Giveaway: “Farm Girl Vintage, The Experiment”

In the Aug/Sept issue of MaryJanesFarm, “The Experiment” (on newsstands July 14), we led you here to my daily journal for a chance to win a free copy of the quilting book, Farm Girl Vintage, by Lori Holt.

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  1. Mary Beth Schwarz says:

    MaryJanesFarm inspires me by showing all the things Farmgirls can do even though I live in a city with a garden. There are always new crafts and recipes to try. THANKS! MB

  2. terry steinmetz says:

    MaryJane’sFarm inspires me to try things that I’ve always wanted to do but was afraid to do. I’ve come to know & do more than I thought possible. I had a good start before I “met” MJF but now I go the extra mile! Thanks for all the encouragement!

  3. Winnie Nielsen says:

    MaryJanesFarm has inspired me to learn about new things with badge work, follow-up on personal interests I did not have time for before retirement, spend time doing crafts again in my life, and reach out to new friends in our online community. The whole experience has enhanced and changed my life in many new and exciting ways!

  4. Robin Darling says:

    MaryJane’s Farm has encouraged me to be kind and loving toward other human beings and animals! I have always endeavored to be such a person, but your magazine helps enforce that even more!

  5. shawna m says:

    MaryJanesFarm inspires me to stretch myself in areas I never thought I would. I am inspired to work harder, treat the earth, myself, and others better. I am inspired to learn new things & challenge myself to be a better me.

  6. Stephanie Guevara says:

    MaryJanesFarm tells me that I am doing fine right at the level of Farmgirl that I am at, and this inspires me to do better and learn and try more!

  7. Candy C. says:

    MaryJanesFarm always inspires me with the stories, recipes, crafts, and the articles in the Newsroom. I also look forward to reading Rebekah’s articles every month and particularly enjoyed this month’s article on biodynamics.

  8. Molly Welsh says:

    I am often inspired by the lovely items others make. It gives me ideas of the things I might make myself. It is so nice to have people who think like I do.

  9. Chrissy says:

    Mary Jane’s Farm continues to highlight individual efforts made toward healthy growing and informs us also of dangers of use of some (now) everyday items, i.e. fake sweeteners, cleaners.

  10. Lisa A says:

    Mary Jane’s Farm helps me to remember simpler is better. Not in a derogatory sense, but simple pleasures, simple and fresh ingredients in our food choices, family time, etc. Thank you!

  11. Marcy says:

    I don’t even know where to begin with this. I used to feel iike such an outsider, that there was something wrong with me. I always seemed to like things that others didn’t such as crafting, baking, the farm way of life (even though I do not have a farm I DO plan on having one some day) If I would talk about wanting chickens or goats I would always be looked at as i had a screw loose somewhere or something. And then I found MaryJanes! I immediately felt right at home. as if I finally found a place I could belong and just be myself. I couldn’t believe that I had found a group of amazing women who actually liked the same things that I did. I changed me and continues to inspire me every day.

  12. Nancy Coughlin says:

    Mary Janes Farm, inspires me to get up and do. Each time I have done that and gone on to complete a long-delayed project, I feel 10 feet tall! This has special meaning for me as I approach my 74th birthday later this week. Eacj issue has an idea or a quote that motivates me and I bless you for it. It would be easier to sit back and watch the world go by, but if I did that I would accomplish nothing. Even if what I do is a ‘little’ thing, it is in the doing that we are helping the world and all who live in it.

  13. Rachel Hay says:

    Simplify. Re-purpose. Create.

  14. Leisa Wiggley says:

    I have no idea where to start, I love everything about Mary Jane Farm. Inspires me with projects, gardening and nature. Enjoy the simple things in life.

  15. Marti says:

    I have just recently found Mary Jane’s Farm. I am a 61 year old mother of two and grandmama to a sweet little boy. I was raised in the country, and have always been a farm girl at heart. I love the magazine, and have joined the farmgirl sisterhood. I can’t wait to get started earning my first badge. I love to knit, crochet, sew and have recently taken up spinning wool. Having Mary Janes’ magazine and access to the website is like having a new friend ……a friend with lots of great ideas. 🙂

  16. maggie says:

    I am inspired to know that anyone can be a farm girl even if they live in the city.

  17. Mari Hallen says:

    Every issue of your magazine inspires me to live more simply, find more local farmer’s markets (blessed here in central Virginia with many!) and try new things for being healthy in body and spirit! Every issue is a joy!!! Quilting – my favorite!!! Haven’t quilted in years, but love this book 🙂

  18. Jennafer Disbro says:

    Mary Janes farm inspires me to look for the beauty in the little things.

  19. Janet Duff says:

    MJF inspires me by reminding me to see the beauty in farming. I am also reminded to take time to put a feminine touch to everything around me. We have a beef farm and I forget to look beyond the work and problems that can arise and enjoy the lifestyle that I chose and love.

  20. Susan Boysen says:

    Maryjane’s Farm inspires in so many ways…crafting, cooking, health, adventures, camping, cleaning, community, and on and on and on! Thank you!!!

  21. Kathryn Rogers says:

    Mary Janes Farm has given me such inspiration, so many wonderful ideas. And a love of country life

  22. Heather Majernik says:

    MaryJanesFarm inspires me to stay true to my dream of a life that is slow (or at least slower) and homemade!

  23. Cassandra Brungardt says:

    Mary Janes Farm magazine has inspired me to be more creative and try new things. The magazine has inspired me to be an advocate for bees!

  24. Sandra says:

    Although I am too old to live the way I’ve dreamed of the past fifty years, I can still
    dream. Your magazine is one I wish I had when I was younger.

    Oh, well, I can still dream of what might have been. (I can still craft and cook, though)

    Keep publishing and I will keep subscribing!


  25. Kristi Cunningham says:

    Mary Jane’s Farm inspires me by showing that farm girls can do everything that farm boys can do, but in a classy apron!

  26. Doris Hall says:

    I am well “over the hill number 70”. My husband of 55 years and I devour every issue of Mary Janes Farm. We are both country/farm raised “oldies” and relive many articles MJ publishes. We are excited by so many young folks that are getting back to basic living and are inspired to encourage our 5 children and 15 grands to embrace the life style we were raised up in (ie: gardening, raising chickens, planting fruit trees, etc.). We still live this “old way”.

    We love all the farm girl bloggers. Keep up the wonderful, inspiring blogs.

  27. Carla Handshaw says:

    I am inspired by your magazine to cook more with better ingredients and of course to one day glamp like a girl with your cuter than anything camper! This quilt is the perfect addition to my perfect camper. Oh I hope I win! I will make it right away!!

  28. Michelle Birdsall says:

    I feel like Mary Janes Farm magazine was created just for me. I was raised in a city but had a farm girl heart. When my husband and I finally moved to the country, I discovered Mary Jane’s magazine. A magazine full of all that delights me! I am a full blood farm girl now that quilts, takes vegetables and bouquets to farmers market all summer long and have delightful flock of chickens that customers wait in line to purchase their beautiful eggs! Thanks Mary Jane for showing me I was not alone in my farm girl heart! Don’t change a thing about your magazine! It is delightful!!!

  29. jaylyn m says:

    I get really excited to try out a lot of the DIY projects. Right now I’m gathering the ingredients for some homemade beauty things that were featured in a past issue. I’m also inspired by Mary Jane to keep growing my hair long until I am a grammy! What a beautiful lady 🙂

  30. Sylvia Jacobus says:

    This book is amazing. I was so excited when I saw it and got one. We formed a quilting group just to do the projects in this book. Her choice of fabrics is so charming. Was I surprised to see it in our Mary Jane Farm magazine? Nope! It so fits our lifestyle and tastes. And, the projects are so versatile. Anyone who wins this will love it!

  31. Tina Frank says:

    Mary Jane’s Farm inspires me to slow down and focus on everyday pleasures. I love to quilt so this nostalgic book looks fascinating.

  32. Tammy says:

    How does this magazine and website inspire me ? Well, daily you give me a boost to keep going. To keep trying new things. To stretch myself past just my family and on to others who could just use a hand.

  33. Dawn says:

    Mary Jane’s Farm inspires me by seeing all of the power of us farmgirl types who are not afraid to muck stalls, as we sport colorful nail colors, then cook up dinner for the husband, take care of the family and balance all of the demands in life like the super women we are.

  34. Christina Baxter says:

    Every issue of MJF leaves me going back again and again to review/ponder issues or ideas brought to the forefront as only you can! Evolving from a city dweller raised near downtown LA, I finally escaped to western NC and found the true mountain farm girl I am. Thank you Mary Jane for sharing your pluck and perseverance, I found out what I can do/be with soooo much help in the pages of your mag. Canning, quilting, sewing, gardening, the list goes on and on. And the news–I first heard about pink slime in our meat in your pages–bravo! Keep up the good work, it is truly magic.

  35. Susan Deveaux says:

    I am inspired to embroder and quilt more…and garden for my family !!

  36. Jennie Stratton says:

    Mary Jane’s Farm inspires me in a thousand different ways, so it’s next to impossible to whittle it down to one, but I’d have to say that this magazine inspires me to get OUTSIDE more. Get out into nature, whether it’s gardening, camping, hiking, outdoor crafts, or just standing on your own front door step feeling the evening breeze after a long, hot day. It’s truly a magazine that inspires me to appreciate and get out in all of the seasons. Much love!!

  37. Jada Sharp says:

    I am inspired to try new things in my home and outside! The magazine always makes me feel so happy! I have always wanted to learn how to sew and have requested a sewing machine from my husband for my birthday!

  38. Dianna says:

    MaryJane’s Farm inspires me to find more “ME” time. I am always doing things for others and don’t seem to have time for my own self and “stuff”. I make my own laundry soap, can, quilt, sew, cook, do woodworking, and have two grandsons for the summer.

  39. teri saxton says:

    I love MaryJanes Farm magazine. I have rediscovered gardening, flowered, and healthy cooking. My parents would be so proud!!

  40. Christy Craver says:

    MJF inspires me to try to live a simpler and better life. More isn’t always better. Ienjoy all the articles.

  41. Lydia bush says:

    your magazine inspires me to take an extra step and reach for my dreams….my beautiful chickens with assorted colored eggs, a small sewing project, a new recipe all very pleasing for those days off….

  42. Ann Miller says:

    I enjoy reading how people can make a difference organically and not harm the environment. Learning new recipes love the stories.

  43. Betty Denbo says:

    The quilt patterns are so cute they make me want to piece them and do nothing else!

  44. Kathy Dickson says:

    MaryJanesFarm is candy for the eyes and soul. Each issue lets me reminisce the old days, gives me ideas for today, and projects to do tomorrow. I’ve learned new things (like making pillow cases) and found many new recipes that will be a part of our family favorites. I get to dream about glamping, get excited about quilting again and feel a kindred spirit with other sisters who enjoy a simpler yet beautiful life. Being a farm girl with my favorite pet chickens is something to crow about!

  45. Ramona Puckett says:

    Mary Janes Farm is such a inspiration to not only me but my daughters. I share with them the knowledge of natural and organic methods, the great recipes, the crafts (I am getting ready to do the gelli craft, that looks like so much fun!), I am a beginning quilter and I would love to have this book! Thank you so much, Mary Jane, for all that you do for us! It is much appreciated.

  46. Bethany says:

    MaryJanes Farm Inspires me to continue to eat healthy and use natural and organic products. I love living chemical free!!

  47. donna shearrer says:

    Your magazine is always a wealth of exciting info! I’m a city girl, but there’s something about the farm life that captures my heart. I’ve had my eye on this book! I’m always inspired to live greener, buy more organic than I already do and do more diy. God bless.

  48. Julie says:

    MaryJanesFarm inspires me to remember the day-to-day activities I watched my grandmother and great grandmother complete and to get back in touch with my country farm girl roots even though I live in a big city. It reminds me that there is beauty and peace in simplicity.

  49. marie sierra says:

    MJF inspires me to try one thing per issue that will bring me closer to my goals as a responsible human guest of this planet!

  50. MaryJanesFarm is my secret ally in facing the outside world. When everyone else is too busy texting and emailing to even live an authentic life, I can turn to these pages of beauty and poetry of a life well lived. It keeps me grounded, and reminds me that I too am living my own dream of growing organic heirloom veggies and flowers and saving their seeds and sharing them with so many other fellow gardeners countrywide. When they write me and gush about how those seeds have helped them to get back to land, feed their children healthily and preserve the best of the past, I know I am doing the right thing indeed. MaryJanesfarm gives me the strength to keep at it, and reminds me of all the other women doing the same. Thank you MaryJane for bringing that beauty and simplicity to our homes!

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Giveaway: “Apothecary, The Experiment”

In the Aug/Sept issue of MaryJanesFarm, “The Experiment” (on newsstands July 14), we led you here to my daily journal for a chance to win a free sampling of products from our favorite apothecary, Mountain Rose Herbs. While I enjoy many of Mountain Rose Herbs’ bath, body, and kitchen products myself, I’m also glad to report that they’re one of my cows’ favorite suppliers, too. “What do herbs have to do with cows?” you may ask. Well, I make a non-toxic homemade fly spray for my herd using MRH essential oils.

Continue reading

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    This recipe sounds great. Flies area always the worst part of summer on a farm. Not to mention they carry diseases too. Nasty! I am thinking this would also work on my daughter’s goats too.

    Let’s see, what did I like best about Milk Cow Kitchen. Since I don’t have a farm or a backyard cow, I love the section of the book with all the Farmstyle Recipes Using Dairy. It is packed with great ideas and inspiring photos. A few of my favorite recipes include White Chili, Easy Chees-y Macaroni, and Buttermilk Biscuits. Plus, I learned that when you make butter, the whey makes the most tender pancakes for breakfast.

  2. terry steinmetz says:

    I love the pictures of the cows doing what they love to do best! I like cows and when I visit a farm, if they have them, I head over to see & pet them! I can always see their different personalities. That is fascinating to me.

  3. Sandy Rees says:

    I really enjoy the beautiful pictures the best. Milk Cow Chicken is such a lovely book.

  4. Nancy Coughlin says:

    Beautiful photos and knowing how well cared for they are on your farm. Provides with a sense of all’s right in the world!

  5. Gail says:

    Love, love, love the beautiful pictures and delicious recipes!

  6. Arlene Tribble says:

    My favorite, so far, in Milk Cow Kitchen are the cheese recipes. Trying to perfect them all!

  7. Idamarie Settlemyer says:

    I purchased for my Granddaughter, who works on a farm making cheese. She loves it! and shares it with the owners.
    The natural way is the best way!

  8. Bonnie Pitts says:

    The photographs and recipes! There are no cows on our little bit of earth…just horses and a bunny. 🙂

  9. Rachel Hay says:

    I am planning to try the fly spray recipe on my horses. I am learning to make cheese.

  10. Claressa Moorhouse says:

    Love the photos and recipes, such a great book 🙂

  11. I adore Mary Jane’s magazine, I have been a subscriber for many, many years and love EvEry issue I receive! I opened my new issue today and saw this free sampling, Oh, How I love essential Oils! I have been using them for making potpourri with my dried flowers I save. I also adore Mountain Rose Herbs and have a link on my blog to them.

    I do wish I win this faBuLoUs Offer!
    Smiles, Cyndi

  12. Chanelle Freese says:

    Well, I love everything about MaryJanesFarm magazine, and while I don’t have my own copy of Milk Cow Kitchen yet, I know I would love it because all MaryJanesFarm reminds me of the comforts of home, my wonderful grandmother (who introduced me to MaryJanesFarm mag) and taking the time to slow down to enjoy all the things that contain real and true beauty.

  13. Tammy says:

    I really loved the layout of the book. Very easy to get to where you want to research. I also loved the fact that so many recipes I could substitute my goats milk for

  14. Madison Wright says:

    I love that milk cow kitchen encourages everyone to live more sustainably…even if you can’t have a cow of your very own! The pictures and recipes are also the highlight of the book, and make it an enjoyable read for even the bovine impaired!

  15. Janine Thompson says:

    I love cows, and it sounds like you do too. Thanks for the recipe. Essential oils are the best.

  16. Janine Thompson says:

    I ❤ s.

  17. Christy Craver says:

    I’m waiting on delivery of my book, but I can’t wait to read it. If its anything like MaryJanes Farm I know I will love it. I’ve been wanting to get a couple of dairy goats for some time now. I’ve been making my own yogurt, butter, ice cream, and sour cream already and am ready to try some cheese recipes

  18. Toni H says:

    Recipes recipes recipes!

    • Sherry Stine says:

      All my life I have been a farmgirl at heart. At 58 I have a flock of chickens, I garden flowers and veggies and still dream of having a small homestead. I love the Mary Jane magazine. keep up the good work with all your publications. Sherry Stine

  19. Tami Lewis says:

    I have not read the book (yet!) but I am anxious to read about cheese making!

  20. I don’t yet have a copy of ” Milk Cow Kitchen” but someday I shall add it to my MJ book collection. Honestly I read the “life…” book nearly every night.I prop my computer on it in bed and then can never resist turning a few pages.
    I am sucker for Jersey cows in particular having worked at a Jersey Dairy in Vermont more years ago than I care to admit. I’m betting the quality of the photography is superb like all the MJ books. And since my foray in goat farming didnt produce cheese ( but I did make a mean snapper ( as in the turtle) stroganof with the sour cream from my goats’ milk – ) maybe this book will inspire me to try cow dairy cheese.

  21. Sheri Puls says:

    I don’t yet have a copy of the book, but I love MaryJanesFarm and eagerly look forward to each issue. I gave my mom a gift subscription for Christmas and she loves it, too! Thanks for all the great info and fun articles .

  22. Linda Fountain says:

    I can’t wait to have our own cows. But until then I’m enjoying reading and re-reading Milk Cow Kitchen. It’s not just the recipes, which are awesome, but learning and growing with the help of all your advice.

  23. Wanda Moncrief says:

    The book is great for those of us who do not have farms but aspire to have one one day – look forward to using recipes and ideas that I find in the book and on your site when I DO have one.

  24. Kelly Herbst says:

    I adore everything MaryJane!! I have turned so many of my friends, relatives, and clients on to the magazine, books, and awesome finds I have lost count! My husband is not a “farm life” kind of guy so, for the most part I get to live out my fantasies through the pages, projects, and recipes! I have a vision board that I add to weekly for my future clamping adventures a la MaryJane style! What do I love best about “Milk Cow”? The cow pictures and recipes of course!!!
    Keep up the great work!!

    PS I am secretly addicted to MaryJane’s Budget Mix!!!

  25. Victoria says:

    Love the opportunity to experience the country life through your words and pics. Being a displaced country girl who lives on the beach, well…I don’t have to tell you how big a deal it is to be able to connect back to your roots, even only in spirit! Thank you

  26. Sharon Eason says:

    I loved the book Milk Cow Kitchen, as always with your products, the photos, writing and quality are excellent. The cow is such an amazing creature – a true gift from God. The milk they give us can be used for so many things and the recipes you share help teach us some of it’s magic. The decorations around the cow motif are great – I mean – black and white graphics….how can that not be fun?!

  27. Lauren Trank says:

    I have been enjoying the recipes and pictures.
    Thank you,

  28. Love the whole thing, recipes, wisdom, insight, but the photos take me to a place where I grew up- and have the most di opus memories of a time and world long past

  29. Dianna Browning says:

    I LOVE the cow “fly recipe”!! It’s great! And NO pesticides!!

    Enter me to win! Thanks!!!

  30. jean Clarkson says:

    The Cow Book is filled with such wonderful stuff, from photos to How Tos and Recipes. I loved the quick fruit icecreams and the cheese recipes. Working at a historical village nearby, I tried making cheeses with some success, but could not keep them from mold. These recipes are so clear and easy to follow, list the equipment and methods needed for success. Thanks, Mary Jane, for all you do encourage women!

  31. Angel Vannoy says:

    I read Milk Cow Kitchen at a time when my family and I were cow-sitting and farm-sitting for my sister-in-law. Milk Cow Kitchen made me ache all the more for a farm and animals of my own. Reading it now brings back the memory of the smells of hay, manure, apples and woodsmoke. Heaven!

  32. Carmen Anthony says:

    This is a great organic recipe. I have start to turn my live around by paying attention to ingredients in what I buy and have started making all my own cleaning supplies and soap. I have started buying a few essential oils as I can afford. This Milk Cow Kitchen recipe is so easy and I think I could use it on horses and maybe even on myself since flies like me as well. Thank you for the wonderful site and information.

  33. Callie says:

    Hello Mary Jane!I just discovered Your magazine in our local library, Crested Butte Colorado. How inspiring, at the age of 24 this is the vein of life that makes my heart flitter, thank You. I am intrigued by Your book Milk Cow Kitchen, for cheese is one of my favorites! Keep on with Your life’s love and perhaps You can share with me how You were provided with such a blessed path… and I Love Mountain Rose Herbs!

  34. Amanda Travis says:

    I haven’t received or read a copy of the book. It is on my want list. Money is tight, so I have to wait until I can purchase it. I would like to still be in the drawing for a chance to win some samples.

  35. Katie Rowan says:

    I love to cook almost more than I love to grow things! Gotta be the recipes!

  36. Ann Brooks says:

    I don’t own a copy of Milk Cow Kitchen, but I’m sure it has to be as great as anything from Mary Jane Butters. Love the farm life!

  37. Tammy says:

    I love the cows, of course! The photographs are beautiful and make me dream of having my own cows some day. And, the recipes are just great. Without a cow, I am planning on making the fly spray for a friend who has horses.

  38. Barbara says:

    Your book helped me realize that my husband and I can make our dreams come true. You are such an inspiration to me. Thank you.

  39. Leilani says:

    The photos are not only beautiful, but inspirational and I absolutely love the recipes. Clotted cream, anyone?

  40. Julie says:

    Love the recipes!

  41. Dina Hennessey says:

    Absolutely love the fantastic photographs and love the unique recipes! Thank you for such a great find. (Love, love my cows)

  42. Heather Eades says:

    I have goats and am looking forward to making this fly spray for my goats. I saw your book in the Floyd Country Store in Floyd,VA. I am planning to buy it but am trying to spend my money wisely so for now it is on my wish list. Maybe for Christmas!

  43. Leah says:

    I loved how the book contained information about not just what to do with the milk, but how to set up and care for a cow.

  44. Sheila LaPoint says:

    I love love love this book, I ordered it from our little independent book store, I like to give local folks business too, so I missed out on the bumper sticker, but that is ok because, I just can’t stop looking at the pictures. There are lots of cows where I live in fact when I take my dog for a walk they come close to the fence and walk along with us, my dog gets a little nervous but I just laugh. The recipes look yummy and I will be trying the Gluten Free Muffin-tin Meatloaf, today!

  45. Melissa says:

    Without a doubt the cheese recipes! I have wanted to try cheese making for some time, but have been intimidated- until now. This book is another keeper.

  46. Christine Erdman says:

    We have beef cattle and I am always telling my husband we need to do something for fly control, but there is so many dangerous chemicals in the insecticides that are commercial and you also have to tag both ears, which I am sure is pretty painful for the cows. So this would be a perfect natural approach to pest control.

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Giveaway: “Gel-plate Printing, The Experiment”

In the Aug/Sept issue of MaryJanesFarm, “The Experiment” (on newsstands July 14), we led you here to my daily journal for a chance to win a free sample of our ChillOver Powder. Over the years, we’ve given you lots of ideas for yummy concoctions using ChillOver Powder, my gelatin alternative. Looks like gelatin. Tastes like gelatin. It isn’t. It’s better! My innovative ChillOver Powder is for all the people who grew up loving gelatin desserts but gave up on them, knowing their animal origin.

But recently, Megan discovered a new craft using ChillOver Powder: gel-plate printing. “After purchasing a commercial gel plate and spending some time ‘printing’ with it,” Megan says, “I quickly understood what folks-in-the-know were raving about. But I couldn’t stop thinking how easy these plates might be to make myself, so I took my newfound craft to another level: the kitchen. With a sense of adventure, I tied on my apron and experimented with MaryJane’s ChillOver Powder, our gelatin substitute. The result? Well, let’s just say the proof was in the printing.”

Find step-by-step instructions for gel-plate printing in the “Farm Life” section of the Aug/Sept issue. And for a chance to win a pouch of ChillOver Powder, tell me about a new craft you’ve discovered in the comments below. We’ll toss your name in a hat and draw one lucky winner in mid-September, when the Aug/Sept issue expires on newsstands. Stay tuned for more magazine-related giveaways!

If you’re not yet a subscriber to MaryJanesFarm, subscribe here for only $19.95/year.

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Since I already have some ChillOver powder, I can’t wait to get my new issue and try this out. Your prints turned out beautiful!

  2. Sharon Demers says:

    Thank you for the post and opportunity Mary Jane 🙂 Not a new craft, but new to me is quilting. I am on my third project right now and love it! Thank you for your encouragement and inspiration!

  3. Nancy Coughlin says:

    This sounds like an intriguing new craft and I certainly want to give it a shot. However, I somehow think this is not what you want to hear about. The craft that I discovered is not actually a new one. Found a group of women who do the old-fashioned style of rug hooking. We learned how to cut our own strips of wool fabric (after finding suitable used pieces of clothing at local consignment shops, Goodwill and Salvation Army stores) after properly cleaning and preparing said fabric. A true gentleman made the frames for us, so we did not have to buy one, and we all have one for ourselves. I was all ready to do latch hook and boy did I get a surprise. Slow and steady is the rule and it is fantastic to learn this old, true way to do things. It is a ‘new’ craft to me. When we leave from a lesson, our instructor tells us “Happy hooking, ladies!”

  4. Melodae Jeffries says:

    I’d love to try gel-plate printing.

    My new-to-me craft is making paper-like cards from flora — mainly leaves, and using the dried flowers for decoration.

  5. Sandy Rees says:

    I have been enjoying learning to knit. There are so many new things to learn about this craft.

  6. Heather says:

    Since moving near an ocean I’ve discovered beach crafts, such as collecting sea glass and making mosaics.

  7. Mary Jo says:

    This gel-plate printing is definitely a new craft I can’t wait to try!! Recently, I have become fascinated by the old art of linoleum carving and printing — especially on fabric. Carving the stamp itself is most definitely half the fun….and then using it on fabric or paper — SO many creative ways to use it!

  8. Mary Crump says:

    My new craft is making quilts. I love learning this old craft, and love all kinds of fabric, want to make each one of my grandchildren a quilt. I think this gel-paint craft will be a lot of fun to learn, can’t wait to get started on it.

  9. Teresa Dr Bruin says:

    My newest thing to do is making pickle relish. It’s an old recipe but I love it as it tastes far better than store bought and I use for homemade tartar sauce by mixing some with lite mayo. I also make dip by mixing a half cut relish with an 8 ounce package of cream cheese. It is to die for. Good with crackers or fritos

  10. Chrissy says:

    Newest craft I’ve indulged in is 3d paper art for our big vacant wall @ nursing home where I work. Pinterest provides many inspirations for seasonal ideas.

  11. Sandra says:

    Another fun idea! I’ll try it.


  12. Tina Frank says:

    Marbling on silk, and batiking are new favorites. I have never gel-plate printed but I would LOVE to try it! If it goes well, I will try it with my 4th and 5th grade students.

  13. Christy Craver says:

    Both of my grandmothers quilted and one of them made me a Holly Hobby quilt. I recently found a pattern and I am going to make on after I finish the garden mural I am working on.

  14. Kathy Dickson says:

    Crafts were what my sister always did best! Whether candle making, dress making, macrame, you name, she did it. MaryJanesFarm inspires me now to try those things I never knew I could do! The gel-plate prints will definitely be on my list as well as the mosaic using old dishes to make beautiful tables. I had quite a fun time making pillow cases for Christmas last year! Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. Ramona Puckett says:

    I like to take inspirational sayings, or quotes, and draw them on art paper using coloring pencils, charcoal, magic markers, whatever strikes my fancy! Thank you, Mary Jane, for all that do for us!

  16. Bethany says:

    My new found craft is chalk Painting! I’ve finished several pieces of furniture in our bedroom and I had a blast and loved the end result!!

  17. RuthieJH says:

    I began a new craft in preparation for my wedding last year. Instead of floral centerpieces at the reception, my husband and I made paper flowers out of maps, attached a wire stem, and offered them as keepsakes for the guests to take home! They were fun to make and the guests loved them too!

  18. Jessica Crawford says:

    I’ve recently gotten into card making. It’s more personal than store bought and certainly much more affordable given all the birthdays, parties anniversaries, showers and wedding and births we seem to need cards for every year

  19. Toni H says:

    The newest craft I’ve discovered (though not new) is chalk art. I love drawing with chalk, it’s forgiving and temporary thus always changing. Looking forward to a workshop I’ll be attending in Sept on chalk art!

  20. Laurie says:

    With my first grandson on the way I took a knitting class. I started making squares to join together into knitted building blocks. My knitted squares were turning up in different sizes, so a crafty friend suggested I join them together into a blanket using crochet to allow give and take between the different sizes. She showed me how to crochet, and it worked! My grandson is now old enough to use his blanket made by his grandma.

  21. Stacey Lorish says:

    At the moment, I’m learning how to make woven buttons from Dorset, England. They are fascinating

  22. Tara Kolker says:

    A new-to-me craft is making headbands! Also, I’m still fairly new to quilting, and am enjoying that. 🙂

  23. Phyllis Walker says:

    I love your Magazine, I want to try everything. My passion is Quiltinng’, I love making quilts. My mother and grandmother was quilters, so it is in my blood too!! Can’t wait for your next magazine.

  24. Annette F Brush says:

    I have always loved crafting. My newest endeavor is making homemade laundry detergent and other household cleaning products..

  25. Heidi Worthington says:

    It’s not really a craft, but using EO’s to make homemade cleaning products.

  26. Melanie Smith says:

    I am teaching myself spinning… I Adore yarn and made myself a blending board and drop spindle. Once I master the drop… on to my new spinning wheel once it’s sanded and oiled.

  27. jean Clarkson says:

    My newest craft is teaching a friend a very old craft, popular in Victorian times – china painting. My friend Sandy wanted to learn china painting when she was a girl, but was undble to take the lessons. Now we sit together on Thursday afternoons and I share what I learned from classes with her. I always like her paintings best, and she always likes mine better. When I fire the plates, we both have lovely pieces and happy memories.

  28. carol jo primus says:

    My newest craft discovery is papercrafting. I have always loved office supplies, art supplies, etc. Now, I have found a way to make creative gifts for loved ones without breaking the bank. I get so many compliments on taking the time to create something from the heart.

    I can’t wait to discover gel printing!

  29. Wanda Bennett says:

    My newest craft is tatting. My grandmother left me her tatting shuttles and I have been learning this lost art. I would love to try the gel printing as well. Looks intriguing!

  30. Jeanette Lamb says:

    I’ve recently decided to continue a craft/art that my mother used to do when I was a young girl…Ukranian Easter Eggs. I have very fond memories of watching in amazement as she transformed them into something so unique and beautiful, and then sit with her at the art shows where she sold them.

  31. Sandy Matlock says:

    I have made jam and jelly for years paying my entry fees to be able to barrel race and fuel to travel to barrel races. I love the idea of using less sugar and having a more natural fruit taste. I recently moved to Montana I have Buffalo Berries in the yard I would like to try making jam with using the Chill Over Powder.

  32. Amanda Travis says:

    Oh my….I’m always trying something new. I always have numerous projects going at once. My newest craft is paper making. I have a card ministry. I, as well as, my three daughters like to send cards to the shut-ins that are members of our church. We also like to send cards to ailing people that are on our prayer chain, whether they are in our church or not. Making homemade paper adds a nice touch to the cards.

  33. Katie Rowan says:

    My newest projects all involve taking found objects and turning them into something new!

  34. Linda says:

    My newest craft, that I started working with last year, was ATCs (Artistic Trading Cards). I joined several MJF swaps last year for ATCs for the Fall/Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and an ATC monster was created. Most of the farmgirls work with decorative/scrapbook paper products to create their ATCs, but since I am a quilter/fabric crafter, and have a huge stash of fabrics, I chose to use fabrics. For the first layer on the ATC design I used iron-on interfacing and added embellishments with glue. I am always seeing a new craft or project that piques my interest in MaryJanesFarm magazine. I would really like to try my hand at Canning, next. Thank you for all the inspiration.

  35. Carolyn says:

    I haven’t done any new crafts in a while but I’d like to try printing on fabric, and gel printing sounds interesting.

  36. Amanda Henning says:

    my new craft is paper piecing quilt blocks. It is very addicting!

  37. LuAnnA says:

    As a graphic designer and illustrator, I LOVE all things paper and ink! I learned in a college course how to make handmade paper out of waste paper (I still collect pieces of junk mail that are made of a good fiber, to recycle into handmade paper). I have so much fun looking for “add-ins” when I’m whipping up a batch of paper pulp, whether it’s dried flower petals, dried herbs from my garden, or even milkweed fluff! I’ve also experimented with paper sizing (unflavored gelatin dissolved in water) so I can do calligraphy on my hand-made paper. I had the opportunity to teach paper-making, at a previous place of employment, to the other artists, so we could use scanned images of our finished hand-made paper in our designs (we designed greeting cards). I don’t think I’d ever heard about gel-plate printing before, and would be intrigued to know what this gelatin alternative is made from! I would sure love to give it a try!

  38. deb church says:

    the newest thing i have done is soap making. but i’ve done card making for a few years and gel plate printing is something i would like to try on that.

  39. Julie says:

    Now I definitely NEED chillover powder — peach jam time at my house, then I can gel-plate print gift cards when I give some to friends! Love it!

  40. Dina Hennessey says:

    New craft I’ve just learned and mastered is crocheting….was given a book and hook for a Christmas gift and off I went! Love the infinite possibilities i can create.

  41. Needle felting! It’s a lot of fun.

  42. Chelsea says:

    I just discovered how fun it is to make paper. I’d like to try this too! The note cards are beautiful

  43. Lynda Brown says:

    My new craft that I’m trying is sun-bleaching with paper and fern. So far, it looks fantastic and I”m going to try it on black material next.

  44. Leah says:

    It’s an oldie, but a goodie…New to me perhaps? I am trying to do full sewing projects with hand stitches. I’ve done plenty of mending and cross-stitching and the like, but I am working on my son’s Halloween costume by hand.

  45. JoAnn Stein says:

    I am now into needle felting. I sculpt 3 dimensional characters and animals. I have used found wool that I had made into roving and I have also used dog hair esp. when I sculpt dogs. Even hair from horse’s tail can be used! I love it.

  46. Christine Erdman says:

    My newest interest is making soap. I have always wanted to try it and just never seemed to take the time, but I finally did and I have made three batches of goats milk soap. I can’t wait to try it out, but it has to cure for 24 days…

  47. Cindy Jacobson says:

    I want to take an upcoming class on how to make a Mossy Wall Pocket, using chicken wire. It looks like a moss purse with a flowers in it. As a farm girl I have scrap chicken wire around and really like the rustic look.

  48. Pingback: WINNER!!! Giveaway: “Gel-plate Printing, The Experiment” | Raising Jane Journal

  49. Janet Murillo says:

    i STUMbled on a copy of your magazine after the gel contest came around, but I have seen demonstrations on this process. Will you offer a discount? say for teachers who want to do a workshop on gel printing?
    I have an interest in trying your gel substitute to conduct a workshop in my community?
    If this request isn’t possible: How much glycerine would be used anyway?
    {I just retired as an art teacher for 15 years, but can’t quit making art, and this process has me making alist of all the possibilities I could experiments with}

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Giveaway: “The Perfect Clothespin, The Experiment”

In the Aug/Sept issue of MaryJanesFarm, “The Experiment” (on newsstands July 14), we led you here to my daily journal for a chance to win a free sampling of “the perfect clothespin,” featured in our “Home Safe Home” section.


You probably know that we love clothespins here at MaryJanesFarm. You might have seen the article, “The Humble Clothespin,” in our “Celebrating 15 Years” Feb/Mar 2015 issue. And recently, we discovered another small company that makes old-fashioned wooden clothespins by hand. Albert Crooks and his 15-year-old son, Al, craft beautiful, sturdy clothespins from ash (the perfect hardwood for clothespins) and heavy-duty, stainless-steel springs manufactured in the U.S. “No more using four or five cheap clothespins to hang a wet towel to line dry. Our clothespins are tumble sanded and are finished with tung oil, which will not leach out and stain your laundry.” For beautiful clothespins that will last a lifetime, visit

For a chance to win a sampling of “the perfect clothespin,” tell me how hanging laundry on the line makes you feel in the comments below. We’ll toss your name in a hat and draw one lucky winner in mid-September, when the Aug/Sept issue expires on newsstands. Stay tuned for more magazine-related giveaways!

If you’re not yet a subscriber to MaryJanesFarm, subscribe here for only $19.95/year.

  1. Lisa says:

    Lau dry hanging on the line makes me feel like warm sunshine. I love taking the laundry off the line burying nose, taking a deep breath and smelling the outdoors.

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I ordered a batch of sturdy American made clothes pins this past Fall and what a difference they make. Heavy clothing stays in place when you clip it to the line and they don’t just suddenly break for no good reason. They do cost more but will obviously last for generations. Please add my name to this opportunity because I would like to replace all those cheap ones once and for all!!

  3. stella says:

    Hanging clothes on the line makes me feel free. Somehow watching my clothes blow in the wind makes me feel like I too can fly! 🙂

  4. CJ Armstrong says:

    When I was growing up on the farm we had to haul water for domestic use so my mom always did laundry in town at a laundromat that had wringer washers. Then we hauled them home and hung them out, no matter the weather. I did NOT like that in the winter because it was cold and they just froze. Then we had to bring them in and hang them in the house.
    For many years after I was married I had no interest in hanging clothes on a clothesline but we lived in the city and air quality wasn’t conducive to that anyway.
    Since we’ve been back in the country in Colorado, right back where I started, I’ve been hanging my clothes out. I love the smell of our freshly dried laundry after it’s been out in the fresh Colorado air and sunshine. Makes me remember, with fondness, my mom, our home and farm and the wonderful smell of laundry dried outside!

  5. Karlyne says:

    How do I feel when I hang clothes out on the line? Virtuous!

  6. Mary Beth Schwarz says:

    Hanging clothes on the clothes line in the back yard always takes me back to childhood when i helped my mom hang the clothes and then took them off the line for her. That clean smell of sunshine fresh clothes and linens was the scent of home in the 1950s and 1960s.

  7. shawna m says:

    My dryer broke about two years ago & I told my husband there was no need to buy a new one. We live in Southern California so rain on my laundry is not a problem. I love to get up early to get a load of laundry on the line. One of my favorite things is to see a clothesline full of sheets blowing in the breeze. Hanging laundry makes me feel old fashioned, connected with my grandmothers & if I am doing something healthy for my family & the earth.

  8. Gail says:

    I love, love, love the smell of laundry that has dried on the line! I am going straight to the All American website to order some sturdy clothes pins! Thanks Mary Jane!

  9. Heather Sandoval says:

    Hanging laundry on the line grounds me….it makes me slow down and enjoy the process of laundry. It is a chance to get out in the fresh air and relax for a bit. Stretching and reaching as I hang laundry is the best exercise ever. And folding clothes seems easier to me fresh from the line. The clothesline gives me that extra “hand” when folding big sheets and such. I love the entire process.

  10. M.Jane Richmond says:

    Hanging clothes out on the clothesline brings back the memory of when I was 2 yrs.old, gleefully running and hiding on my Mom in and out of flapping crisp white sheets.

  11. Jan Post says:


  12. Brenda Bowman says:

    Hanging clothes on the line gives me such a warm feeling knowing that my ancestor pioneer women performed this daily ritual. The clothes on the line appeal to my need of having everything lined up and in a row also. Yeah clothespins!

  13. Raeann Dodge says:

    Hanging laundry on the line takes me back home to grandma’s farm. That sundried aroma wraps around me like her loving arms. I feel comforted.

  14. Kim says:

    I just got a clothesline put up earlier this summer after dropping hints for 3 years. 🙂 I bounced around all day smiling and so happy to finally have it. I think my husband realized how much it meant to me. I feel good not running/relying on the dryer. I love the smell the laundry has after drying outside in the sun. It also reminds me of when I was a little girl and my sister and I would run through the sheets on our mom’s clothesline enjoying the feel and smell…aahhhh.

  15. sarah says:

    I love hanging my clothes out, especially the sheets!

  16. Amazinggrace says:

    I love hanging out clothes. It makes me feel like I am taking as good of care of our clothes as possible. I have to have all the groups of clothes hung together…all the shirts together, pants, etc. lol! I feel like a real pioneer woman when I’m with my clothesline!

  17. Karen Helbig says:

    I would love to see these clothes pins. I have bought clothes pins I thought were good only to find out they don’t even hold a piece of paper.

  18. Marion says:

    I love hanging laundry outside because it saves money not running the dryer and because sheets and pillowcases smell so fresh. It also reminds me of hanging clothes out with my Mom on my grandfather’s farm when I was young.

  19. Marion says:

    I love the way sheets and pillowcases smell so fresh after drying on the line. It reminds me of summers at my grandfather’s farm whe I was young.

  20. Melissa Bennett says:

    Hanging laundry on the line makes me feel like I’m providing for my family without stressing the environment and our electric bill.

  21. anne somero says:

    Ever since I was tall enough to reach my mothers clothesline, I have been pegging laundry out on the line. On sunny days, on crisp fall days, on blustery snowy days. I see them now, when I watch the sheets swaying lazily in the breeze. Years of cloth diapers, years of Levis of all sizes, years of quilts that now are tattered beyond repair. I can smell the sunshine when I crawl in a bed newly made with fresh laundered sheets. I can hear the fleeting laughter of my family, now grown. I have told my children that when I am old and my memory is lacking, just let me go hand some laundry, and I will be young and happy again!

  22. Abby Lovett says:

    I love the smell and feel of the clothes hanging on the line. I want to wrap mysel up in the sheets! Lol.

  23. Deb says:

    Hanging laundry on the clothes line evokes such pleasant memories of when I was a young girl, living in a northern climate in winter the semi frozen clothes always smelled fresh, like the aroma of icy cold days, in warmer weather I would imagine its was how sunshine smelled. When my son was born hanging freshly laundered diapers for my baby was the best remedy for skin allergies. Now I live in the south, where I not only hang my clothes to dry, I use clothespins to hang fresh herbs to dry.

  24. Dyan Eisenberger says:

    Reminds me of home, before there were dryers! You cannot imitate the fresh smell of the outdoors!

  25. Connie Howard says:

    I enjoy the sunshine’s Vitamin D mixed with the gentle exercise, plus the fact that I’m saving money by not using my electric dryer. Sure would love to try some quality clothes pins as the cheap ones frequently go “sproing” !

  26. Connie Howard says:

    This is my current email address : )

  27. Marium Llewellyn says:

    I have always hung clothes out they smell nice and saves the earth love it

  28. maggie says:

    Hanging laundry takes me back to memories of my mom when I was young. The smell of sheets that have hung outside is heavenly.

  29. Robin Holsopple says:

    Hanging clothes on an outdoor line has become a lost art with much of the younger generation. I still love to hang clothes out to dry because I love the fresh earthly scents

  30. Robin Harris says:

    I LOVE hanging my clothes on the line! Something I never thought I would enjoy doing! It makes me feel so good to know that I am saving electricity, and making my laundry smell so good at the same time!

  31. l.manis says:

    In a few weeks I will be 70…I can, as a small child remember handing the clothespins to my grandma, and again putting them in the sack as she removed them from the dried clothing. And the wonderful fresh sunshine smell, was wonderful. Then as I started raising my own family, hanging clothes and diapers out to dry, was an enjoyable chore. Many frames of pictures have bounced through my head as I pen this. Thanks for bringing back memories! Hurray for you making the perfect clothespin!

  32. Bren D says:

    Nostalgic!! That’s what I feel when I tie my homemade apron (from MaryJane’s pattern) full of clothes pins, around my waist and carry my basket of freshly laundered clothes to the clothes line. Everyday I do laundry I think of my Gram. Reminiscent of helping do the laundry on the back porch. Using Gram’s homemade soap, watching her as she grated it into the wringer washer and adding the sorted clothes, sheets, etc. After every load was washed, put through the wringer and into the rinse tub, then through the wringer again and off to the clothes line I went with my apron full of clothes pins and basket of freshly washed clothes. The clothes were always so clean and left smelling like the summer breeze. Crawling into the fresh sheets at night was something we all looked forward to (and still do!!). There was a time, after I got a bit older, I thought we were so poor. After I became a wife and mother, I realized we were far from poor back then. I’m very thankful to my Gram. Life’s lessons. 🙂

  33. Jessica says:

    I love seeing my family’s clothes “dance” in the wind on the clothes line. Makes me away think about being a little girl running through the clothes my mother would hang on her clothes line. Nothing is better than happy memories of being a kid!

  34. Jaylyn M. says:

    I feel like I’m doing laundry the way it was intended to be done! I especially love to hang my rainbow of cloth diapers on the line for all to see!

  35. Jamie Vowell says:

    Hanging laundry brings forth happy memories – reminds me of my grandma; she always hung clothes and linens outside during the spring and summer – I loved sleeping in those fresh sheets!

  36. Nancy says:

    I use clothespins for a variety of things and finding ones that are well made and hold up can be challenging. Hanging out the laundry where a gentle breeze is blowing is the best way to go. Love you, Mary Jane!

  37. Sandy Kelley says:

    There is nothing like the smell of laundry when the sun has dried it on the line. Breathing in the sunshine is indescribable!

  38. Annette says:

    Hanging laundry always makes me feel connected to my grandma Nellie. (She) and I hang clothes with love and care for our family. So I would say I am feeling love for my family when I hang clothes out to dry.

  39. Kate E says:

    It makes me feel inspired to enjoy the weather (summer is short in Wisconsin) and create something beautiful. Also, I love the smell of line-dried laundry.

  40. Carol Hagemeier says:

    By helping cool the earth’s surface. Plus love the fresh air of my sheets being on the line. Nothing compares

  41. Ardis Rolland Boll says:

    Hanging clothes on a clothes line, brings my mother into better focus. She has been gone 12 years now, but like yesterday I remember her hanging our sheets and linens on her clothes line in the spring, summer, and fall breezes to add the outdoor’s sweet smell to our night time dreams. Thanks, Mom

  42. nanci says:

    I work in an office 3 days a week so hanging laundry on the clothesline is sometimes the only outside activity I get. I enjoy watching and listening to the birds in the yard and looking beyond the barn out into the nearby pasture to watch the cattle graze. There is nothing else that compares to getting into a bed of freshly washed sheets that were line dried!

  43. Nancy Coughlin says:

    Hanging clothes on the line out back, takes me back to the days of my youth. My Mother and Grandmother taught me how to hang clothes “properly” and why they believed it was the right way! If I questioned their reasons, they listened patiently and sometimes made changes because they had taken the time to really listen to me and agreed with my suggestions. Being out in the backyard, in the sun and the breezes was so special and I love reliving those memories.

  44. sabrina dohm says:

    Line drying brings the scent of the outdoors in and I love the way the sheets feel and the fresh scent that lingers on, its like napping on the sleeping porch! I am so happy I live without restrictions as so many people are not allowed to hang their laundry due to HOA rules.

  45. Pam mcduffee says:

    I hang out clothes every week and have searched for a good quality clothspin….think you made my day……I asked for a clothesline for my 50 th birthday….finally had to go get one on my own…..and they are hard to find….the real ones…..nothing better than line dried sheets on your bed…and the memories of all the diapers I used to hang…Years ago.

  46. Linda Bezuyen says:

    Hanging clothes on my clothesline make me feel (and know) that I’m saving MONEY – I live in Florida and clothes dry in an hour. “Sun Power” is as powerful as “Girl Power”.

  47. Gail Noll says:

    10 months a year I hang laundry here in Colorado. When my Mother passed away I didn’t go for her jewelry, I went for her clothespins. Some were more than 50 years old and I love each one of them..what a treasure.

  48. Soleil says:

    Hanging laundry on a perfect hanging day makes me feel like my great grama. She was always my roll model and I still have a problem with not having perfectly organized wash on the line. Heaven forbid I should miss a sock and have to rearrange everything! How fun to hang laundry with those wonderful clothespins.

  49. Lynanne Lawhb says:

    I have hung clothes since my mother taught me 52 years ago. The biggest kick I have gotten out of hanging clothes is not only figuring out how I can strategically place as many clothes on the line to dry. But having someone yell from the street (urban house in South Tampa) it’s so nice to see you hanging clothes on the line in the sun! Reminds me of my mother and grandmother when they did it!

  50. Stephanie Guevara says:

    When I was a child, I was given little books with happy pictures of families doing daily tasks, all with smiles on their faces. The moms were always happily hanging their wash on the line, admiring the pretty colors all dancing in the breeze. When I grew up, my electric washer and dryer was taken for granted as necessary, but a piece of true happiness was stuck in my imagination as laundry on the line, drying in the sunshine with the help of a light breeze. We finally moved to a city that allowed clotheslines and I had a line strung between the back shed and a tree. Seeing my laundry dancing on the line gave me a sense of completed joy. A bit silly, maybe, but my laundry on the line never ceased to bring a smile to my face.

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Accidental Jewelry

Have you ever heard of fordite, or as it’s more commonly known, motor agate? I hadn’t until I stumbled upon an artist who’s dedicated to celebrating this “accidental,” man-made material.

fordite earrings via

Back in the day when cars were hand-painted on assembly lines, the tracks and skids that held them became thick with layers and layers of paint. These layers were sent into the ovens to cure along with the cars over and over again, essentially becoming baked enamel, and eventually had to be removed so as not to hamper production. Some creative soul realized the potential of these beautiful layers as a salvage opportunity—the painted layers could easily be cut and polished into a myriad of faux rocks. Rock hounds soon began offering their services to factories to remove these colorful nuggets.

fordite necklace via

Fordite is the brainchild of designer and artist Cindy Dempsey (who says she was inspired by the pet-rock phenomenon of the 1970s) and a family friend who worked at one of the factories and brought pieces home to her. She fell in love with the colorful bits and began using them in place of gemstones in her jewelry designs. Her website offers a historical perspective of motor agate, classification types, a cabochon gallery, and a humorous 12-step program called Fordite Addicts Anonymous, where users can determine whether they are experiencing any of the seven signs of fordite addiction. Cindy went on to form Urban Relic Design, a group of artists dedicated to making unique jewelry with this fantastic by-product.

fordite ring via

You can visit their shop or head over to for a link to all things fordite. Now, pieces of fordite really are collectors’ items because they no longer exist; the automotive industry has moved to mechanized painting, which leaves little to no overspray on the assembly line.

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Fascinating! I never knew about this and have seen jewelry like what is shown here but had no idea of how it came into being. It is quite beautiful with each piece being unique. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cindi says:

    That is fascinating!! So many years since the first vehicle rolled off the assembly line and the automobile industry still continues to blaze new trails!

  3. Karlyne says:

    How fun!

  4. Bren D says:

    Simply amazing!! To repurpose, to manipulate waste into something beautiful is simply amazing!! It’s a win win. No waste for the landfill. Beautiful and unique jewelry made due to one person with a vision. How beautiful!! 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this article. I totally enjoyed it.

  5. Mary Jo says:


  6. Christy Craver says:

    That’s amazing.

  7. Kathy Dickson says:

    Beautiful! I am amazed at Cindy Dempsey’s ability to “see” creative jewelry from such unusual “stones!” The human imagination…something to behold!

  8. Toni H says:

    Never heard of it, but it’s stunning!

  9. Amanda Travis says:

    I love the idea of taking a “waste” product and making something beautiful out of it. Not only does it keep this product out of the land fill, but it adds beauty to the lives of those who own pieces of these. Really neat!!!

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Giveaway: “Camp Like a Girl, The Experiment”

In the Aug/Sept issue of MaryJanesFarm, “The Experiment” (on newsstands July 14), we led you here to my daily journal for a chance to win a free copy of Glamping with MaryJane, featured in our “Camp Like a Girl” article.

In our article, we give you lots of ideas to glam up your camping experience. For a chance to win a copy of Glamping with MaryJane, tell me one of your glamping ideas or tips in the comments below. (If you haven’t picked up a copy of Glamping with MaryJane yet, order your autographed copy here.) We’ll toss your name in a hat and draw one lucky winner in mid-September, when the Aug/Sept issue expires on newsstands. Stay tuned for more magazine-related giveaways!

If you’re not yet a subscriber to MaryJanesFarm, subscribe here for only $19.95/year.

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I have not camped in many years but I think one tip I would offer is to make sure you have plenty of some sort of bug repellent and mosquito protection. There is nothing more miserable than being the food source for ticks and mosquitos while trying to have fun. It can also have serious illnesses attached to such bites in certain locations of our nation. Mary Jane’s Idea book has a effective bug off bar recipe if you are looking for one too.

  2. Amber Warfield says:

    I swear by my RV list app on my phone for packing my camper. A good app will let you add or take away items and this way I never forget items when I camp.

  3. terry steinmetz says:

    My favorite glamping idea is to copy the list in your book and use it to pack for glamping. That way, I’m sure not to forget anything. It has saved me lots of trips to the house!

  4. Debbie Harshner says:

    Would love to share this with my husband, bet he could learn a thing or two. Lol
    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Happy Fourth of July.

  5. ann austin says:

    Take peppermint essential oil, add a few drops to spray bottle of water, mist around your table, and seating areas. Flies sure don’t like it, it will make your meals more pleasant.

  6. Donna says:

    Remember to relax and have fun! Isn’t that the point after all?

  7. Bring nice cotton throw rugs to put by your bed and entry of your tent/camper door. It will help trap dirt and give you some of the comforts of home. Nothing worse than stepping out of bed in the morning to a dirty tent floor.

  8. Kim says:

    I love camping!

  9. Jaylyn M. says:

    Our family of 5 went glamping in the Appalachian wilderness last month! But as for tips, someone always needs to bring along a musical instrument. I brought my fiddle and it set the perfect scene.

  10. Dyan Eisenberger says:

    Reuseable Ball jars for everything… No waste.

  11. Bren D says:

    My tip is to replenish the bins for our clamping as soon as we get home by updating the list of need to pack items. That way everything is mostly ready for our next ‘escape to paradise’ except our food and clothes! Also, a hand woven rug by the front door saves on the dirt entering the tent and also one by the beds to step out onto a clean, soft rug in the morning! Relax. Enjoy. Most of all….stress free is what it’s all about! Enjoy!!

  12. Sandy Kelley says:

    Relax, explore, communicate and breathe!

  13. B Dubs says:

    A good book and a comfy chair!

  14. Nancy Coughlin says:

    Was glamping before I had ever heard the term. People laughed at me because I took tablecloths and napkins, a cheese board, a vase for wild flowers, and sparkly things to hang around our campsites. When I started to glamp alone here in PA and was able to rent rustic cabins for a weekend, continued with lacy curtains for the windows and little figurines on the window sills.

  15. Lynanne Lawhb says:

    Have never camped in this fashion and would enjoy learning more about it!

  16. Jo Ellen Little says:

    My suggestion would be to make your camper your own…with what you love to have around you. And include the people you love to be with! A little heaven on earth!

  17. The great thing about Pinterest? My friends and I can “pin” all our Glamping ideas! We love to “take tea” and how fun will it be to Glamp in different places around the country and have Tea? Thanks, MJ, for the inspiration!

  18. Amelia Duluccio says:

    Part of the joy of glamping is creating a creative and inspiring environment without spending a lot of money. I haunt garage sales, flea markets and auctions for special vintage finds. If the color doesn’t match, I paint it or cover it in fabric. I keep a stock of matching spray paint and vintage fabrics on hand to beautify my finds.

  19. Lesli Burkhead says:

    My baby sister Barbara, and her partner, Tina just got themselves a used camper! My sister was excited at the glamping ideas I could share with her – I hope they glamp it up BIG TIME.

  20. Mary Jo says:

    One of my favorite things about glamping is taking the time to view the beautiful skies at night. Bring a picnic blanket so that you can lay down and look up — awesome!!

  21. Kimberly Parker says:

    When I camp, I also take a nice rug for the floor of the tent. Also a vintage tablecloth and cloth napkins. It always makes me happy to have these things in the beautiful outdoors.

  22. Idamarie Settlemyer says:

    Lace and antique linens; treadle sewing machine, hydrangas and sweet peas. soft lavender paint. and cookies of course. my Tear Drop is going to be my back yard escape.

  23. Bonnie Pitts says:

    homey…comfortable…summery…essential oils for bug rebellion…blankets for chilly nights…a good working lighter for campfires and cooking over the fire….hammock…a rug for happy toes….a good book… 🙂

  24. Sherie says:

    I haven’t been camping since I was a child, but have always loved it. I married an Eagle Scout which I thought meant that he enjoys camping, oh how wrong I was! On my bucket list is to rent a small camper and travel across the US with my wonderful mother, who also enjoys camping and can handle just about anything that life gives her.
    My tip would be to try something new every day. Get out of your comfort zone and live a little!

  25. Garnett Ashworth says:

    I haven’t camped in ages but reading all about glamping puts a huge smile on my face. Loved ones & my pup, that’s all I need. I’d pile in some bright fiestaware, a charcoal grill, vino, and a camera. Love reading everyone’s comments.

  26. Dianna says:

    Have not camped for a few years but would definitely take a good book and comfy chair. the glamping thing looks so fun. Might have to give it a try.

  27. When glamping alone, dress like a man to avoid having RV broken into by a rapist.

  28. Deborah McKissic says:

    My husband will retire in a few years and we have hopes of getting some sort of camper…I would love to win this book so I could “glamp” up our camper…but, not too much as I want the hubby to feel at home…and, when I reviewed the book at amazon it has so much…this is all I need to get ready for the, the camper, of course! right now we enjoy road trips and staying in cabins and cottages..but, to have our own camper..that to me would be the best ever camping experience…make it your own..and, enjoy it with family…

  29. Chrissy says:

    General camping idea is to consolidate. Especially for meals. Planning a menu, mixing dry ingredients for recipes. Limit need for refrigeration wherever possible (when no generator is available) and use big blocks of ice for cooling. And for delicious convenience, there’s always Mary Jane’s RTE meals.

  30. Sandra says:

    Hey, maybe I’m not too old to go glamping.


  31. Carla Handshaw says:

    I can’t wait to read your book. I have wanted a camper since I started getting your magazine a few years ago and I have waited to see the one you did for and from T@bitha. They are so adorable and I want to make camping quilts for the bed!

  32. Tina Frank says:

    I want to glamp with my girlfriends, sort of like a traveling wine tour! The laughter would be endless!

  33. Lori Beem says:

    Glamping is all that makes us girlie-girls and independent women all in one! My favorite part of Glamping is using real cups for coffee, fancy table coverings and aprons! Bringing my favorite velvet chair is always a bonus! Glamping to me is making being away from home just as beautiful and wonderful as being home.

  34. Ashlee says:

    I think Glamping is a great idea and can not wait to find my dream trailer to fix and beautify. One idea would be to pack a projector and bed sheet for a outdoor movie night! Don’t forget vintage quilts and pillows to bundle up in and Popcorn!

  35. Fran Gardiner says:

    Interested in any thing About GLAMPING.

  36. Kathy Dickson says:

    My dad built a box that housed everything we might use for camping that fit conveniently in our car or camper. I would love to build something like that for myself with a glamping flair to it!

  37. Ramona Puckett says:

    My sisters both have rv trailers and when we go camping, we challenge ourselves not to cook but have fun! So, we’ll fix food that doesn’t need heating up, like Oklahoma Cavier, lots of tomato salads, yogurt with homemade granola, we might cook something over the campfire, if its not too hot, but we always have dessert! S’mores anyone?

  38. Madison Wright says:

    I absolutely love the idea of making a camping trip glamorous! Taking along my best china and a picnic basket just in case I decide on a glamorous picnic feast!

  39. I adore glamping and my thoughts are to stay with the theme of the trailer you have.
    My 1963 teardrop was called ” Daisy “as it was made by Shasta and also to bring along quick-dry towels like a natural fiber. That way after your showers or swimming, they dry in a flash! Also, I found a tiny wire coiled hanger that held a small 6 inch old timey looking candle, battery of course and I hung it by our door to see the open it at night. It worked perfect!

    I also hung twinkle lights inside for night to see to get up for the bathroom.
    I hope I am graced by your book, I am a dreamer and love new ideas!A am also a book lover and always bring books and magazines with me when traveling buut never get a chance to read them. Well, I know they are there!
    Smies, Cyndi

  40. Mary Ann says:

    Never camped much in years past. Bought a “vintage” Scottie about four years ago. My best friend and I have been glamping several times – loved it!! had a ball!! Would love to win this book. The Scottie is still a work in progress and we need all the help we can get to make it really glamorous. ( Can you imagine two crazy girls stating to camp at age 65? I always heard it is never to late to try something new! How true it is.

  41. Lynnette says:

    When wintering your RV, put a drop of peppermint oil on a cotton balls and set throughout the RV to keep the rodents from entering.

  42. Deon Matzen says:

    Well I have been a camper since about fourth grade or about sixty years. Now instead of sleeping on the ground, we have a nice fifth wheel travel trailer that I am fixing up just for us. Needless to say, sleeping in a good bed makes it easier to get up in the morning than was the case when we slept on the ground, AND, the slugs don’t walk all over you.
    I try to keep the trailer ready to roll in case we have a few days off on short notice. The fridge has some things stocked in the freezer. We have canning jars of main courses on the shelves and all the regular necessities in containers in the pantry, including my own homemade baking mix for waffles, pancakes, muffins, and biscuits while on the road. I guess my advise would be be ready to leave on a whim and sleep tight in a comfortable bed.

  43. Susan Wells says:

    Outdoor solar lights add a sparkle to the outdoors. Bring along a few sets.

  44. Jessi Wermager says:

    I have not yet gone “Glamping” Im saving up for that perfect little camper to glam up! But I think it’s important to bring beauty with you wherever you go. Fresh wildflowers in a vintage coffee mug or ball canning jar are a must!

  45. Stacey Lorish says:

    My best advice is to always bring your best attitude camping, expect the unexpected and open your heart to meeting new friends. Everything is beautiful under those conditions!

  46. Julie Tyus says:

    Recently, we were 1/2 gifted and 1/2 purchased a semi-old camp trailer! Oh boy does it need some TLC! Our first mission was to find the proper BATHTUB! We found a small water trough that should work out great!! It’s too shiny because it’s new, so I think I’ll water the sheep with it for a couple of weeks while we test the trailers water storage tank and clean up the seat cushions and cupboards! My advice…..use a small stock tank water trough as a bathtub in your trailer!

  47. Kim says:

    Bring your favorite pillow!!!!! Coconut oil serves many needs, cooking and physical! Cut local fresh flowers for the space for a girly touch.

  48. RoDonna says:

    If you tent glamp and don’t have a cot or bed to sleep on (which we don’t, we sleep on the ground) bring some of those rubber play mats or bed egg crates to put down first. That way you don’t have to sleep on the cold, hard ground especially if there are trees roots around. LOL! Oh, and totes are your friends. Keeps the bugs out when you are tent camping.

  49. Tracie Karl says:

    Don’t forget the hammock!

  50. Melanie Smith says:

    Retro, retro, retro… Old those funky old pink, turquoise and avocado colors are in again! Shop at the thrift stores to decorate for Glamping! Re-use, re-purpose, re-cycle and re-store!

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