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Today’s Recipe: In the Mood for Chicken?

Are you in the mood for chicken? I was last week. But not just any chicken. I wanted two different kinds of chicken. (The leftovers from my afternoon in the kitchen were amazing.) I’m now FAMOUS for FABULOUS chicken. Who knew?) Our local co-op sells ready-made breaded chicken breasts, but I wanted to see what I could come up with on my own. After I gathered up all my ingredients, I was on a roll.

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Hear Ye!

Welcome New Sisters!

Merit Badge Awardees

Rootstalk Festival

We received an email yesterday from a sister who took a photo of my mother during her Rootstalk workshop, How to Live an Organic Lifestyle. I think Beth completely caught who she is in photo form! This will go down as one of my favorites. Thanks Beth!!!!!!!

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The Book of Good Cheer

Published 1911, The Book of Good Cheer, p. 23

“There is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy. By being happy we sow anonymous benefits upon the world, which remain unknown even to ourselves, or when they are disclosed, surprise nobody so much as the benefactor.”

-Robert Louis Stevenson

“There has not been a single day since the world began when the sun was not shining. The trouble has been with our vision.”

Great Find: A Tisket a Tasket, SOLD AT $65

This SPECIAL vintage wire basket is the one MaryJane is holding on the front cover of her first book: MaryJane’s Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook—For the Farmgirl in All of Us. Perfect for collecting apples, eggs, cats, or as a wonderful accoutrement to your Ideabook. $25 plus shipping. But wait!!! That’s the minimum bid. This item is going to find its new home through an auction that ends at 3 pm PST, October 5, 2011.

Call the farm (per directions below) and let the bidding begin. We’ll post updates but not WHO is bidding. That will remain private. Did you know that a copy of MaryJane’s first magazine sold for $450 on Ebay? I feel another song coming on.

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Old-timer School Yarns

With a wink and a grin, old timers love telling kids about the long, arduous paths they walked to school waaay back when. You know the stories. They often involve deep snow, threadbare shoes, and steep hills (both to and from the schoolhouse).

But I bet you haven’t heard one that boasts a hurricane.

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Big Day for Little Horse

We’re considering a name change for our little Palomino mini-horse, Nutmeg. Today, she fearlessly and ferociously sprung into action to protect her pregnant Jersey pal, Maizy. What did our little “gunner” do?

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This just in from Oregon …

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Irish “Ganseys”

Even a hint of chilly weather gets me excited about sweaters, scarves, and sumptuous socks—the woolier, the better. Wool, of course, leads me to thoughts of knitting, and I find myself hankering for a blustery day beside the fire with a lap full of yarn and a warm cup of tea.

Somewhere in world right now, I know there are women actually living my daydream, and I suspect that place might be Ireland.  And given I have Irish blood from my father’s side of the family, it’s a country that tugs hard at my heart strings. Someday I’ll go there, but for now …

Aran Islands. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia. Photo by Pixie.

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Great Find: Old-style Lily Nestrite Frozen Food Containers and Covers SOLD

Old-style Lily Nestrite Frozen Food Containers and Covers, $2 plus shipping. Complete with original packaging! Perfect for crafting all sorts of things.

First Book logoAll proceeds (minus shipping and packing) will benefit, a non-profit that provides new books to children from low-income families throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The first person to call the farm and talk with Brian, 208-882-6819, and pony up a credit card, becomes the new owner of a little bit of herstory. Shipping will be either USPS or UPS, our choice. No returns.