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beetle mania

Is this not the coolest aluminum boot puller (to match my Airstream) you’ve ever laid eyes on? A gift from our Ranch Farmgirl, Shery Jespersen, it took me a few minutes to figure out what it was. In the meantime, my husband piped up, “Can I put it on the hood of my truck?

Not a chance. This beetle is all mine. Who else thinks of Camp Swampy when you hear the word Beetle?????

Giveaway: Made in the USA Sock WINNERS

Thanks for all your wonderful responses! And now for a surprise … we found more socks! Willie had a horde stashed in his guitar case, cause, well, you know how he feels about organic, and farming, and warm fuzzies. So, six of you lucky ducks are waddling away with a pair o’ warm feet.

Congrats to:


Vivian V.

Angie McManus

Charessa Witham


Terry Steinmetz

(posted 9/26/12) Well, hey there. I’ve been wearing socks again lately now that my toesies are feelin’ a bit nippy in the mornings. These here socks, from Maggie’s Functional Organics, are sure to warm yours up. They can be yours if’n …

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It’s happened … the zombie apocalypse is upon us. Oh wait, it’s the zombee apocalypse.

Well, it is getting close to Halloween. Wait, this isn’t someone bee-ing funny. I do find it a little bee-musing, but apparently bees are in trouble in yet another new way.

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FREE Bumper Stickers

They’re here! Another batch of free bumper stickers for International Glamping Weekend 2013, June 1 and 2. Head on over for details on how to get yours!

I put mine on the back of my teardrop trailer, right in between my “Junk Gypsy Road Crew” sticker and my “glampin” license plate.

Miss Wilma

Don’t miss Miss Wilma’s Christmas Show comin’ right-up-just-around-the-corner in November. Get the low-down here. And if for some reason, you haven’t met or heard of Miss Wilma, below is the feature we ran on her in 2005 in an issue of my magazine. (She’s still sewing for us, claiming she’s burned up several sewing machines:)

You’ve Got Mail

Gifts galore!!!!!

This, this, THIS came!!!! A newfangled chicken waterer (with handy winterizing heater) made and sold by a most adorable family in Florida. Called a Chicken Kooler, it’s a must have (watch the video on their website, Cheery Chicks showcasing 4-day old baby chicks using one). She also made a darling …

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camping with little people

We made a new friend on our final-days-of-summer camping trip in the “smoky mountains.” (Idaho has been plagued with wildfires these past few weeks.)

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