1. Cindi says:

    That is so beautiful I can’t even find words ~ so I’ll just sit here and stare at it for awhile

  2. Barbara Criss says:

    I have never seen a bird like this before. What is it?

    • MaryJane says:

      Good morning Barbara, our featured bird this morning is a Magpie. We have many of them here. They certainly are beautiful. In the sunlight, some of their black feathers are a radiant, luminescent blue.

  3. Janice L Slater says:

    Such a beautiful, fragile picture of winter……..

  4. Mary Rauch says:

    How do they survive? I don’t know how they can find water and food. They must be smarter than I am. The beauty of this picture is just breathtaking! Thank you.

    • Barbara Criss says:

      Wild birds are able to survive in winter by themselves, but they sure do enjoy being fed by humans. We have lots of beautiful birds at our feeders all winter long. In the wild they eat seeds from plants, acorns and nuts, sap from trees and fruit that stays on trees all winter. They also eat dormant insects. They drink water from streams. I too sometimes think that animals in nature are smarter than I am.

  5. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Stunning photo! Thanks for today’s peek into what is happening out your window.

  6. Ann Gee says:

    I haven’t rec’d a post since Aug 2017. I thought you stopped doing them and I really liked them. Looked forward to those beautiful pictures every day.

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