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Color Me Happy

Late last night, Holly and Jamie were still hard at work putting up the MODA booth. Round of applause for such a beautifully designed space!

 Color me happy. My favorite color is still MODA.

 Yum, dinner is about ready. Fresh-caught fake filet.


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Glamping Fabric

Meanwhile, back home, Lou and Saralou are outside in the SNOW (what!!!) gathering leaves for a fun little bouquet project involving some of my glamping fabric, specifically the red. Sorry about the snow ladies. Here in Houston it’s balmy and warm.

The beginning of a bud …

turns into a gorgeous fall centerpiece.

Idaho is turning white while I’m away.

blue eyes for blue eyes…

My mother-in-law has brilliant blue eyes that she passed along to her son, and now, our oldest. It works out well when both grandmothers have blue eyes—someone is bound to inherit them.

On the drive to meet my mother-in-law for the first time, prior to her being my mother-in-law of course, I was so nervous, the sweat was …

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Live from Houston Quilt Market!

Setting up the Moda booth for the grand opening tomorrow. The theme this year? “MY FAVORITE COLOR IS MODA.” The booth is FULL of color! Here’s a photo of the paint sticks surrounding the booth. Adorable idea.

And then, TA-DA! Color me happy. “Madge, looky there. It’s a real live trailer in the convention center adorned with MaryJane’s new fabric collection—Glamping.”

“And I hear MaryJane will be there on Sunday signing her new book.”

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Today’s Recipe: Cheesy Bacon & Asparagus Omelet

Did you know? National Men Make Dinner Day is November 1. My DIL, Ashley, knew just the person to assist with the task. Namely her hubby, Brian. He is the breakfast maker at their house, and who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? So they broke out the fixins for omelets and got crackin’. Egg crackin’, that is.

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Hear Ye!

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verbosity, ramosity

The leaves are green, the nuts are brown.

They hang so high they won’t come down.

Leave them alone till frosty weather,

then they will all come down together.


I recalled this old autumnal rhyme

Just in the nick of frosting time!

Okay, enough with the verse.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Thunk.

But, really …

Can you believe we’re already cuddling up to November?

As I peer out the window through the soft shadows of an early morning,

I can see …

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