Ms. Manners!

Ladies, since we’ve hung up our corsets, bonnets, and petticoats, are basic manners going extinct also? Here’s a beginning list of manners. Can you add to them?

  1. Do you chew the cud? Ah yes, we should chomp with our mouths closed. Gum is especially loud when smacked. What’s that saying—I never drink by myself, unless I’m alone? Smackin’ and loud chewin’ are best done alone.
  2. No peekaboo! When wearing a dress, sit on the ground sideways.
  3. When in Rome … do as Romans do. Modesty is especially good when visiting churches.
  4. As Miss Wilma would say, Wap yer paws! Wipe feet at the door and take off shoes (if requested) in a person’s home.
  5. Ask to be excused from the dinner table and watch THEM THAR elbows! (We don’t want to smash any table fairies.) 🙂
  6. Open the door for people behind us. Think of it as arm exercise, plus it’s a NICE thing to do!
  7. Don’t cut in front of people in line. Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater! (I wonder where this comes from? I eat lots of pumpkin—pie, seeds, rolls …)
  8. Exchange a smile with someone today, you just never know who might really need it. Moi.
  9. Apologize when we bump bodily. Avoid the harumpfs, smile and say SORRY … and mean it.
  10.  Keep it clean! Swearin’ like a sailor is well, for sailors.
  11. Wait to eat until everyone at the table is seated and ready to chow. While waiting, chat it up with the neighbor sittin’ next door.
  12. Put the toilet seat down, remember to flush and clean up, ESPECIALLY IN PUBLIC RESTROOMS. If (when) we dribble, wipe it up! We can flush germs and the memory of our clean-ups down the sink drain afterwards.
  13. Find a tissue or hankie when wiping the NOSE. Back of the hand snail-trails? Yick.
  14. Cough or sneeze into the crook of the elbow, rather than hands. That way we aren’t spreading germs with our hands or meeting up with other peoples’ germs.
  15. Always wash hands with hot soapy water after using the restroom. (This goes back to #12.)
  16. Dress, hmmmm, well, mannerly and with respect for others. Baggy, pj-type sweat pants should be avoided when going to town. (It’s a good thing I work at home.)
  17. No excessive public displays of affection. (Watch those hands mister and missy!)
  18. Don’t pass gas in public. Step outside with the excuse that a little air is needed and spare others theirs! Essential on airplanes. (Not the stepping out part.) In other words, avoid gaseous foods when traveling.

  1. Annika Laurea-Wood says:

    I was just thinking about this over the weekend. I would like to add
    Please be present at the table. No ipods, texting, talking on cell phones while at the table
    Wash your hands before a meal
    Do not blow your nose at the table. yuck!
    Excuse yourself if you belch
    Be polite and avoid wild gesticulating, flailing jabbing elbows and what grandma called “boarding house reach”
    Be kind and offer a seat to elderly, disabled, pregnant people on public transportation
    Don’t hog the conversation at a get together or at your own table, give everyone a fair chance to join in
    or say something.
    If you don’t normally say grace before a meal, be respectful of others that do and sit quietly while they say their prayer.
    I don’t care how good the sale is, never shove others or slam their shopping cart.
    If you can’t find anything nice to say, say nothing.
    Be witty not snitty
    Goodness, I could go on and on…It seems like manners are going the way of the dodo sometimes.


    • MaryJane says:

      These are fabulous Annika. I think you SHOULD go on and on:) REALLY, be present at the table. Technology distractions are becoming a huge problem. Thanks for adding your unique brilliance.

  2. Theresa says:

    I’d like to add:
    Moderate your voice. Those at other tables, or not in your conversation, do not need to hear your thoughts.
    If someone else is speaking, patiently wait until they are done. Interruption is disrespectful.
    Tolerance isn’t just for others, everyone has an opinion and we shouldn’t all agree. Be kind!

  3. Debi Chandler says:

    I think the most important one is to do unto others as you would like to have done to you. When you are thinking about doing something, write a note or make a comment, take just a wee moment and think about how you would feel it the samething happened to you.

  4. Eileen Widman says:

    Be kind enough to respond to an invitation even if you will not be able to attend.
    If someone is speaking to you, be present to their words. It is so rude to be thinking of what you want to say and miss the point of the other persons words.

  5. Teddi Bechard says:

    When entering an elevator, always wait to see if someone will be stepping out of the elevator before barging in.

  6. Tanya Matossian Bowers says:

    Thank you for all the reminders of good manners. On a positive note, take heed world, my girlfriends and I are dedicated to raising Mighty Warriors and Princesses to learn and respect GOOD MANNERS. And one more addition, Respect Authority. I may not agree with all authority but I am asked to respect it. Peace and grace. TanyaB, Mother of Three!

  7. Jan Culton says:

    I used to chew gum all the time, until one fine day a few years ago when I happened to get a load of myself in the mirror, chomping away….I haven’t chewed gum since. It is a very, very unattractive habit.

    I also would add: please don’t do certain things like using nail clippers, cotton swabs or dental floss anywhere except behind a closed door. No one wants to see or hear your personal hygiene.

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