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Today’s Recipe: Big Carrot

Ghoulies, groovies, I was working in my lab (greenhouse) one night when my eyes beheld an eerie sight.

My monster carrot from her slab (garden trough) began to rise,

and suddenly, to my surprise …

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Real Worth of Farm Animals

Travel. It’s something I do these days. More than I’d prefer. If I didn’t HAVE to travel, I’d probably never go more than 30 miles past the end of my lane. But because it seems to be what’s required of me these days, I’ve figured out how to make it work for me. I’ve discovered it’s in the little things, the perks. A handmade travel case I adore. The snacks I prepare the night before. The books I get to read. The luxury of a quiet hotel room that’s all mine. The dinner I pack on ice that greets me when, travel weary, I open my suitcase the first night I arrive. Time to paint my toenails. Time to think. Stare out a window.

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San Francisco

Good morning sunshine! … from the 20th floor of the historic St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco. Come on out and play the day away …

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Unplug Billboard

Loved this USFS (United States Forest Service) street sign I walked past on a recent visit to San Francisco. Clear Channel: boy on top tubing/boy on bottom watching fireflies. Clear Message.

Bodie, California

In a world of rapid growth, sharp declines, and precious little that’s permanent, the town of Bodie, California, never changes, because …

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Click to Give (part 2)

Compelled to contribute, I started looking into my options, and get this: the Internet (and its incredible compendium of genius minds) offers a number of different ways to give without lifting a …

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Click to Give (part 1)

When my son, DIL, and toddler grandchild, who live in Japan, woke up to EARTHQUAKE! we wondered what we could do to help them quickly and efficiently. Without a moment’s hesitation, they said, Red Cross. We did a fundraiser on our website and in short order, sent the Japan Red Cross a check for $4,485.

If you love blogging and you love eating, here’s a clever way to help the Red Cross.

Julie Beck

Julie Beck, 4th from right (okay, lefties, 5th from left), former farm employee, lives in San Francisco.

On Tuesday night, we took her and hubby, Doug, out to dinner, along with my daughter and her husband, Lucas. (I’m behind the lens.) The reason we were in San Fran, City of Charms, is yet another post I’m working on. Bedding. We were there for a meeting regarding my bedding line. Using pics I snapped, I’m going to walk you through the process, start to finish. Stay tuned for that!

Lucas, Doug, Julie, Meg

Mexican food. The best I’ve had.

And the street entertainment was upbeat. Five-gallon white buckets and gallon cans, along with a photo of the drummer getting a hug from Will Smith. (Darn GOOD stuff! The musician I mean. Will ain’t too shabby neither.)

Today’s Recipe: Ooey Gooey Cookies

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Another Cog in the Noggin

It’s time for a little wordplay. My word for the week is something I like to do a lot of before I sit down to write my journal entries. Can you guess?

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