Be a greatist! is a health website for people who “like making healthier choices because it makes them feel good.” What is a greatest? “Our belief that is you don’t have to be the greatest all the time, but instead, just be a greatist: Someone who chooses to fit small healthier choices into their everyday life.”

They cover the gamut of health-related topics with categories like: move, eat, grow, play, discover, connect.

And, they keep up with new trends. Like food trucks. Healthy food trucks. Check out their list of “The 26 Healthiest Food Trucks in America” and see if you can find one in your area.


The Food Farm truck, San Diego

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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I think I fall into the greatist category pretty well. After so many years of nursing, cleanliness and health have been a part of my everyday life experiences. It seems to me that healthy eating is the hardest piece to achieve unless you eat at home everyday and do the cooking. We have a few food trucks locally that show up at the local Farmer’s Market each week and a few places around town. Some have healthy options and many have comfort food choices. Food trucks are a great way to create a signature menu that is small but healthy and delicious. The more people get exposed to healthy eating that is delicious, the more they may make efforts to change how they eat.

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