FREE Bumper Stickers

They’re here! Another batch of free bumper stickers for International Glamping Weekend 2013, June 1 and 2. Head on over for details on how to get yours!

I put mine on the back of my teardrop trailer, right in between my “Junk Gypsy Road Crew” sticker and my “glampin” license plate.

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  1. Carolyn Jess says:

    LOVE your magazine!!!

  2. Nicki Prescott says:

    I just ordered Mary Jane’s Glamping book and I cannot put it down!

  3. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I have your new gleaming book and just love it! Alas, I don’t have a husband that wants a trailer or go camping. Is is possible to get more free milk bottle labels??? I just love the two that I have and want more for the lids of my mason jar dry goods storage. Just asking in case it is possible.

  4. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Oops! I see a terrible typo in my comment. I meant to say glamping but wrote gleaming which is kinda cool too because those adorable trailers just gleam on the open road. Who would have guessed my mistake still sort of fits??

  5. Brenda Davis says:

    I would love to have one of your bumper stickers. I love to read and watch the Junk Gypsys. Would love to have your book also. Thanks!

  6. Roberta Ducommun says:

    I absolutely love Mary Janes Farm !
    I’m planning on renewing by subscription
    and so much for putting in the Junk Gypsies
    This month .. Y’all are truley inspirational !
    Thanks again

  7. Susan Kraeszig says:

    Planning to have some glamping adventures soon! I would love a bumper sticker!

  8. debbie graves says:

    Love your magazine and glamping, too!!

  9. Lisa Hunter says:

    Love you all!!

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