Today’s Recipe: JUST DANDY

Do me a favor. Go outside and find the dandelion patch nearest you.

If I know anything about dandelions, and I DO, it won’t be far.

Now close your eyes and recall the healthy relationship you USED to have with dandelions, before someone told you they were bad and ugly.

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  1. Janie Bryan-Anngello says:

    I’m 66 years old and had decided to stop getting all Mags. BUT then I came accrose yours while waiting jn my dentist office (the name first drew my eye, Jane) I loved it so got a order form out and “here we are”.
    Thank you for such an entertaining, helpful, happy mag. Love and Hugs, one Jane to another.

  2. Joan Gaska says:

    I’m 77 and remember picking bouquets of dandelions for my mother and then getting them from my kids. I think the best story about them is my grandaughter when she was about 3 while taking a walk in the neighborhood saw a lawn completely covered in beautiful, blooming dandelions and announced “Look at all the diamonds!” Don’t you think that’s a perfect name for such a pretty flower?

  3. Trudy says:

    Killer Bee Honey – my husband has a couple of hives so we have small amount of “home-grown” honey. We use as sweeter in place sugar, etc. has become a staple in our daily diet. I enjoy sampling honeys and taking note of the difference due to the source of the nectar and pollen.

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