Pocket Hose

Farmhand Ace gave me a gift yesterday to help celebrate our upcoming International Glamping Weekend, June 1 & 2. Why a hose for glamping?

“As seen on TV” is a little joke of ours. The next time you need to emphasize how sure you are of something, just say, “As seen on TV.” Ace also knows how much I love hoses. Hint: Garden hoses test my patience like nothing else.

Do you have a hose that grows? I do. Are you ready for International Glamping Weekend? I am.



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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I don’t have a glamper but who wouldn’t want that cool lime green garden hose for projects?!!That thing is amazingly compact. But it is the color that speaks to me. Very florida Key West looking!

  2. Shery says:

    Oh my, you touched a nerve with this post. We only have ONE outside hose hook-up for use around the barnyard, my garden AND a flowerbed in front of our home. Consequently, I drag around what seems like a MILE of hose. To say that hose kinks unravel my otherwise calm demeanor is a prfound understatement. I’ve bought a handful of hoses that “WILL NOT kink”. Uh-huh. The last one highlighted that feature on the wrapper and it is THEE worst thus far to kink. Sigh. When you have several yards of hose with a kink in the middle, you can’t just flip it and make the kink disappear. Sooooooo, I walk all the way back and manually undo it…grumbling all the way. It kinks when you drag it, it kinks when you wind it up, it kinks just to get a reaction out of me!

    I saw this new pocket hose advertised on TV and just as I was ready to place an order, my husband told me that we don’t have enough pressure to make it work as it ought to. I wilted :o{ BUT, I’m dang shore going to get one for my glamper! Thanks for the tip! HotDiggidyDawg.

  3. Megan Wilson says:

    I’ve been thinking about these! Do they work?!

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