GIVEAWAY: “Wild Bread, Tiptoe Through the Flowers”

Thank you for dropping by my Raising Jane Journal to participate in my giveaways! We’ve chosen a winner for this giveaway already (see below), but don’t be afraid to leave a comment anyway. I love reading them. And stay tuned for more great MaryJanesFarm giveaways.

In the Feb/Mar 2019 issue of MaryJanesFarm, “Tiptoe Through the Flowers” (on newsstands Jan 1), I led you here to my journal for a chance to win a FREE copy of my newest book, Wild Bread.


Wild Bread completely reinvents the concept of healthier-for-you, naturally fermented sourdough. Until now, sourdough was perceived as too much work and sour-tasting, artisan-style-only loaves. In Wild Bread, my quick and easy 1 minute 2x/day technique demonstrates the use of eight different types of flours for each bread featured―everything from gluten-free brown-rice flour to quinoa to common white to heirloom whole wheat―for a whopping 295 recipes and 475 photographs.

For a chance to win, tell me which of my books you’ve enjoyed most and why in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-February.

Check out my Wild Bread chatroom here. While you’re there, join in on our conversation about everything Wild Bread! If you haven’t picked up a copy of Wild Bread, you can find it here.

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The winner of our Wild Bread giveaway is …

Lesa Shoutz, who commented:
I don’t own any of your books but making my own bread from scratch is something I want to start doing. I’ve been a subscriber of your magazine since 2009 and I’ve kept every issue!

Congratulations, Lesa! Watch for an email from the farm.

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  1. Cindy L says:

    I am a “newbie”. Can’t wait to read my first.

  2. Krystle says:

    I have treasured all the books that I have so far from you! It all started with the Ideabook! I was finally able to order the Milk Cow Kitchen and I have been savouring it! Working on dairy farms growing up and now that I have dairy goats, that book has been so enjoyable!

  3. Julia Cowden says:

    Just received my first issue. Can’t wait to try “Wild Bread”

  4. Becky Balli says:

    I haven’t had the honor of trying any of your books but the bread book is intriguing!

  5. Mckensey says:

    I love “Maryjanes Outdoor post” book the best. I love the outdoors and finding out different ways to manage living outside and still being able to have comforts. Like the cooling box that helps preserve your perishable food a little longer in the heat. Or the famous “silly shally” and the fun adventure stories about Mary Jane’s work in the field.

  6. Paula Behr says:

    Hi, MaryJane! I bought your “Cast Iron Kitchen” cookbook & it’s my favorite. I ❤ my cast iron & cook with it every day. The format of showing which type of cast iron pan goes with each recipe is brilliant. Lots of good eats & ways to use my cast iron collection. Thanks!

  7. Julie Rooney says:

    I honestly don’t know what I’ve been waiting for. I own hundreds of books but none from you. I truly need to purchase wild bread and Mary Janes cast iron kitchen.

  8. Cindy Nadon says:

    I just made homemade bread but am always looking for new and exciting breads to try.

  9. Marge says:

    I’m very curious about this method for sourdough bread! I want to know more for sure!

  10. P.Jack says:

    As of now, I don’t have any of your books…just brought this months magazine from the craft store. I would love to have your new book “Wild Bread” as my first.

  11. Jackie Forest says:

    Don’t have any of them yet, hoping for Wild Bread for my birthday!

  12. Jody Allhands says:

    I love Milk Cow Kitchen, great recipies, Hubby is gluten intolerant so would love to try this bread.

  13. Brenda Dunlap says:

    Reading your journal entry on Wild Bread has prompted me to share my experience of making bread back when I was 18 years old and first married. I had a terrible time making bread as it never turned out that way bread should be. So,I went to my aunts house, who always made perfect homemade bread and asked for her recipe. She laughed and retrieved a coffee cup from the cupboard and said I don’t have a recipe but I’ll show you how I do it. With her coffee cup she put in a large crock bowl 5 to 6 cups of flour, and with that same cup filled it with warm tap water and yeast (cake yeast that is) and added that to the well in the middle of the flour. She then showed me how to fill the large part of her palm with sugar and the small part of your palm with salt and add them to your warmed yeast and water mix. Then take that same cup and fill about 3/4 of it with Crisco and add to the above flour mixture. Kneed that all together and add more flour as needed. Let it rise and punch it down and form into loaves of bread and put them in your pans. Let rise again. Bake 350° until browned. Remove when done and “try” one piece with butter immediately. Best bread every time! I’ve made this bread over the past 43 years and smile as I eat that first piece of bread after I admire my freshly baked loaves with pride while visiting my loving memories of my visit with my Aunt Bev and the best bread ever receive. My Aunt Bev is gone now however I’ve shared her same “recipe” with many friends over the years. Hope you enjoyed my words while I revisited my fond memories of bread making with Aunt Bev. Xoxo

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