WINNERS! Glamping Book Giveaway #1—your favorite glamping location

Happy Monday to one and all—with glamping tents and trailers, big or small!

You’ve shared where you like to glamp, so now I present my book winner champs …

I am definitely feelin’ a little Dr. Seussy today. Maybe that’s cause The Lorax was put to film this year? So, ladies, you know the drill. Names go in a hat, er, mixer, and a manicured Chick Nail Polished hand goes in … and two names come out!

And the first two winners of my Glamping with MaryJane book giveaway are:

… AND…

Who could have planned Ace’s perfect nail polish color today? It’s kismet!

Mary Kay said:

Just returned from a 2-week tent camping trip around Oregon. Fabulous outdoor food. Sisters, Prineville, Mt. Hood, Hood River, and the gorgeous Gorge! Then on down the coast into California. What a beautiful and memorable trip. While I enjoyed every leaf-lined moment, alas, I find my 55-yr-old body is not the same one that camped endlessly while my son earned his Eagle Scout badge years ago! I found myself longing for a beautiful, birch-lined canned ham to glamp in! Ah the luxury, ah the small indulgences, ah the turquoise appliances and bark fabric curtains … ahhhhh :-)

This (temporarily) city-locked mountain girl is so looking forward to your new book!!

Sandi O’Connor said:

My favorite camping place is anywhere our darling little trailer is parked! It can be dry camping en route to a final destination or on our recent trip that took hubby and me to an oceanfront campsite in Maine! It’s all dolled-up and has all the comforts of home. It truely is “home sweet home away”!

Congrats to our winners! Keep your eyes on your inbox. An e-mail will be out to you shortly.

  1. Mary Kay says:

    Oh kismet indeed! So exciting. Thank you so much!!!! Congratulations to Sandi too!!

    • Sandi O'Connor says:

      What a wonderful surprise!!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on this book!! Thanks so much and best to you Mary Kay, maybe our paths will cross glamping one day!

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