Ready for gleaming word olympics?

So one review of The Book of Awesome and many gleaming words later, I stumbled upon a website that is also awesome, but with their vocabulary! The website called is dedicated to complex phrases you might hear during a game of Balderdash, and these stumpers are sure to have you scratching your head.

Today’s sentence:

“The Yenta and Kachina disliked the foehns because it inhibited their ceremonial dances.”

This translated, means,

“A woman who is a gossip or busybody and a deified ancestral spirit in the mythology of Pueblo Indians disliked a hot southerly wind on the northern slopes of the Alps because it inhibited their ceremonial dances.”

Whewww. Talk about a doozy! If any of you have graduated from gleaming words, or would like to score a perfect on the identification portion of the SAT’s, then this site is for you.

  1. Eileen Widman says:

    I learned that word several years ago when studying why weather causes some people to claim temporary insanity. In some countries the Foehns are a legal defense!! We have a similar wind here often referred to as the Chinook winds and they can cause a temporary mental instability in certain individuals.
    I love to learn new things about language. The Foehns as well as the Chinook winds usually change the environmental ionization ratios temporarily bring in with them more Positively charged ions causing a dis-balance of positive to negative ions. We need the negative ions in our atmosphere! Just a little more trivia for you.

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