Today’s Recipe: Thanksgiving Leftovers

Here’s a smackin’ good way to use up Thanksgiving leftovers.

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Today’s Recipe: Baked Yams w/Maple-Pecan Butter

Make sure some rendition of the ingredients listed below end up on your menu in two days. The combination of yams, pecans, butter, and maple syrup will have you in a FIT of gratitude. Okay, so in the photo below, we made EXTRA butter, pecan, maple syrup topping. Okay, so we ended up eating the extra’s rolled up in balls and cut into stars. Okay.

Baked Yams w/Maple-Pecan Butter
8    small yams
2    cups pecans
¾    cup butter
6    T maple syrup

1. Place yams on a rimmed baking sheet and pierce each one a couple of times with a fork so that steam escapes while they bake. Bake at 325°F for 1¾ hours.
2. In a food processor, chop pecans until they resemble fine crumbs. Add butter and maple syrup and blend for about 10 seconds. Sprinkle over skinned yams. Keep warm in the oven until serving. 


Today’s Recipe: Gluten-free Apple Crisp

Okay, so you saw this pic of Granny Smith apples last week and here it is again. That’s because I’ve come up with yet another way to eat them. This time, it’s apple crisp but with a twist. Ever tried a bottom crust sweetened with molasses? Surprisingly good, actually VERY!

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Today’s Recipe: Thai Curry Vegetable Soup

We had such a great voting turnout for the cover of our last issue (more than 6,000 votes), Come All Ye Dec-Jan ’12, we are doing it again! To be eligible to vote for the next cover of the magazine go to our MaryJanesFarm website and …

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Big five!

For my b-day party last weekend, my parents got up early (while my sis and I were still sleeping) to decorate the house and cut out crown pieces (princess and king), and make cupcakes that my friends and I would later decorate.

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Today’s Recipe: Dried Apple Pie Rings

We had a bumper crop of Granny Smith apples this year, more than we can eat over the winter. Our solution? Dried apple pie rings. We dipped them in a a mixture of sugar, cinnamon, and powdered milk. Huge hit with everyone!

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Today’s Recipe: Chicken Thighs with Buttercup Squash

What to do with all that squash? Here’s a delish recipe that’s different from all the rest.

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when she grows up …

Sally O’Mally wants to wear the apron in the family just like Nanny Jane! Silly Sally O’Mally.