (more about that in a minute).

But still.

“MBA Jane, are you sure he’s the one?” I asked.

“I’m sure, MJ,” she replied, all soft-voiced and smitten, her eyes sparkling with more romance than a Harlequin novel. “I love him more than I love ALL my pairs of shoes. More than my strawberry lip gloss. More than Justin Bieber. More than my cell phone, MJ—my. cell. phone!”

Wow. This is serious.

“It must be kismet, then,” I told her.

“Oh yes, I’d like him to kiss me very much!” She nearly fell off her stilettos.

“No, Jane, kismet. You pronounce it, kizz – met. It’s a word that means destiny or fate. Like, you two were meant to find each other.”

“Ohh, we sooo were,” she crooned. “It’s totally fate! Like that time I found a vintage pink Chanel jacket in my size at that thrift shop!”

But then her smile faded. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Well, that’s a cool word and everything, MJ. And I like to learn new words, but …”

“But what, Jane??”

“Well, do you think he’ll still kiss me?!?”

I told her she should probably prepare her pucker because I am pretty positive he will, especially if those sweet nothings I hear him telling her are any indication.

All she has to do is squeeze his muscular, manly hand and he’s all wonderful …

“Did you have a hard day, honey? Why don’t you sit down and let me rub your feet?”

“You’ve been on my mind all day, that’s why I bought you these flowers.”

Uh huh, sure, I thought. I’m skeptical, but still listening …

“The ballgame really isn’t that important. I’d rather spend time with you.”

“You know, honey, why don’t you just relax and let me make dinner tonight.”

This guy’s pretty good, I thought. And then he said something that almost had me falling for him, too. The phrase never (ever) before heard from a man:

“Actually, I’m not sure which way to go. Why don’t we stop here and ask for directions?”

Dang! He really IS Mr. Wonderful!

Here’s the word to remember, girls. It might just be kismet when you meet your Mr. Wonderful, too!

Kismet (kiz-mit) n. Fate; destiny.

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