Idiomatic Expressions

By now you’ve probably figured out our brand of office politics—we’re





rough-and-tumble …

boot lovers, full of

idiomatic expressions that are

in your face. However, one

mustn’t let sleeping dogs lie (or tired puppies cry)


persistently beat a dead horse.

(Idiomatic expressions are common phrases or sayings whose meanings cannot be understood by the individual words or elements such as cold war and the obvious funny farm.)

And never, ever look a gift horse in the mouth.

My pointed, mud-slingin,’ manure-kickin’ boots are made from …

Reptiles? Yikes. I bought these in a 2nd hand store some 30 years ago. Fortunately, most “reptile” boots sold these days aren’t the real deal. Amazingly, when my daughter and I were in NYC several years ago, I found a cream-colored faux reptile skirt in Filene’s Basement (cheap designer bargains) that matches these handsome devils perfectly. But where on earth does one WEAR such an outfit?

I did in fact decide to wear it once on the occasion of our wedding anniversary.

When I walked out, hubby bubby BUBBA said, “Oh.”


Back to square one. (Ditching outfits whose meaning cannot be understood by the individual.)

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    As for way out there outfits? Well, in Rome, do as the Romans do! For rural north Idaho, most likely reptile boots would be seen as just part of the landscape?!

    Winnie #3109

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