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Happy Birthday, Rascal!

Rascal was born on Valentine’s Day, and so naturally, we had a party yesterday to celebrate!

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dreamin’ in color

Color me silly! Karina reached up, on our tip-toppiest of shelves, to grab a new box of printer ink, and almost grabbed our multi-colored calico cat.

That Rascal, she’s at it again …

Hide and Seek (or is that sleep?)

Hey. I’m sleepin’  here.

You need Post-Its, staples, toner cartridge, maybe some paper?

I’m your cat.

Are you celebrating THIS day?

December 15 is National Cat Herders’ Day. To be honest, this is the first I’ve herd of this holiday. But, I’ll be celebrating.

The holiday is not to be taken literally, but rather, it is dedicated to doing the unmanageable. How impossible would it be to literally herd a bunch of cats? I can just picture it now, and the rodeo would be far more ridiculous than any of the adventures we’ve had moving cows from pasture to pasture out here at the farm. (Although we have had some pretty entertaining moments.) Guess we should be thankful we’re not running a cat dairy … for a variety of reasons.

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caught … red-pawed!

Look who we caught sneaking in a little cuddle with Willie today …

None other than Miss Rascally girl!

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the funny farm

My animals at the farm give me great joy. Their sweet little faces greet me in the morning, wish me a good night, and for the most part … they behave. But on certain occasions, animals will be animals … and no amount of training can save you from their antics. These are their crimes! (Shot with bad lighting like those shocking mug shots we see of movie stars.)

Actually, it was her sister, who’s gone now. (And not because she ate the chicken.)

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What do a canary and a cat have in common?

So while Ace, Kim, and I were truckin’ down two-lane highways, thrifting, setting up our glampsite, taking down our glampsite, and getting our honky-tonk on in South Dakota … the animals we left behind were awaiting our return. Rascal, our design studio mascot (tortoiseshell cat), was being taken care of by Ace’s roommate Andy, also a farmhand here (Ace, Kim and Andy are roommates at Kim’s farm), and Daffodil, my canary, was offered space in Carol’s office, with my husband taking care of her on weekends. (Kim brought her Border Collie, Riley, on our trip.)

Part of the job of taking care of my canary is feeding her a deluxe daily diet of fresh veggies and fruits, soaked grains, hard-boiled egg yolks from the bigger of her kin, AND gathering up her gorgeous blue eggs she lays 3-4 times per week. (Yup, she’s pampered.)

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Farm Fashion Week … continues

Hey! Another kitty kat in the design studio.

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Rascally Girl Goes Glamping

This was too funny. MBA Jane pitched a tent for an upcoming episode of her “out there” merit badge. Guess who we found in the tent?

copy cat

“I’ll hang out right here on top of the copier.”

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