Winnie Snow White

Ring, ring, ringaling. Winnie Nielsen? Are you there????

We noticed yesterday that you have more comments than anyone, well, except for me, and Miss Wilma’s shipment of her Kentucky lovin’ handmade white pillows arrived, and sooooooooooooo … we got to talking.

What if we sent four of the bestest of the bunch to Winnie as a way of thanking her, no, as a way of saying, YoU RoCK SisTaH!!!!! We love you. And we wish you sweet dreams.

Miss Wilma scours the countryside for old feather mattresses. She brings them home and sterilizes the pure down feathers and then packs them back into the original ticking (cut into “piller” sizes), and then, and THEN, she makes pillowcases for them using old vintage dresses and handmade lace that she finds when out and about. They are exquisite. One of a kind. The stuff of sweet dreams. Winifred.

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  1. Laurie Dimino says:

    What a lucky girl you are Winnie! Congratulations! ANd of course how sweet of you Mary Jane (but who would expect anything less)

  2. That is so wonderful! Yay Winnie! Mary Jane, you hit the nail square when you said this Farmgirl sister ROCKS! Winnie is one of the most wonderful women on the planet.
    Thank you to both of you for being the inspirations that you are!

  3. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Oh my!! Oh my!!! I am speechless and totally excited!!! Mary Jane thank-you so much. I cannot wait to see these lovely pillows and cases. What a lucky Farmgirl I am !! Mary Jane, you will have to excuse my abundant use of exclamation marks today… Grin…. But these words just don’t seem enough to reflect my excitement and surprise!! I love this site because we get to hear from you and other staff members making the MJF experience so real. Plus there are thought provoking entries and beautiful photos to enjoy everyday. How else would I have seen the “girls” in their debut for organic milk AND get two labels from the dairy which I now use on jars storing dry goods like brown rice????? Or have the opportunity to win the Happiness Project book and diary?? RaisinJane rocks!!!

    And Kellie, thank you for the sweetest comments!! You are my inspiration and Farmgirl Buddy! I would have never found you without Mary Janes Farm Connection. Mary Jane , you are responsible for creating a forum where new friends are found despite being thousands of miles apart. What a blessing and inspiration you have been to me and countless other women.

    Mary Jane Rocks! And Kellie knows I alway claim the shotgun seat in the farm wagon wearing my best apron, which just so happens to be created and sewn by Kellie at Kellie Falconer Design, Made in Idaho!!! Farmgirl Hugs to Mary Jane and all the Farmgirls today!! Yay!!!!!!

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