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  1. Cindy Meade says:

    How beautiful, serene and so inviting. I love to read outside. This year the smell of the lilacs enhanced it so much. Better than a vacation.

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Ahh, now for a bit of relaxation at the Plum Pit with the fragrance of a Hyacinth to match the sunshine.

  3. BB king says:

    This photo looks like heaven to me especially since we have had rain, rain and more rain.
    I took note this morning that the antique ( absolutely more than 50 years old+) rose had bloomed overnite. I mean the strongest rose perfume you have ever smelled. And the blooms are a fabulous cerise purple color. Still have not been to able to identify it. Deeply ruffled petals and rugosa leaves. Its a once and done rose but if you keep cutting off the blossoms it will last longer. the ecnt can be detected from 50ft away, no kidding!

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