Farmgirls Visit the City

Twice a year, manufacturers and retailers—people that buy, sell, and make linens (sheets, towels, bed sets, aprons, etc.) come from all over the world and meet in New York City. This means my daddy and sometimes my mommy and Nanny Jane get to travel from our wonderful and quiet little Moscow, Idaho, to the big and bustling city of Manhattan. This year, my spring break just so happened to be the same week that my dad was scheduled for his bi-annual trip, so we signed up to go, too!!

My mom, sister, and I had a blast in the big city!

Park Ave

Farmgirls on Park Avenue!

Columbus Circle small

Even if we did experience almost all four seasons!! Here’s Mia and me at Columbus Circle just last week.

Stay tuned for more adventures from our week in the city …


  1. Carol Gillen says:

    Every year I look forward to my annual “Mother/Daughter” trip. Some of them have included the Country Living Fair in Atlanta and Columbus; a 3-day flea market in Florida, Airboat ride through alligator swamps, and even scuba diving with the giant whale sharks at an aquarium. I wonder what this year will bring. You are lucky, like me, to have daughters. I hope you have as many adventures as we have.

    • Megan says:

      I love traveling with the girls! They are embarking on such fun ages for travel and seeing the world through their eyes is marvelous, absolutely!

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    What a fun experience for the girls to see someplace so different from home! NYC has so much to see and do. Just walking the streets and seeing all of the diverse shops and people is exciting!!

  3. Terry Steinmetz says:

    NYC is so-o-o great to visit. I love to visit there! Hope the girls see great places. Try Central Park–truly a fun excursion!

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