GIVEAWAY: Glamping Rug

While we’re still in the throes of glamping season, I thought I’d share one of the throw rugs we sell in my store in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (log onto Facebook to get to the store page). It’s wool. It’s well-made. It’s adorable. And I have one for all of my glampers (yup, that’s plural, as in several—two Shastas, one Airstream, one Yellowstone, one Tabitha, and one teardrop). Recently, we took most of them out of town for a family vacation to the same campground we stayed in last year. It made for a head-turning caravan going down the road, kind of like the scene in the rug.


And here’s my cat, Jasper Tomkins, right after he told me that if I took a photo with him on the rug, it would look more purrfect. You think I’m kidding, don’t you? I put the rug down on the floor to take a pic of it and he promptly walked over and posed just so for you. See, even cats get the glamper thing.

rug_6406 The 2′ x 3′ hooked wool rug was created by Carol Eldridge Designs. In order to make it yours, tell me in a comment below all about your trailer (or tent), along with its name. If you don’t own a trailer or tent, tell me what your fantasy glamper would look like. I’ll put your name in my glamper train case and pull out a winner to be announced here next month. Stay tuned!

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    My glamper fantasy would be a Tabitha. I like the simple and compact design. Plus, it would be new and there would not have to be a lot of renovations which would add to my cost since I am not handy at fixing stuff. If I had a Tabitha, it would be something I could pull easily by myself and hook up.

    Look at that sweetie Tomkins with the blue eyes! He is such a friendly pal. Trust me , if a cute glamper rug appeared at my house and placed on the floor, my Mr. Bump would be on it in a flash. Rugs always looks better with a pud cat in place!

  2. Gail says:

    We have a 23 year old Jayco tent trailer. I really don’t think we ever gave it a name, but it has been the absolute best vacation companion for my husband and I and our 4 kids. Kids are all grown and out of the house now, but the memories made while camping will always be a highlight. Retirement is only about 4 years away at which time purchasing a new travel trailer will be a the top of our list of things to do. I will have to start thinking of a name!

  3. Pamela Adler says:

    I love them all!! My favorite is my little early 60’s Aloha named
    ” Rose of Cimarron”…I’ve named all my vintage trailers after wild women of the old west! Her decor is vintage cowgirl and she is, of course, adorable!

  4. Sheila LaPoint says:

    We have a tent for camping since spring-fall are busy times for us my husband has a nursery and landscape business. But we do take a few days off for the 4th of July and then we go camping in our tent, I try to bring a little rug with us but they are not a cute as this rug is! If I had one I think I would also use in my craft room for inspiration and to make the room look so much better! I would like to have a little air stream and park it by my pond as my little get away that would be a dream come true. I saw a very small one sitting in someone’s yard once and I would ride by it hoping it would have a for sale sign on it, I even took my husband to see what size I was wanting but so far it has not been for sale.

  5. Lisa says:

    My fantasy glamper would be gray on the bottom half with dinner plate size polka dots and the top half would be a soft lavender with 2 Victorian ladies having tea painted in 3D. The inside I would have Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper decorate. Her name would be Ruthie B after my dear eccentric grandmother. Just a dream.

  6. Paulette VanTress says:

    The throw rug is beautiful. I have enjoyed your books so much. Keep looking for your line of glamping fabric. Thank you for the inspiring ideas.

  7. Zoe Siperly says:

    My cats would love to sleep on this awesome Glamper rug in my trailer named Fiona! You have such great items in your store! I love my earrings, key fob, towels and dark chocolate bars [eaten] Keep the glampers going MaryJane, we love you!!

  8. Bobby Sue Jabat says:

    i would like to say that rug is super cute! I have a matador red and white shasta reissue and unlike most naming their camper a girl name I named mine to be a he and his name is Ruckus. Best fitting name I could come up with lol..

  9. CJ Armstrong says:

    Well, Mary Jane, as you know my daughter, Robin, and I are experienced tent glampers, which we do in great style! But, we also have the CUT-EST little trailer, a 1971 Sprite, 10 ft. long named the “Reiver’s Rest”. The name is Scottish and describes Armstrongs who are a border clan. We have decorated her in deep plum, light sage and ivory and very much in a thee which is Scottish with tartan plaids, lacy things and thistles (the national flower of Scotland!). It is also very shabby chic & cottage in style. On one of our glamping adventures this past June, we were asked if our glampsite was for a wedding! We had our EZ-Up canopy set up and decorated in the same theme . . . window boxes on the trailer windows, linens and laces, etc.
    My reply was “Oh no, this is our campsite!” 😀
    Would love to put this little rug in front of the “Reiver’s Rest”! Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. Sandra Meier says:

    We own a Sprite Caravan. It was gutted by the previous owner and refit with all cabinets, benches and beds constructed from barn wood. The previous owner painted the inside a apricot color and used Mallard Duck wallpaper border around the top. Since the trailer is used by my husband and me, I left the colors intact. Placed lace valances over the mallard curtains and used lots of mallard duck items, ie: lamps, rugs, wall decor. On the table I use a real lacy table cloth to add feminine looks to the inside. named her Suzy – a female Mallard. The bathroom is my place to shine. I used aqua curtains and have shelves where I display my collection of Trailer bird houses, wind chimes and the like. The outside is the typical Sprite Orange stripe. We use lots of green and brown in chairs, tables, and decorations. We love Suzy.

  11. Lissa Bitton says:

    I would love any kind of vintage camper that was pink with polkaspots. I do love me some Holiday House. You are so lucky to have so many campers. I like romance and roses and vintage everything. I have the inside fixings already but need a camper to house them all. This rug is so darling and could be added to my other lonelies just waiting for a home.

  12. Summer Irvin says:

    My 1966 Shasta is named “Lila” – pronounced Lee-lah and the Sanskrit name for “Divine Play” which is exactly what she is!

  13. Molissa Due says:

    I have a 23 ft premier. It’s theme is Woo Pig Spoke (and Roll Tide for hubby). Her name is the Play House!
    I would love the rug for my craft/ office space that is trailer themed!

  14. Kandy Siroonian says:

    Can I buy one of these rugs for my pink and white 1963 glamper IT WILL BE PERFECT ♡♡♡

  15. Jo Noon says:

    Would love to have this for my TT. I am headed out on my first solo trip Sept 8. Rosie and I are going to be fill in camp host at a local park I work at. Rosie is all pinks and roses on the inside and needs work on the outside to match. Your book inspired me to go glamping….so much fun

  16. Becky Reavis says:

    Love this cute lil rug!
    My 58 Oasis is named Lily, after my daughter…who is also the inspiration for Lilypad Lane Designs!
    I think my favorite part of my camper is the original “Princess” crown emblem on the stove…who doesn’t want to feel like a princess in their glamper! 🙂

  17. Gloria says:

    Love this rug! Thanks for the opportunity to own one! Hubby and I are slowly working on restoring a Boler trailer, but in the meantime I’ve had fun glamperizing my tent! Used a Sigler blowup mattress that I covered in a chenille bedspread and a hand-crafted rose rug made from fortress fabric. Rugs on either side od the bed, apple crates painted white as end tables. Pretty doilies under a teapot and vase of flowers. Dollar store garlands and paper lantern on the outside. Such fun! I’d send a pic if I could!

  18. sue notch says:

    My 1965 Pathfinder is a rescue. Found her out behind a shed. Took her home and cleaned her up. Her name is Celia Rose. She is named after my Grandmother and Aunt. Two women who I loved. I scrubbed her, made new cushion covers and vurtains. My hubby made a frame for my mirror in the shape of a teapot. I love being in Celia Rose. I find peace when I have her out on an adventure..

  19. Patti says:

    Gypsy Rose is our work in progress 30 foot rv. We actually got it big for all the family, but it seems like we can’t get our schedules to align. So it sits in the backyard for impromptu camp outs.

  20. Elizabeth says:

    Haven’t named it yet, it’s a travel trailer, that is in a permanent spot. I have chandeliers hanging in the trees, and inside. Every bed has quilts. and there is vintage crochet table cloths, doilies and clear crystal glasses to drink from. It’s my slice of heaven!!!

  21. Joni McGaha says:

    I have a 2009 T@B. She’s silver with yellow trim and has colorful daisies all over her. I call her Oopsy Daisy. 😀

  22. Janet Mekech says:

    right now I am working on two trailers one is beach named Miss K.T.T. The other one is hunting theme. Haven’t named it yet. Having lots of fun. I don’t sell these they are for my enjoyment. Plus I still have one more coming. It will be girlie and is called Baby Cakes. The Miss K.T.T. Is the first letter of each of my grandkids. One is 1958 Oasis, 1964 Thunderbird and last 1971 Shasta compact. ❤️

  23. Karen Lee says:

    I became an RV’er last year when a bought a 28 foot Hideout trailer, then I got interested in vintage trailers and acquired a 1968 Aljo that I named Laverne! The 2015 Hideout is named Big Dawg!

  24. Kellie Hoople says:

    I am currently working on my first glam per, a 1967 Kit Companion. Whew,when people say that it always is a lot more work than you initially think,it is so true!. One nightmare after another! But when she is ready to glamp up,it will be so much fun. Doing a turquoise,yellow and coral color palette in a 60s theme. Would love that cute rug for Miss Kitty.

  25. Debra Fuqua says:

    My Rivereside Retro 177 is named ‘Happy’. She would be even more so with that cute little rug at her entrance!

  26. Brenda Towsley says:

    I do not have a glamper yet. But I have been stock piling projects for one in my future. A quilt in progress, vintage tablecloths, a throw pillow made out of some of your fabrics. Reds and Aqua colors are my choice fabrics and I would love to win this rug to add to my stash!

  27. says:

    I have a 1964 Shasta. It is a work in progress. Bessie is yellow and white. She has the original light fixtures and appliances. Some work was done on her “innards”. I have to make curtains and then find someone to do cushions for me. The original cushions were not there. She is named after ,my little Pug, Bessie, who passed away before we could take her on a trip. I love to sit in my little camper and read with those cute lights on.

  28. ava Davidson says:

    I’m retiring in two years, and couldn’t wait….got a 2015 r pod, 17 feet, named Happy, as in happy the camper (happy camper) get it? Have great grandkids will travel. Going to shop your store asap in person. MJFG # 778. Keep up the good work.

  29. linda mccoul says:

    what a wonderful blog and the little rug is amazing .. I am working so hard to get my trailer done , love this group of awesome women I am meeting

  30. Penny Forell says:

    I have an ’64 Comet named the Suga’Shack! I love exploring new places and making lifelong friends! I would really love the little rug! It is just adorable!!

  31. linda mccoul says:

    whoops I forgot to mention mine is a 67 Fan its 18 ft long and I named her Delores after my sister who passed away .. she would of loved this she taught me every thing i KNOW ABOUT REMODELING !!

  32. michelle a says:

    I dont have a glamper yet but would love a 60 Holiday House and would deck it out in pink and aqua with lots of pillows and bunting. Or a shasta would be fun too. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  33. Laurie Ambrose says:

    I currently own a 2014 Shasta Flyte. Her name is Ramblin Rosie. We named her after my mother in law who loved to camp. We parked her at an rv park 2 blocks from the beach for now. I still want a vintage camper but for now Rosie my savior in a stressful world and the place I most love to be.

  34. MaryJane, what a great give away!~ I’ve been thinking of you lately, as my son is moving to Coeur d’alene tomorrow for a new job. I’ve always wanted to visit your farm, and now we have even more of a reason to make the trip from MI!

    Our little minnie winnie camper is a 1963 Mini Winnebego 16ft pull behind. It was a surprise garage sale find in 2008. It was cotton ball white when we bought it and the story is that a guy named “Bug” lived in it for a while. We have dolled it up inside and out and now it is a sweet red and cream with a great awning from Marti’s Awnings. We camp in it often. Our favorite times are when we use it along Lake MI, parked beside my mom’s touquoise and white 13ft 1967 Camanche, sharing many laughs and making great memories with family members. This past trip, there were over 50 family members who joined in our fun.

    If I happen to win your great rug, I’ll propably give it to my mom. She always dreamed of family camping trips and now in her 70’s, her dreams are reality!

    Thanks for offering such a great giveaway. Hope you are faring well in the midst of fire. Prayers and hugs. Ann

  35. I have a 1963 Shasta Airflyte named “Peaches” My last name sounds like Peachy, I bought her from a lady in Arizona, paid way too much, then paid that amount again to have her towed here to Illinois. I have spent a year so far gutting her and putting her back together. We are finishing the interior now and i just got the new skins! I am hoping to be ready by spring 2016. The interior of Peaches is becoming a little beachy so i am calling the decor “Peach at the Beach” 🙂

  36. J Pride says:

    We have a Shasta LoFlyte named Lola. She is THE best!!!

  37. Melissa says:

    I don’t have a glamper yet, but am looking for something vintage, fabulous and ready for adventure. Lots of red and Aqua with granny chic afghans, pillows and cottage-y decor. Can’t wait! 🙂

  38. Janet Nicholson says:

    I have a new to me 1963 Shasta…. She hasn’t told me her name yet, but she was abused and probably a little shy… I am currently in the process of redoing her. Glamping her up a bit. It is a slow process, I do most the work myself. But little by little she is getting pretty again!

  39. Becki Fields says:

    I have 2 vintage campers, a 67 Serro Scotty Tonga named What a Babe and a 71 Shasta Compact name still pending. I absolutely love camping and vintage camping is my passion. I joined the Sisters on the Fly a couple years ago and attend several events each year. The ladies are amazing and the trailers make me happy. When I camp, we cook everything over the open fire. Cast iron cooking is the best! I’ve met so many wonderful people and can’t wait to meet more. My ultimate trip is to travel Rout 66 pulling my Scotty with my 67 Chevelle wagon. That will happen someday soon.

  40. Nancie says:

    That rug would look awesome in Esther – my 1960 Forester. I have decorated her in the 1960’s style, and absolutely love spending time in her.

    I have taken her out several times close to home with my 2 pups (no boys allowed), and love the quiet. One of these days, I will join some of my sisters and get to an event or rally.

    Can’t wait to see who the lucky girl is that wins this beautiful rug!

  41. Tammy Essenberg says:

    I just got a GLAMper and this would be a perfect addition! Love this for my “Cupcake”

  42. Robin Givens says:

    Love love this cute rug and I would love to see it lying on the floor in my 1962 Fireball Rocket named Silver Dimples. She is 12 feet long with an upper berth for sleeping or storage. My chihuahua kids embrace her hail damage and are happy to say…. She’s a fun fun glampy camper.

  43. Jill Guffey says:

    Hi y’all…. I don’t have a “Glamper”yet, but I am really working on my hubby to get me one. I do own a class A motorhome I like to call ” The Beast”. Have done a little Glamping to it… Removed curtains, cornices, blinds, huge fugly mirrors. 😈 sewed some citrusy colored curtains which I love. Hubby not so much. So this rug would help the beast become a little more glampified.

  44. Sally Baur says:

    My fantasy glamper is a Shasta Compact. I drive past one that’s all original but they aren’t ready to sell it. It’s all original, parked many years ago and not moved or used except as a playhouse.

  45. Eunice says:

    My Clair is a 1962 traveleze playmate. I am having a great time exploring new places with her.

  46. Teresa says:

    I have a truck camper (1981 Lance 700) that belonged to my best friend and favorite cousin. He passed away a couple of years ago and now his beloved camper is mine. It’s not much to many people but to me it’s priceless. My cousin’s last name was Treat so I have named my camper “Tessa’s Re-Treat”.
    We don’t get to go too often but we “camp” in out yard at least once a month. We have a little fire ring and a beautiful view to enjoy. It is truly my personal retreat.
    Your rug is absolutely perfect. All the yellow and orange are just my colors. I’ve decorated with a gold & yellow potholder bunting, vintage ice buckets, melmac, and my Momma’s vintage linens and orange letter holder.

  47. Wendy Mathews says:

    My glamper is a 1960 mystery trailer! The title shows an abbreviation that is unknown! Her name is Miss Lily, and she is only 10′ of cuteness. I’ve decorated her in a Victorian theme with lots of girly bling included. There is just the right amount of room for me & my little dog! I love her dearly, and she is a dream come true…however, now that I’ve seen the Tabitha, I would trade my little Lily in a heartbeat!! Somehow, someday, a Tabitha will be mine!! 🙂

  48. Cindy H says:

    My fantasy glamour would be an Airstream! I want to name it after my grandma who loved to take road trips, even well into her 80’s. She would always say it was time to go somewhere because she had “Itchy Feet”! Since Itchy Feet sounds too much like a disease, I want to name it the Olga V for my grandma.

  49. Denise Arnold says:

    my fantasy glamper would be named Sweet Tea and be a Texas/western theme. I am still on the hunt for the right camper for me and can’t wait to finally get one and go glamping.

  50. Ann says:

    Our camper is an egg …1978 13′ boler we have had it for 10 years enjoy every minute of our outings !!!
    Love the carpet!!

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