Today’s Recipe: Old-Fashioned “Cup Cake”

This “cup cake” is really a dense, full-size cake with an almost cookie-like taste. Really, really, yummy! Apparently, the small, individual-size cake that we think of today as a “cupcake” hadn’t been invented in 1916. If you check the amounts in this recipe, you’ll see why they called it a CUP cake—a cup of this, a cup of that, everything a cup cup, old Macdonald had a farm …

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Today’s Recipe: Old-Fashioned Carrot Pie

I don’t know about your storage carrots, but mine are not long for this world. Within the next couple of months, I need to get imaginative. I’d truly NEVER heard of carrot pie. Have you? It was absolutely delicious.

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story tree

An’ all us children, when the supper things was done, we ran to the story tree to dream who we’d become.

Today’s Recipe: Kid Kabobs

I have something to admit. I’m a picky eater. But it isn’t junk food I crave, it’s things that aren’t …

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Today’s Recipe: Old-Fashioned Rice, Eggs, and Hollandaise

We’re having such fun trying these old-fashioned recipes. This one, Rice and Eggs, is simple and straightforward. I’d never thought to combine hard-boiled eggs with rice before, topped with hollandaise sauce. Next time, I’ll put it on a bed of spinach. Or I’ll sprinkle chopped celery onto the mound of rice before I top it with the sauce. Yum.

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