Thanksgiving Apps

Thanksgiving’s almost here, and your iPhone just might be the perfect kitchen helper!


Check out these four helpful apps …

Thanksgiving Dinner Maker helps you make the perfect plate of Thanksgiving heaven and even helps set your table!

Gojee Food and Drink Recipe App browses recipes from the world’s best food and drink bloggers.

BigOven: Take over 350,000 recipes, your grocery list, and menu planner anywhere. With more than 11 million downloads, BigOven is the most complete tool to help home cooks get inspired and organized in the kitchen and on-the-go.

Timer+ sets multiple timers at once. Time by the second, minute, or hour. Runs in the background so you’re free to use other apps. Comes with 20 alarms.

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Cooking Thanksgiving dinner these days has become has become the culinary equivalent of writing a thesis. I never remember my mom and dad making the celebration that complicated. Yet, we always enjoyed a special meal and looked forward to a menu that never changed and pleased all us kids. I love to look at all the beautiful table accessories and ideas in the catalogues from Williams-Sonoma and wonder if I did all that work, if dinner would be this perfect achievement that beat out my memories from childhood?

    • Karlyne says:

      I think part of the charm of holidays is that the food remains the same over the years. I might add a few more cranberry dishes (we remember it fondly as “the year of the cranberry”), but for us Thanksgiving is turkey, home-made cornbread stuffing (we have chowder or chili with cornbread the night before just so we can have the left-overs for stuffing), gravy, and pie. We have crunchy vegetables to snack on all day, so that we really don’t need a veg for dinner. And if we have company and they want to bring something, we always say “mashed potatoes!” because none of us wants to do them!

      I’ve been doing Thanksgiving since I was a young adult, because my mother, although she was a good cook, really did not like to cook at all. She was more than happy to toss me the reins, and I was happy to receive them!

  2. Krista says:

    These would be some great apps to help out with Thanksgiving but I agree and feel that Thanksgiving recipes are better if they are just left to traditional family recipes. Thanksgiving should be basic. We need to enjoy the holiday as time to be with family and be grateful for what we have. I feel it can get carried away some times. I do love apps that include grocery lists. That way I can just mark what I need and not forget my shopping list at home! I am also interested in the timer+ app. This could come in use for more than just cooking.

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