Hide and Seek (or is that sleep?)

Hey. I’m sleepin’  here.

You need Post-Its, staples, toner cartridge, maybe some paper?

I’m your cat.

  1. Terry Steinmetz says:

    What a good secretary!

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I love your kitty’s determination to “be involved” in the business. That calico face is just the cutest ever!

  3. CJ Armstrong says:

    Oh my gosh! She looks soooooo much like my Skye, a tortoiseshell kitty that disappeared on December 1st. (There’s a thread in Across the Fence about “The Queen”)
    Miss her so much!

  4. Suzy says:

    Love that cat!!! We had an “Angel” that looked just like her. Died about a year or so ago and we still miss here.

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