Monthly Archives: October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from my house to yours, from prom queens to …

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Life’s just swell, fine-and-dandy.

Fine. Excellent. Well done. Going just right. Swell. *Snore.*

How wistfully do we tread through life, looking for better adjectives to battle-harden our vocabulary, and how often do we …

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Lions and tigers and fingers? Oh my!

Our amazingly talented, full-time food stylist/recipe developer (who just so happens to be my daughter-in-law), Ashley, prepares some fiendish food for the frightfully-fun Halloween party my daughter Meg is putting on tonight. Our newest photographer, Patrick, was on hand to capture the ghoulish details!

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Hear ye!

Welcome New Sisters!

Merit Badge Awardees

Basque Country

Much to my vicarious delight, vacation and work commitments recently took Alyson Oüten to Europe for a month; from Spain to Portugal to Italy and Israel. (If you read my magazine or CLUCK newsletter, you’re already familiar with Alyson.)

For some of my Geography Journal entries she’ll take you to each of those stops (and more!). Today she is off to Spain to taste test all that Basque Country has to offer.

Take it from here. It’s all yours, Aly!!!!!

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Plum Pit

It’s time to wrap up another MaryJanesFarm B&B season. The Plum Pit, where we serve breakfast, is asking to be tucked in for the winter ahead.

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Bitten, not smitten

I received a call late at night a week ago from the emergency room. Alicia, our ‘Ace’ photographer, had just walked in the door of her friend’s house when his nervous pit bull bit her … in the face! Horror of horrors. Thankfully the bite wasn’t too deep and is healing well. While at work this week she received a little gift from some really thoughtful family members.

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Giveaway: Halloween Pumpkin Pin Cushion – ownership(ped)!

Here’s another giveaway. The first person to sing out the right answer wins!

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Sitting down to read my November issue of More Magazine, the title below caught my eye and in particular a word on page 78 as I read A DATE WITH THE MAN THAT GOT AWAY.

*This is the issue I’m featured in, page 148, for my work with Project F.A.R.M. (First-class American Rural Made). Make sure you pick up a copy, on newsstands now!

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Fly little birdie, fly!

Every now and then, when I’m out and about, I come across a bird that’s lying on ground, stunned, having hit a window. I quickly snatch it into my hands so a preying cat doesn’t pounce on it. Then I hold it until it’s ready to fly again. Only once, did one of my birds …

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