I’d be lyin’ if I said I wasn’t familiar with the concept behind this week’s word. It’s “remonstrate.” Say it with me:

Remonstrate: To forcefully reason or argue. To plead in opposition or reproof. To present an objection.

Remonstrate is usually used in conjunction with the word “with.” I’ll show you how:

In the middle of a quiche emergency, MaryJane had to remonstrate with a broody hen that refused to part with a single egg.


Though MaryJane remonstrated with great enthusiasm, the rabbits continued to munch on her garden hoses, even though they saw her waving her hoe and stomping her feet.

While I hope you don’t have to remonstrate with anyone too often (inconsiderate animals least of all), I sure would like to hear who or what you remonstrate with?

Garden hoses test my patience like nuttin’ else. Just when I think I’m on high ground and my uphill battles are over, they get all kinky on me. Not only that, but silly “wabbits“ chew holes in them. And if there’s even the slightest disconnect, a mouse crawls in and stops the natural flow of things. On top of all that, hoses are usually a bright green color and show up UGLY in my photographs. Yup, you know you’re a farmgirl when you have “hoses“ permanently on your shopping list. Bottom line: In the summer months, I often get hosed, despite my remonstrations.

  1. Patricia Highsmith says:

    I am so glad to find another person who thinks “garden hose” is a dirty word. I have purchased innumeral “anti-kink” hoses in green, yellow and flat black only to find they all kink. I had decided it was the way I pull, use, or even touch my hose that causes my problem, but I now know I am not alone. Thanks!

  2. I got the best hose, EVER, at Fred Meyer’s. I’m still using it 6 years later and it is PINK in support of breast cancer!!! Yay.

  3. Marsha says:

    It’s my Windows XP computer that I remonstrate with on almost a daily basis. I restart, defrag, disk clean and it still decides that after being on for 8 hours it has just had enough and won’t move an inch no matter how hard I plead for it to run just a little bit longer!!!!

  4. Jan MacKay says:

    No matter how much I remonstrate with my little 100+lb lap puppy, she still insists on sitting on my lap. heheh
    I love the fact that you have a blog that I can go to. I look forward to reading it daily or at least every other day.
    Hugs and blessings

  5. Jeanette Beard says:

    Oh, the garden hose think is so true. I remonstrate on my hilly yard, on the flat, hooking up to a sprinkler, or soaking hose. Just when I least want a problem, I have one. I have tried to keep myself from getting upset when it happens, and simple unkink the thing. I have at least 4 colors and name brand anti-kink hoses. I think their definition for anti-kink must be different from mine.

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