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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hello again. Was wondering if you actually have used those wooden snow ski’s before? You are probably too young but I try to imagine my parents on wooden snow ski’s. Never new about the wooden ones until a former boss of mine & I were discussing his early life talents (he was near retirement age when we met) & he described the older material used for sporting events. My first tennis racket was wooden & I liked it a lot better than the newer materials which seemed to rattle my bones! Speaking of which my arm muscles are still spazzing a bit from yesterday’s furniture disassembling.

    And my mind is reeling with more comments, thoughts & questions for you MaryJane. I remember reading that your dad was an inventor & wondered if you have carried on the tradition? I have something in mind I really want to buy (& there is definitely a market for such an item) but have not seen one for sale anywhere? Not sure one exists yet? This should probably go in a personal e-mail to you but I imagine you get so many of those they might get lost in the sauce~as my mom would have said. Anyway, I was thinking it may be nice if you had a link here for ideas or suggestions.

    Ok, so back on topic. I noticed on one of your threads here recently where you were explaining your set-up/photo shoot with nature for next December’s issue of your Magazine. The first thing that popped in my mind was, “I wonder if MaryJane has ever used snow shoes?” Then, “I wonder if snow shoe’s are difficult to walk~in?” And, “Do any of MaryJane’s crew go cross country skiing…that setting is certainly designed for the activity?”. Then I wondered if I should tell you how awesome I think you are for catching a fish with your bare hands out in the wilderness:-) …………..

    Reading is such a good thing!

    • MaryJane says:

      I still have two pairs of wooden skis that I’ve had my entire adult life. I have to use a propane torch to apply pine tar to the bottoms and then wax on top of that before I ski. I’ve snowshoed but not in a very long time. But my neighbor and her husband and two of my employees snowshoe all the time around here. And yes, several of my clan still cross-country ski regularly. I have an old family portrait of us kids standing on a hill with our now “antique” wooden skis that we actually used back then!

      Yes, my Dad was an inventor. My brothers have kept up the tradition. They’ve amassed several patents. If you want me to pass your “need-someone-to-invent-this-thing” request to them, drop something in the mail to me.

      Bare hands are good for many things! Especially fishing into a piece of upholstery. You go girl!

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