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Bus Lady

Behold the beauty of Houston’s Bus Lady, Janis Scott, who may singlehandedly boost public transportation with her bountiful enthusiasm for the humble city bus …

Houston was in the midst of a big effort to redesign their bus system from scratch when Janis Scott appeared, as if by magic. It turns out she had been there, boosting bus morale behind the scenes, for years. Documentary filmmakers, out to make a movie about the rebirth of the city’s public transportation, decided to give Janis her own 4 minutes of fame in the flick above.

Her smile and simply wonderful wisdom are arguably more persuasive than an entire city’s propaganda.

“There’s all types of reasons to ride the bus,” Janis encourages. “Make new friends, learn about things … you want to get people out of their cars and mix, mix, mix. That’s true in any city. Try it, you’ll like it!”

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