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Well, well now.

Well, all’s well that ends well and our little Etta Jane was born January 26th. She’s a happy and healthy little …

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I found one!

With headlines like “Rare Sightings!” and “Snowy Owls Seen As Far South As Oklahoma,” I decided I wanted to find one. Popularized by Hedwig in the Harry Potter movies, snowy owls aren’t complete strangers to my region, but this year’s migration has been highly publicized. Taking a tip from a friend, I loaded my camera into my jeep and headed out. Only 15 minutes from my farm …

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Spa Day at the Farm

Some of our dedicated workers here at the farm need a change of venue every now and then. Nick and Curtis (below), who work alongside my dad and brother, have one of the hardest jobs at the farm. Showing up every day, they put on …

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blessings to you!

Aside from all the wonderful food activities tomorrow, I hope you feel …

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Moon rock?

Warning: Proceed only if you are comfortable with what goes on beneath toilet floors.

So having lived without indoor plumbing for a NUMBER of years (30 years total), getting a fully functioning toilet has been an adventure into an unknown space-time continuum. This might boggle some of your minds to say the least, but it has been a way of life out here! After getting up to speed with indoor plumbing, (you must read my post, The Queen’s Throne) and moving into our new and spacious Design Studio, we have been dealing with, um, a few plug-ups that we thought were the result of an over-zealous toilet paper user. Boy, were we wrong! After finally hiring someone to come out and assess the p-issue, THIS is what popped out of our pipes!

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It was a laborious day!

As has always been the case with us farmer types, the Reverend and I thought Labor Day meant TO labor, as in work, not a day free FROM labor. After all these years, we da’stn’t change.

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Going to the Apes

Attended Denali’s delightful wedding this afternoon (one of my graphic designers). I took lots of photos. Stay tuned!

Last weekend, Nicker Doodles asked me out for a date, which means he gets to choose the restaurant, the movie, the whole affair, whatever … getting out the tractor to install new fenceposts? Sometimes. (Actually, I just came in from helping him do just that.)

He took me to the movie “Planet of the Apes.” We have a new theater in town we haven’t tried yet. The new seats, even the popcorn was top notch. But here’s a little tip about “Planet of the Apes.”

The movie ended. Everyone exited the theater except for the two of us and one other couple.

I’ve always wondered why we sit there reading credits. Testing our eyesight? Looking for someone we might know? (Fat chance.) Using the extra time to decompress from an overly thoughtful, heavy movie? Finishing off the last of the popcorn? Milking date night for one last kernel?

Well, finally, it paid off. The opposite of a spoiler alert is this: don’t leave. Somewhere in the middle of the credits, the movie actually ENDS and it’s a very different ending than the ending those who left, left with. Stay put. There. That’s my date night tip. Apes will rise but movie patrons need to do just the opposite.

Official Movie Website for Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Name That Partner!

Okay, grrrrls, who has a husband/significant other/life partner they adore but said pard-ner has more than one name? Here’s my dilemma.

Mine is a man of many talents, er, names. And if I’m going to do this here blog/journal thing, I can’t be all over the hunny bun map. Or can I? What do you think? This could be like, Where’s Waldo? or rather, What’s Nick?

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Gone Fishin’

You’ve seen ‘em—the “gone fishin’” bumper stickers:

>   hooked for life;

>   good things come to those who bait;

>   salmon—the other pink meat;

>   hook ‘em and cook ‘em;

>   be back dark thirty;

>   my other wife is the fishin’ life. (I made this last one up myself.)

Wherever fish are bountiful and bitin’, bumper-sticker philosophers keep themselves busy reeling us in.

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Donut beat all!

When I introduce my dad to people, we often get the comment,  “Oh, I can see the resemblance.” Funny thing is, he’s my step-dad, but he deserves the title of “dad” in my book. He’s earned it.

My mother and Nick were married while I was in junior high school. From the get go, my brother and I felt like we were getting another dad and two more brothers. Nick became an important part of my life, but it wasn’t by accident on his part.

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