1. Lisa Von Saunder says:

    ooh What kind of bee is this? I never saw one like it

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:


    MaryJane- We just finished touring the little village, Bampton, that was used in Downton Abby!! We had a wonderful guide who is from the tiny town give us a tour. I recognized so many places and it was like I had been there many times. Especially the church where the weddings and funerals took place. Bampton is in the Cotwolds which is this rolling , sheep raising, and agriculture setting. Complete with a few thatched houses, it couldn’t be more charming because it is the real deal!!

    • MaryJane says:

      Totally green with envy. Do you know how many women would love to do what you just did? Awesome!!!!

      • Winnie Nielsen says:

        I know I am so lucky! It is amazing how a TV show can become so real in your mind. The stop was a surprise and as we drove closer on the bus, the theme song is Downton Abby began to play. The scenery looked so familiar and you can imagine the excitement I felt looking out the window. The actual castle where the family lived is not close to this village but when you are standing in the church yard, you don’t notice that detail! I kept looking for Ms Hughes and Ms Patmore to be walking by with their baskets to do some errands!!Lol!! imagination is a wonderful thing!!

  3. Bonnie ellis says:

    Minnesota state parks and trails celebrated 125 years. I made another quilt for them. Will send a picture next week.

  4. Lisa A says:

    I’ve sadly neglected my e-mail and just saw this, beautiful image! We just delved into backyard beekeeping this year.

  5. Sandy B says:

    This is a beautiful picture. Love it and your magazine.

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