Today’s Recipe: In the Mood for Chicken?

Are you in the mood for chicken? I was last week. But not just any chicken. I wanted two different kinds of chicken. (The leftovers from my afternoon in the kitchen were amazing.) I’m now FAMOUS for FABULOUS chicken. Who knew?) Our local co-op sells ready-made breaded chicken breasts, but I wanted to see what I could come up with on my own. After I gathered up all my ingredients, I was on a roll.

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Today’s Recipe: True Grits

Here’s a delish recipe from my Auntie Alyson Oüten, who is coming with her sister to visit us in a couple of weeks. She’ll be staying in one of our outdoor tents like she always does. She’s a regular at our B&B and we all just LOVE her! (Psssst, she’s a great campfire cook.)

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Today’s Recipe: Portuguese Fish Stew

Much to my vicarious delight, vacation and work commitments recently took Alyson Oüten to Europe for a month; from Spain to Portugal to Italy and Israel. (If you read my magazine or CLUCK newsletter, you’re already familiar with Alyson.)

For some of my Geography Journal entries she’ll take you to each of those stops (and more!). Today she is off to Portugal to sample the delicious cuisine of Peniche.

Take it from here. It’s all yours, Aly!!!!!

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Today’s Recipe: Fast Food

How about all those bell peppers coming on? What’s a farmgirl to do?

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All grown up

I went to our local farmers’ market this morning with my mother (Meg), sister Mia, and Nanny (MaryJane). BTW, I love it that my mother lets me choose my own style. I heard my mother say to Nanny, “I really don’t need anything this morning, it just makes me happy to be here with everyone.”

Today’s Recipe: Smooth Move

I’m sure you know that old trick about freezing bananas that have seen better days. You hold onto them until the banana bread bug bites you bad, and then you embark on a marathon baking session.  Well, I’m a devotee of this method—it’s as if the freezer performs some magic to transform fruit that looks too ripe to even touch into an exotic delicacy.

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Root Beer Floats

For no apparent reason (other than I think my employes are fabulous), I pampered them yesterday by delivering root beer floats to each and all. Mmmmmmmm, Julie’s organic ice cream, artisan root beer, spooned with love. Whatever floats your boat. Mine is all the work my employees accomplish!

Today’s Recipe: Block Party!

New to our neighborhood, we were invited to help our neighbors close down the street, lug grills and lawn chairs up the culdesac, and enjoy a good old-fashioned get-together.

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