1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    WOW!! What is this bird??

    Happy Memorial Day, MaryJane. I hope you are having a long restful weekend too.

    • MaryJane says:

      I haven’t looked it up yet. Maybe Warren will know:) Yes, gardening today and beekeeping. How about you? What are you up to?

      • Winnie Nielsen says:

        Warren doesn’t know either. Maybe it does not come to Florida?

        Today I am working on a MJF Swap project and finishing up Elizabeth Warren’s new book: This Fight is our Fight. It has been a really good read because she explains so thoroughly how the banking industry has taken over since the Reagan presidency. Scary to say the least, but more that that, depressing!

        Hehehe, it is going to be in the mid 90s here today and humid, BUT, I am already dreaming of Apple Season and what I want to make for my MJF Apple Festival give away. I am off to the craft store for a few items and will look to see if there are any apple inspirations about. After all, Apple Pie is a traditional American dessert. Our local grocery has had some organic Red Delicious apples lately at a great price and they are pretty tasty for cold storage apples this time of year. I eat apples every day I can get a hold of one, which is pretty much every day.

        Happy Bee Keeping and gardening!

        Saturday, I made my Mama’s Bread and Butter pickles with the abundant cukes from my daughter’s family garden. Will be taking some up to my daughter in Asheville and my brother next weekend when we visit. My Mama’s summertime favorite is alive and well with me. We never had a summer without them for sandwiches.

        • MaryJane says:

          I think it’s in the warbler realm. Elizabeth has been a banking watchdog sheroe for a very long time. I’m endlessly thankful we have Elizabeth. Now if we could only free up her true potential. Ahem. So many obstacles in the way. Enjoy your crafting for Apple Festival. This morning I finally had to toss the last of my apples I’ve had in storage. I put them in the grove for the deer to eat. My mother always made Bread and Butter pickles. Delish on sandwiches. Alive and well in Florida. Thanks for the update!!!!!

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