GIVEAWAY: “Junk Gypsy, All That Glitters”

For a chance to win a FREE copy of the Junk Gypsies’ new book, Junk Gypsy: Designing a Life at the Crossroads of Wonder & Wander, tell me how MaryJanesFarm has inspired you to upcycle a junk find in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-December.

You’ll see how the Junk Gypsies have transformed vintage Airstreams into glittery glampers in the Dec/Jan issue of MaryJanesFarm. Stay tuned for more magazine-related giveaways. If you’re not yet a subscriber to my magazine, MaryJanesFarm, subscribe here for $19.95/year.

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  1. Corrine Kohli says:

    My husband made a beautiful display rack out of an old panel door and a cracked church bench. It made a great space to sell my stuff at a local store.

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Although I have never really upcycyled anything, MaryJanes new DIY magazine that I just received has the wheels turning!

  3. MaryBeth Schwarz says:

    We are using wooden whiskey boxes for spice racks under the kitchen cabinets. The Junk Gypsy transformations are whimsical and wild — love them! MB

  4. Erin H says:

    We had a rusty old shoe rack that was about to get tossed. I put it on the deck with some cute potted herbs. Looks great! I get so much inspiration from Mary Jane to look beyond the intended purpose of things.

  5. Joan says:

    Would love to win the book

  6. Angela Rose says:

    Oh I love everything about Mary Jane….e magazine is definitely treat. I have “restored ” furniture by painting it and ggiving it new life. And junk gypsies, wow, love the creativity !

  7. lisa miles says:

    After seeing some of the upcycled junk finds, I decided to re-visit some of my long forgotten treasures in the basement and get creative. Thank ya’ll for inspiration!

  8. Diana Nelson says:

    We turned an old headboard into a garden sign

  9. Mari Lewis says:

    I get a lot of inspiration from Mary Janes Farm issues and DIY’s. I mainly turn items into nesting boxes for the chickens, but have more ideas roaming in my head to transform! I hope to win Junk Gypsies because it’s on my wish list to read.

  10. Rosemary Forbes says:

    Love this magazine after reading it I am inspired to make some changes to my life. After seeing the cute things done with canning jars I decided to go for it and came up with some cute things!

  11. Sara says:

    Old faded denim jeans being given new life and upcycled into cut squares to design a picnic quilt became the crossroads of vivid imagination and memory.

  12. Sandra Seymour says:

    I am always dragging some a project from a yard or estate sale. I love getting new ideas from Mary Jane farms.

  13. Roseanne Halvorsen says:

    Mary-Jane’s farm has inspired me in so many ways on my own farm. This past summer I made slip covers for my patio furniture out of old quilt tops that I bought at an auction for 2 dollars for the whole box. My patio turned into my oasis after farm work. I would take my spinning wheel outside and spin and admire my sewing efforts at the same time.

  14. Loni McDonald says:

    My husband & I were cleaning out one of the storage sheds on our property. He came out holding a tool called a cultivator with no handle. We decided to make it into a hanger for towels or something and hang it somewhere. He sanded it and painted it flat black and put a old short handle on it. It looked so cute but old. We decided to hang it in our gazebo where hot tub is & hang towels on it… It works great! Thanx for your magazine and website.

  15. Jan says:

    Have turned teacups into planters.

  16. Idamarie Settlemyer says:

    found an antique dynamite box, with beautiful finger jointing. Plan to fill with
    exciting, explosive Christmas gifts for my 40 year old “baby”

  17. Leisa Joan says:

    I like to use old iron beds in the garden, as decoration, and for a place to rest.

  18. Jaylyn Morehouse says:

    Pretty much anytime a plate, bowl, piece of pottery or shiny object breaks, I will save it to use in a mosaic later!

  19. Wanda says:

    I re-invented an old wind-up Victrola cabinet into a media center for my stereo and satellite receiver with room on top for our TV. It fits nicely into the corner of my living room with out standing out! I love the Junk Gypsy’s and Mary Jane – I think we could have been sisters in another life!

  20. Mary Kerber says:

    Old Yoga mats, can be used for liners in the bottom of a closet, also cut out for coasters.

  21. Sharon L. says:

    I use milk jugs (cut in half) as mini greenhouses in the garden.

  22. Patricia Highsmith says:

    Used old hood ornaments on deck posts. Makes my deck relaxed and original.

  23. Penny says:

    I have upcycled old barn wood into frames for photography. Repurpised vintage linens into aprons and raise all veggies organically.

  24. I own a lovely littke All Natural Lavender Farm where we grow Lavender and Produce All Natural Bath and Beauty Products as well as Hand Crafted Jewelry and Gifts often made from Vintage Upcycled Items. I have been suscribed to MaryJanesFarm Magazine for a couple of years now and gifted my (Free Subscription) last Christmas to my daughter who has been living her dream as a Singer-Songwtiter in Nashville for 5 yrs now.
    I have put many of the Recycle Project Ideas to use during this time but the most current project I am about to begin is a Pallet Tray found in my most recent issue with a Pallet and some old found objects. I LOVE MaryJanesFarm AND I LOVE Junk Gypsies, have several episodes saved on my TV System to watch over and over.

  25. Carol Johnson says:

    I used the orange, plastic twine from the pine straw bales we put in our flowerbeds to crochet a shopping bag. A great idea straight from the farm!

  26. Wanda says:

    My daughter brought in old barn board from a corral, sanded and decoupaged it, and had our carpenter cut old wooden rolling pins at 45 degree angles. She plans to fasten them to the board as seen in a Mary Jane’s Farm magazine, and mount it on our kitchen wall to use for hanging up tea towels.

  27. Patty Anne says:

    Years ago, I saw a DIY tip in your magazine about using chalkboard paint to turn an old scratched up cookie sheet into a magnetic blackboard. I love re-purposing things that may end up in the landfill. Thank you for your magazine, it’s speaks to me!

  28. Beth says:

    We have extremely soil here and since I have balance problems, we use scavenged pallets to create safe walkways around our property.

  29. Joye Gulley says:

    I love your magazine; I was raised as a farm girl and so I really enjoy reading the magazine and ready all about recycling.

  30. Renae Ratterree says:

    I haven’t up-cycled anything lately but I love all the ideas for redoing old trailers of which I have and want to do plus I love reusing things instead of filling the land fills.

  31. Becky Atchison says:

    I am so glad I found you magazine. I like all things recycled. I once used an old ice hook for a paper towel holder. I would love to win the book.

  32. Karen Jasper says:

    Old pig panels from the pen make great garden climbers for cukes squash and tomatoes. Just stake them up and guide the plants . Less bending over for us older gals

  33. Linda Stark says:

    I used an old ironing board to make my garden lady. Her name is Maggie and I put her in the middle of my garden to share with the birds, bugs, the neighbors, my grandchildren, and me. Her dress is red, he hat is green (an older bird feeder part), the top of her hat is a toy bird. She holds a basket in front with little rubber duckies. I dress her according to the weather. I love to find new ideas for old “things”.

  34. Linda Talbert says:

    I found an old rusty piece of tin pipe out in the back yard. I’m using it as a sign on my chicken coop. The rust holds chalk like a blackboard!

  35. Elaine Hal Ford says:

    I live in a slipping crowded urban suburb and walk my doggies up and down the alleys behind the houses. I found a pair of nearly new men’s leather lace-up oxfords (perhaps they were too small and couldn’t be returned or maybe he left and she didn’t want to be reminded of him), brought them (the lovely shoes) home, filled them with potting soil — tongue pulled WAY forward first — and have had pink, mauve, and jade green succulents every year for a decade! Yay!

  36. Cheryl Jacobs says:

    I used an old door and some left over cedar post as legs to make a couch for my back porch. Everybody loves it


    I love the magazine and look forward for it to come in the mail. It has made me start looking at campers and recycling them. I’d love to have an airstream camper and make it into my sewing fantasy world.

  38. Odette Peters says:

    Dec-Jan 2017 is my 1st issue. Great variety of content. Love the Junk Gypsies.

  39. Cassie Graham says:

    I recently finished redoing a 61 camper that I have named “The Morning Glory.” It was in our hay bottom for years and I am so proud of it. Have taken it camping once and look forward to next summer for many more adventures! Love your magazine!

  40. Mary Vono says:

    I have finally found a magazine that I love cover to cover. I collect anything and everything. Recently I re-purposed old fashioned tomato cages into a lamp.

  41. Sharon says:

    I love MJF magazine because FINALLY I have a base line photo to describe to my husband….MY WONDERFUL IDEAS. We are building a large shop/home and we are trying very hard to re-purpose and re-use. Last year my husband thought we should renew our commitment to Hosting Thanksgiving.( We are living on site in a trailer. Our 6 month build has turned into 4 1/2 years. We are still having fun. ) I explained that we didn’t even have an oven large enough for a turkey. Well long sighs, ragged thoughts and deep prayers…..we were gifted with a perfect working stove/oven. We sent all the leftovers home with our single guys….EVERYONE WAS THANKFUL!

  42. Miley Rose says:

    I had been thinking for a long time about upcycling. After reading a few issues of MaryJanesFarm I was inspired to take my thoughts and put them to action. I recycled two old twin bed box springs and very large food cans (saved by the workers in my school cafeteria) and turned them into planters. The bed springs are on my fence, all spray painted, and the cans fit into some of the slots on the springs. I spray painted the cans in different colors to add spots of brightness. I finally got them up in August so will have to wait until next year to see the cans full of flowers and herbs but every time I look at my upcycled creations I smile.

  43. Katherine Neuschwander says:

    Upcycling – Your magazine makes me realize it isn’t as hard as it sounds. So many everyday items that can be used for something so different but so helpful. Thank you for all that is in your magazine!

  44. Jodie says:

    Your magazine is full of brilliance. Just a few examples I’ve taken from your magazine includes upcycled t-shirts into skirts, old rusted cookie sheets into chalkboard, and my Christmas tree trunk into a front door wreath…all because of MJF. Thanks!

  45. Alicia Winkler says:

    I suppose the only real up cycling I do is turn my feed bags into grocery totes! Sure are handy bags!

  46. Teresa Dr bruin says:

    Love to bicycle as much as possible. Love to go to library book sales for books, go to thrift stores for clothes and other stuff and hate to throw this vs away that still has some use to it. My favorite is to take greeting cards received, cut them up and make new cards out of them. Would love to make boxes with them and yarn, but haven’t the instructions

  47. Kim Garza says:

    My husband made me a pallet tree to hang my handmade ornaments on.

  48. Cathy Lounsbury says:

    I cut the legs off a chair and cut the seat down to 6″ then hung it on the wall for a shelf. It’s perfect!

  49. Amanda Munford says:

    Your inspiration has helped me to look outside the box and inspire the volunteers and patrons that frequent the non profit thrift store I run. I’ve been able to save many items from the trash by either changing them myself or sending the items to their new homes with inspiration for the new owners. I consider it saving the world one piece at a time.

  50. Carolyn Brill says:

    I seen Your magazine into my TSC store and fell in love! I love recycling and you have great ideas. The piano you recycled was great!

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GIVEAWAY: “My Gratitude Journal, All That Glitters”

For a chance to win a FREE copy of My Gratitude Journal: Gratitude Journal for Kids by Mirabell Publishing, tell me some one thing you’re grateful for this day, TODAY, in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-December.

You’ll find out how one woman has turned her gratitude into a thriving business and a lifestyle in the Dec/Jan issue of MaryJanesFarm. Stay tuned for more magazine-related giveaways. If you’re not yet a subscriber to my magazine, MaryJanesFarm, subscribe here for $19.95/year.

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  1. Catherine says:

    I am grateful this day for it is the day God made just for me!

  2. Amber Hersh says:

    I am greatful for my kids and the kids I work with. They remind me daily that it is okay to live in the moment sometimes. That there are times you do not have to take things so seriously and to just laugh about it. To let your imaginatiton tell a story for fun and not be bogged down with facts all the time. We have whole life to learn things so make time for the fun things in life.

  3. Elisabeth Perkins says:

    I am grateful for my Bible. It has the answer to every problem in life in it!!

  4. Krista says:

    I am grateful for my husband and all the hard work he does so that I can stay home and raise my son, rather than have someone else or a daycare raise him. This allows me to teach him what I want him to learn and I don’t miss out on a single moment or milestone. To me that is the most important thing and I will be forever grateful for this opportunity.

  5. Brenda White says:

    I am grateful to have Jesus Christ in my life and the opportunity to wake up every morning and make a difference in someone’s life with a gesture of kindness, goodwill a hug or even a smile.

  6. Joan H. says:

    I read your post yesterday and I had trouble coming up with the one thing I wanted to write about! I am fortunate to have so many things I could list. I am so thankful for my new life in Virginia in the third act of my life. It really is never too late for a happy ending but sometimes you just have to set the stage yourself!

  7. Becky Davies says:

    I’m grateful for my family, who give me love and support, everyday. So blessed.

  8. Melissa Herbelin says:

    I’m grateful for the beautiful fall day!

  9. Beverley Doolittle says:

    I am grateful for being healthy, happy and independent.

  10. Brianne Collins says:

    I am grateful for my husband and that I get to be home with my daughter. Being able to be there for her every day and watch her grow has been amazing. It’s definitely been hard financially but we make it work. I love being a mom, best job ever.

  11. Marjorie Klein says:

    I am grateful for my kind and loving husband and for our furry friends who share our lives.

  12. Darlene Philbrick says:

    I am so grateful for my niece. My sister adopted her from China. My husband and I were fortunate enough to be able to go and experience life in another country. We are so fortunate to live in the United States 🇺🇸She has been a blessing to our family.

  13. melissa soucy says:

    I grateful for my sister still being here to share my day with.

  14. Judith Henderson says:

    I am grateful for the honey bees busy on our basil plants. It has been years since we seen any in our garden.

  15. Diana Nelson says:

    I’m grateful I have a home, family & friends

  16. Corrine Kohli says:

    I’m thankful for my family.

  17. Lisa Rollins says:

    Today I am so grateful for the much needed rain. We have been in a drought all year, 17 inches below what is needed. It won’t be enough but we’ll take every drop. People are desperate for their wells. The flora and fauna are so thirsty too.

  18. Lisa Livingston says:

    We laid my father in law to rest last week . I am so grateful to have known him ,& to have been his daughter in law . He was the kindest, sweetest, most gentlest man I have ever known or will ever know . He battled Parkinson’s disease for over 20 years with such dignity right up till the end .

  19. Irene says:

    I’m grateful for my loving husband and three precious grandchildren. Two live close by and the other one lives in MN. Our daughter in law texts pictures of him weekly and also sends pictures. We are very grateful to have her in our family.

  20. Sara says:

    I am grateful for friends and family, good health, happiness, and love.

  21. Loni McDonald says:

    I am grateful for having the mother I had. She passed in January. There is not a day that passes that I am not grateful to her for something; teaching me to can, cook, sew, do crafts, etc… She was 95 and lived a very busy life, mostly helping others..

  22. Idamarie Settlemyer says:

    I am grateful that I have many friends to support me as I grieve my Husband’s
    passing. His love sustains me every day.

  23. Joy says:

    Today I am grateful for women that I can cry and laugh with

  24. Penny says:

    I am grateful for tossed away treasure I can repurpose

  25. Rhonda Brooks says:

    I am grateful for strong women role models!

  26. Donna says:

    I am grateful for my hands and the gift of making people feel good about themselves when I fix their hair.

  27. Patty Anne says:

    I am grateful for this life I live, blessed beyond measure, because of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

  28. Zona Hague says:

    I am so very grateful for our very young grandchildren!! Their grandpa + I can protect them, pray and care for them—we can love and cuddle them and reassure them we will keep them safe, when they are scared watching their divorced parents fight in front of them, resulting in repeat police visits. This journal would be a blessing for them, to write even the small things that are secure + beautiful in their small lives/world!!

  29. Joye Gulley says:

    I’m always grateful for my children and grandchildren; they are what make my life worth living.

  30. Brenda Lord says:

    I am thankful for God bringing a new daughter in law in our lives, and so thankful for our 6 year old grandson.

  31. Erica Malone says:

    I am grateful today and everyday for a loving and supportive husband and children. I tend to stress over things that don’t really matter, like having a perfect home (especially for Holiday gatherings, so your December magazine issue was extremely helpful to me. Thank you!) but they always seem to calm me down and remind me of the important things, like snuggling up on our old sofa to watch Christmas movies before Thanksgiving (even though my husband believes that that should not happen until after Thanksgiving). He is always the one who notices me stressing and suggests a good Christmas movie and hot apple cider.

  32. Linda Stark says:

    Today I am grateful for the sunshine and the chance for a new beginning with my husband of 40 years.

  33. Sandi says:

    Today, I am grateful to be healthy and full of joy. I was told I may have colon cancer by my doctor and needed a colonoscopy. I had it yesterday. I was told there were no polyps, no sign of cancer and there were no indications of anything wrong. I am so thankful that God is so generous and forgiving of our sins. He has blessed me in many ways. Very grateful for another day to share with family and friends.

  34. Anne Tea Lane says:

    I am grateful to be retired, to have no debt so that my modest needs and a few spontaneous outings, whenever I want, are taken care of by Social Security, and that I don’t have to draw down my retirement funds, to enjoy making altered books in which to record my daily “gratitudes” and that, despite emphysema, I can still travel.

  35. suaan sims says:

    I am grateful for my parents, 92 and 93 years old and still living in the same farmhouse for 67 years. Mom planted sweet potatoes this year and tomatoes and green beans in her hotbed.



  37. Cindy Scott says:

    My wonderful daughter as she works to heal thyroid cancer.

  38. Cassie Graham says:

    I am grateful for my 9 month old son! He brightens up not only my day, but everyone in the community. Love his smile so much!

  39. shele says:

    I am grateful for my six grandchildren!

  40. shele says:

    I am grateful for 37 wonderful years of marriage!

  41. Jodie says:

    I’m grateful that the sun rises every day (sometimes hidden by the gray clouds here in Portland, but you get my point.) A new day. A new purpose. A chance to be better than the day before.

  42. Alicia Winkler says:

    I am grateful for time with my family. Time is so fleeting and it is easy to get caught up in the “tomorrow”, but focusing on the NOW is where I need to be…

  43. Brianna says:

    I’m thankful that I can stay at home with my kids. It’s hard work, milking the cow, feeding the chickens, making food from scratch. but its so worth it!

  44. mona r. arevalos says:

    though I am sad because he’s no longer with us, I am grateful that God gave me my son for 43 years. i think about him every day and miss him so much. thank you, God, for my son.

  45. Mary Allen says:

    I’m grateful for the years I shared with my husband

  46. Wendie says:

    I am thankful for good food, good advice about food, and our good health. Thanks for all you do- keep up the good work!

  47. Carol Johnson says:

    I am thankful that several years ago I began a gratitude journal to earn a merit badge. Beginning each day by listing at least three things I’m thankful for is the one habit I’ve maintained consistently all these years. What a difference this practice has made in my outlook!

  48. Jennifer says:

    I’m grateful I have been able to provide a healthy stable life for my sons.

  49. Donna C. Stephens says:

    I’m grateful for the beautiful ocean and its sound!

  50. Tiffany says:

    Continually grateful for a new morning with a new chance to grow closer to the Lord

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GIVEAWAY: “LuLaRoe, All That Glitters”

For a chance to win a pair of playful, colorful, LuLaRoe leggings, tell me what your favorite woman-run business is in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-December.


You’ll find out how to transform a vintage coat into an upcycled masterpiece (the perfect companion to a pair of LuLaRoe leggings) in the Dec/Jan issue of MaryJanesFarm. Stay tuned for more magazine-related giveaways. If you’re not yet a subscriber to my magazine, MaryJanesFarm, subscribe here for $19.95/year.

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  1. Faith says:

    Rail City Market in St Albans, VT is owned by NH, a woman dedicated to making this little health food market a haven and hub for the community. There’s a positive, healing energy there that can be felt when you walk in the door!

    • Lee says:

      I went to this market last spring when I was visiting St Albans from the countryside of northern NY. It is a magical little spot (and growing)!

  2. Teri Schneider says:

    My favorite woman-run business is owned by my son’s friend. It’s called Bricolage Studio and she makes jewelry with metal and fiber. She uses sheep and alpaca wool and dyes &spina the wool for use. She loves doing this so much that she teaches others how it is done.

  3. MaryBeth Schwarz says:

    Edi’s Chocolates in Austin Texas is my favorite business run/founded by a woman. Gluten-Free candy/cakes/cookies are yummy! Mary Beth

  4. My favorite woman-run business is Stampin’Up. I love making handmade cards.

  5. latanya says:

    I like Becky Higgins from Project Life!

  6. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I love our local French Bakery which is run by a lovely woman from Belgium. Her croissants and homemade breads are fantastic! Oh La, La!!

  7. Carol D says:

    Looking Glass Creamery in Asheville, NC. Jen is awesome and makes wonderful artisan cheese.

  8. Mary Frances Rauch says:

    I was thinking Martha Stewart. What else do I need to say?

  9. Sara says:

    My favorite woman-run business is Jewel’s Soap that is owned by an Amish woman. Just love that pure, homemade fragrance of organic soaps and lotions!

  10. Krista says:

    My favorite women run business is Yehaw Designs. She makes the most adorable baby moccasins for both girls and boys. The best part is she takes custom orders. I recently had a pair of vintage looking moccasins made for one of my friends twin girls birthday. They turned out so dang cute!

  11. Liz says:

    Woman run business: Chick Tech
    A non profit company headquartered in Portland,Oregon.
    Promoting women in engineering/technology

  12. Catherine says:

    My son’s fiance has a business that has un-creaked backs, adjusted malfunctioning
    joints & heartbreaks with her youthful wisdom. She has a thriving business called backinbalance involving deep tissue healing. She also bakes her own healthy recipes for her clients who need an adjustment in nutrition.

  13. My favorite woman-run business is Treasures of the Earth, Inc. This is a gem & mineral show promotion company, and it’s my favorite because I am one of the owners! Ellen White & I organize and promote the shows. There will be 8 shows in 2017.

  14. BarbaraJean Smith says:

    I look forward to shopping at “Vulcans Rest fibers” the lady who runs it is the best! She’ll share a cupa tea and yarn wisdom. Lovely. Quaint little town, friendly ladies, and a fabulous bakery/cafe right next door. Perfect

  15. Erin says:

    My favorite business is this adorable little shop in MN called Darling Clementine! So many cute finds!

  16. Debbie Christin says:

    My fav is Starlit Quilts in Washington State. She’s a shop owner full of wonderful fabrics (including a new line of yours coming soon) and does custom and machine quilting!

  17. Cathy says:

    Just Breathe Yoga studio in Mandeville, Louisiana!

  18. Melissa Beals says:

    My favorite woman-run business is Meadowlark Heritage Farm! She sells amazing goats milk soap!

  19. Becky Davies says:

    My daughter who sells RF – Rodan and Fields is making great leaps and bounds in the skincare fields. The original team behind ProActive Solutions used by my girls in their teens. Love the RF product line myself. Always love to support other small businesswomen, too, both online and local.

  20. Michelle Seliga says:

    Anna from Sisu Designs Yarn Shop!! My favorite place to shop!!!

  21. Diana Nelson says:

    Westminster Animal Hospital – Westminster Vermont they are fantastic!

  22. melissa bennett says:

    Mermaid Attic in Amherst Ohio has every thing woman. As you walk in you are always greeted with a smile and conversation. Most likely you run into someone you know and walk out with a smile and a glow.

  23. Colleen says:

    A great business in my hometown is run by an 83-year old woman named Violet, her 73-year old sister, Maja, her 63(almost)-year old daughter, Colleen, and some grand-daughters who are 33 and 38. It’s a coffee shop and bakery, specializing in old family recipes, especially Finnish ones, or recipes from friends and family. The setting is The Chatham Depot, an old railroad depot, which is “back to life”, after the train quit running through in 1979.

  24. angel Kendrick says:

    I love the junk gypsies, they are so inspiring and empowering to women with their unique creations and inspirational messages !

  25. Renae says:

    Two Smart Cookies is a local bakery which was started by two women. They have the best cookies and a cute gift shop as well. My absolute favorite iced cookies!

  26. Cori says:

    Well, obviously, it is Mary Jane’s Farms! I also love Susan Branch and Mary Engelbreit.

  27. Deirdre says:

    Great Balls of Wool my local knitting store in Powell River

  28. Dee Fleming says:

    My favorite woman run business is “Vintage Me” in Yakima WA.

  29. Elisabeth Perkins says:

    I think my favorite woman run business would be MaryJane’s Farm!! MaryJane designs the cutest quilts, has the best Organic sheets and also great organic food and the best magazine around!

  30. Heidi says:

    Women Farmers

    • Catherine says:

      Heidi, I agree. Just met a women who graduated from UMass with degree in computer science, did the cs thing, got married, raised her babies and now is a happy, healthy farmer for a local farm. How nice is it to walk into any store and find smiling people who say, “I love my job.”

  31. Marjorie Klein says:

    My favorite woman-run business is Mary Janes Farm – the magazine and the products.

  32. My favorite woman owned business is my business, Create My World Designs… but goodness, there are so many others that I love and admire (too many to list), including Mary Janes Farm. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  33. melissa soucy says:

    Garden Girls small group of ladies who love to garden on a small scale in PA

  34. Lisa T. says:

    I love “I Am Grateful to You,” a company created and run by Beth Gross-Santos. From top to bottom, they are doing great things. Their “Olive You” bracelets, made with olive-pit beads, is wonderful! 🙂

  35. anne b says:

    barefoot books!

  36. Rhonda Longenecker says:

    Funky Junk a small unique , fun loving store full of one of a kind crazy fun treasures! They bring life to items that anyone else would discard, creativeness galore!

  37. Idamarie Settlemyer says:

    My favorite woman run business is “the Hub”, a coffee house/book store that is
    run by my Daughter in Love and two of my Granddaughters.

  38. Summer Mattocks says:

    I love Annie’s foods. Annie’s is a woman-founded company devoted to creating soups and snacks that are as tasty as they are organic, vegan, and non-gmo. Love her mascot Bernie the Bunny!

  39. Penny says:

    Would love some new leggins for cold winters!

    • Catherine says:

      Me too! Cold air finds its way around the sealed rooms, doesn’t it. 🙂 I hope you win this context. love n life, C

  40. June Rognerud says:

    One of my favorite women owned business is Buttercup in Nehalem Oregon.She makes some of the best soups around and her homemade ice cream is a surprise treat

  41. Carol Johnson says:

    My favorite woman-run business is actually a service here in our rural Georgia community. Several years ago a friend of mine started The Center for New Beginnings to assist children experiencing the full-range of symptoms of autism. The Center provides tutoring and support to over one hundred fifty clients and their families in our area.

  42. Mikayla Gillson says:

    My favorite women-run business is Farmhouse Frocks from the Oct/Nov issue of Mary Jane’s Farm! I absolutely love their adorable products! They are a great example of female independent and self-suffiency.

  43. Zona Hague says:

    Hair Traffic Control Salon in Ellsworth, Wisconsin! My friend, Fay’s priority is to help women and men feel wonderful about themselves-both outside AND inside. She loves her small shop and clients, and she rents space to a few young women, so they also can have income. Fay genuinely cares, while respecting confidences —and she also visits residents at the nursing home, so they can look their best and feel special!!

  44. Linda says:

    My favorite woman run and operated business is Thistle Farms, survivors of prostitution, trafficking and addiction who hand make skincare products from natural ingredients. Every product bears witness that love is the most powerful force for change in the world.

  45. Joye says:

    My daughter-in-law is a LuLaRoe rep and so her business is my favorite right now.

  46. Sharon Jerome says:

    My favorite woman run business is Goat Boy Soaps, the owner operated business in New Milford, Connecticut has the most fantastic goat’s milk soap.

  47. Joni says:

    Well, actually, it’s a woman (and her husband ) run business….the appliance store I work at!
    They are great business partners, as well as great partners. I love working there.

  48. Jan Faust says:

    Lisa Streett-Liebetrau who founded Camp Koala, a non-profit who provides support for grieving children through day camps, 3-day camps, workshops, etc., located in Central Pennsylvania.

  49. Erica Malone says:

    My favorite is Jadlynn Brooke! They have the cutest tops!

  50. Kathleen Ceirante says:

    Bunnies – Children’s Clothing. 100% Cotton overalls and dresses for kids and babies. Sold at craft faires and quilt shows. No web site yet but you can always call or email. But it’s the most fun to see all the fabrics in person

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  1. Teri Schneider says:

    I was walking in TSC looking for dog food and the beautiful cover on a magazine caught my eye. I’ve been in love with your magazine ever since! Fantastic pictures, real women discussing real issues, projects galore, and so much more!

  2. Elisabeth Perkins says:

    I am not exactly sure how I got my first issue. I think I got a free trial for it in the mail…. either that or I bought a issue at my local tractor supply.
    Either way I Love getting my magazine every other month!! Been about 2 years now

  3. CJ Armstrong says:

    Back in 2008 sometime I received a postcard in the mail with an introductory offer to the Mary Janes Farm magazine. It looked like something I would be interested in and sent the card back. BEAUTIFUL magazine! I’ve been hooked ever since and soon thereafter discovered the Farmgirl Connection, signed up and have been an active part ever since.
    One of the best things I ever did for myself and my family!

  4. Karen Holmes says:

    I discovered Mary Jane’s farm in my quest to find the perfect camping trailer. I had settled on a T@B trailer and when I saw the T@Bitha model that Mary Jane designed, I knew it was the one!

  5. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I love these little on the go meals! They are tasty, easy to make and filling.

    How did I discover MJF?? At the checkout line of Tractor Supply in the December of 2009 with the front cover of a St. Lucia celebration. When I read that Farmgirl was a matter of heart, I instantly wanted to be a part and find my Farmgirl mojo. It was the best spur of the moment purchase I ever made!

  6. Summer Mattocks says:

    I was looking through the Giant Eagle magazines aisle for Mother Earth News when I saw this lovely magazine just sitting there all by her lonesome! Of course, I picked it up and read it to my mom while she shopped, and she bought me a subscription for an early Christmas present!

  7. Patty Wallace says:

    I remember getting a free trial card in the mail. The first magazine took me back to a wonderful time spending summers on the farm.

  8. Mary Lou Bender says:

    It’s been awhile ago–I think I got a promotional in the mail. So glad I was introduced to the magazine.

  9. Katie Amodio says:

    My honey and I have been housesitting for fabulous friends for the past three weeks. Sally has copies of MJF around the house and I have read and bookmarked every one, to the point of recognising that I need to get my own subscription!

  10. Kelley says:

    My mom purchased a subscription to Mary Jane’s Farm for my sister and I several years ago. I’ve been enjoying each issue, cover to cover, ever since!!

  11. Jennifer Cork says:

    I loves in Moscow when Mary Jane published her first book. Loved it and have been a fan ever since.

  12. Brenda says:

    Brand new to this site just picked up Farmgirl DIY. Have seen Maryjane farm a time or two but only browsed them.

  13. Rhonda Brooks says:

    I found an issue of your magazine at a friends house in Kansas on 2002 and loved it!! Have purchased , read, shared and kept all issues since… even in all my moves!

  14. Jan Jones says:

    I was in a bookstore a few years back and spotted your magazine cover. In a heartbeat it was grabbed and drooled over with a latte. In fact I was so messy, it had to come home with me. Your Farmgirl groups fascinated me and I have enjoyed my subscription ever since. Thank you!

  15. Sara says:

    I discovered your premiere issue of MaryJanesFarm at a bookstore and immediately bought it because of all those wonderful goodness with ideas, recipes, DIY, and other many things galore for the farm, home, and family.

  16. Mary says:

    I was introduced to the magazine by a friend that is very crafty. Just an all around good women’s magazine.

  17. Terry Steinmetz says:

    I found MJF in another magazine, sent in the postcard,received a free copy & fell in love with all that MaryJane lives. Thanks for sharing with me. I have since shared with others.

  18. Leisa Joan says:

    I had to think way back…my mom got me your 1st book for my birthday; she said, I saw this, and knew you’d love it. and I was hooked. I have most of your books (someone borrowed the stitching book, and I forgot who…) and have most of your magazines too, even back when it was more a catalogue for your products. love it!

  19. Rebecca says:

    I saw my first MaryJanesFarm magazine while standing in the checkout line at Tractor Supply. I bought it, fell in love, and have been a subscriber ever since!

  20. Sandi Figueroa says:

    Was taken by your magazine about three years ago when I was searching for a fun magazine to peruse with a cup of something hot and a cozy spot to relax!

  21. Corrine Kohli says:

    Just found your magazine while waiting in line at the pharmacy.

  22. Lisa T. says:

    I saw your magazine peaking out from a bunch of others at the grocery store one day (years ago!). I bought it, read it and subscribed immediately. 🙂

  23. Rhonda Longenecker says:

    Free offer in the mail, glad it came!

  24. Loni McDonald says:

    I worked at an apple cannery in Sebastopol, CA. My boss went every year to a food show in the Los Angeles area. One year about 7 (?) years ago, he came back with one of your magazines. I immediately fell in love with it and subscribed… Since then I have given numerous gift subscriptions and most of those ladies have subscribed. As long as I can afford your subscription, I will get MJF!!! I usually read every word and still have every issue. I just cant part with them… Thanx soooo much!!

  25. Penny says:

    I would enjoy trying this!

  26. Judy Thompson says:

    I think I received a free issue, I was hooked. I look forward to each and every issue

  27. Emily says:

    My mother in law purchased me a subscription of Mary Janes Farm a couple years ago. I have been enjoying it ever since!

  28. Janice LaRue says:

    I was visiting in Texas when I discovered Mary Jane’s Farm in a quilt shop. They had copies of several back issues as well. I bought 3, and returned for the rest before I left town. That was 3 years ago and I’m a subscriber now!

  29. Beth says:

    I first saw ýour magazine at Cid’s Natural Grocery in Taos, NM. Now I subscribe.

  30. Linda says:

    I was introduced to your magazine by my MIL several years ago. She’s 89 now and in poor health, but until 2 years ago she was still gardening, cooking, and decorating from nature. We have shared over 25 years of crafting and making. She and I made baskets, knitted, quilted, and baked together.

  31. sherry mckinney says:

    One of my best friends had mentioned that she liked MJF better that another magazine… didn’t pay much attention until she gave me a gift subscription for
    my birthday or Christmas present… can’t remember which…but I luv, luv, luv
    it…will continue ordering it as long as I can. Great DIY ideas & crafts, gardening, organic foods & recipes, health, home & family living…this little magazine has so
    much to give. So glad my friend turned me on to it… and I have done the same
    and shared with others. Always look forward to the next issue.

  32. Joye says:

    I found my first magazine at my local farmers supply store when I was purchasing dog and cat food for my pets. I had seen Mary Jane’s products in a department store but that was the first time I had seen the magazine.

  33. Denise Keown says:

    I saw your magazine on my mom’s table and commented on how “interesting” it looked. She gets me a subscription every year now for Christmas.

  34. Brenda Lord says:

    I was looking for craft ideas magazines and discovered Mary Janes Farm and purchased one and loved, then subscribed.

  35. Joni says:

    I actually found a couple of your magazines in a local thrift store, thought they looked interesting, so I brought them home……promptly DEVOURED them, then immediately ordered a subscription!

  36. Maxine bondeson says:

    I friend gave me a copy to look at one day on a road trip to quilt shops. I found it very interesting and got my own subscription

  37. Karen Jasper says:

    I found your magazine in my favorite farm store

  38. Kathleen says:

    During the Recession as I was closing my shop I got a phone call asking if I would like to carry Mary Janes Farm. Well, that wasn’t going to work out but the magazine sounded like fun. So I started to read it and now I subscribe.

  39. Sandi says:

    I came across a card in another magazine about MJF magazine and subscribed through it. My first issue was the Aug/Sep of 2015 and I have loved every issue and the Internet blogs from all the girls. I got a gift subscription for my sister-in-law in NYS recently as I am sure she will love this magazine also. One of the best magazines I have ever had the privilege of receiving and I have had a lot of magazines in my lifetime. I share them with others, but not my MJF ones. I am keeping them and putting them in a binder for safe keeping. I love this magazine. Keep up all the wonderful work that goes into it.

  40. Bettina Boykin says:

    HUGE supporter of Tractor Supply Co and spend my personal time off browsing the store. My sister and I are crafters, quilters and homesteaders. Mary Janes Farm is AWESOME!!! A great deal of info, insight and inspiration. WOOOOO HOOOO!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it Mary Jane!

    Please keep up all the good Chicken (and the egg) stuff/info/recipes. Oh YEAH!

  41. Cassie Graham says:

    My mother-in-law knows me well and when she received a copy from a friend, she automatically told me I had to look at it! I can’t wait to receive copies and love all the ideas and family of farmgirls!

  42. chadd d smith says:

    I believe I got an ad in the mail it Mother Earth News.

  43. Jodie says:

    I was visiting my aunt in Colorado in the fall of 2011 and was browsing through a stack of magazines that she keeps at the end of her couch. I was glued to all of her copies of MJF. Love at first sight. Been hooked ever since.

  44. Terrie says:

    I received a card in the mail for a trial issue. When it arrived, I enjoyed it so much that I ordered a subscription. I love the variety of articles and ideas.

  45. Wendie says:

    I happen to stumble across the mag in the grocery store and have been falling for it ever since. 🙂

  46. Heather Neeper says:

    My mother in law would buy MJF magazine and I would read them when she was finished. Not wanting to miss one I got a subscription. I still have every issue! They’re too good to give up LOL!!!

  47. Shelley Frederickson says:

    My good friend told me about Mary Jane’s Farm magazine and I’ve been hooked ever since!

  48. Win Curtis says:

    I was at a ladies group meeting and one of the ladies introduced us all to Mary Janes Farm. I subscribed, my sister subscribed and I bought my mother in law a subscription!

  49. Melissa Sawulak says:

    I picked up my first issue at a local store and quickly used one of the inserts to gat my own subscription. I have since bought gift subscriptions for my sister and the home and careers teacher at the school I used to work in.

  50. Jana Blackwood says:

    I saw my first issue of Mary Janes Farm in a Tractor Supply Store. Let’s just say that I’ve been hooked ever since.

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GIVEAWAY: “Kazoo, All That Glitters”

For a chance to win a FREE one-year subscription to Kazoo magazine (for grounded girls, ages 5 to 10), tell me how you or someone else has inspired girls to be strong, smart, fierce and, above all, true to themselves (Kazoo’s mission) in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-December.

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  1. Krista says:

    I really like the idea of this magazine! I am all for empowering young girls. A girl can be just as good if not better at activities that society says are meant for boys. Many young girls need to be aware of this magazine and have an opportunity to read it! I don’t have any young girls in my life for this magazine, so I hope it finds a perfect home!

  2. Faith Rogers says:

    I am interested in what they are interested in. As a grandmother, I see how confident they seem when they show me how to do something. They know they are smart & very cool when we get done!

  3. Heidi Fry says:

    I have a young friend who is the ultimate in inspiration. Ella is a beautiful 8-year old girl who encourages others to stand up for what they believe is right and isn’t afraid to be braver and strong herself. I love that magazines like this exist and I will make sure she gets this one coming!!

  4. Catherine says:

    The only way that has worked in my life filled with 9 sisters, friends and neighbors
    is to be strong, smart, fierce, brave, courageous and confident within my self. What we see is what we copy. My beloved mother was all those attributes. I have a young neighbor who whines a lot. I believe a copy of ‘Kazoo’ magazine would fill a spot within her tiny heart. Julie has only been on earth for 7 years and has a lot to learn, discover and embrace. Sometimes I put fun items in her mailbox and sign, “From the Shopping Angel”.

  5. Kimberly Nelson says:

    As a Girl Scout leader, I try everyday to build up girls of courage, character and confidence. I teach them to stand up for what’s right, to go after their goals, teach them to be self-sufficient and try to give them the skills they need to be successful. I’m hoping I’m just a small part of that village that every kid needs to help them grow up strong, smart and believing in themselves.

  6. Shelley Travis says:

    what an awesome giveaway 🙂 I am the grand mother of a 7 y/o precious little girl. Its so important today to teach to be strong and confident while focusing on education. But then theres compassion, understanding and even humiliation. Theres always that outside influence that you have to counter act. Positive loving reinforcement is my number one lesson to her 🙂

  7. Shannon Jensen says:

    As the director of a public library for a town of about 4700, I have spent the past 20 years teaching young girls that reading is power because of the knowledge that you obtain through the written word. I’ve spent time with each child that comes in, helping them find the books that speaks to their inner wonder, and encouraging them to dream big because nothing is out of reach when we read.

  8. Sara says:

    My inspiration to young girls is when they look up to me while doing something with passion, courage, confidence whether it be at home, farm, homeschool, and social events in which they participate and be a part of whatever that empowers them with the right set of life skills being passed on through combination of traditions and experiences.

  9. I have a little great-granddaughter who is 6 years old. She loves to be in the kitchen cooking, baking and doing girly stuff but she also loves to sit and tie fly fishing flies with her daddy. She is an avid reader and a great big sister to her brother Bryce. She loves fashion but also like to garden and next year wants to have her own flower garden. Her grandmother is a kindergarten teacher in another town but when Caylie has a day off from school she loves to go to her Nana’s room and read to the children. She wants to play the violin when she gets a little older. She has to wear orthopedic insoles in her shoes and still she belongs to A Time to Dance and has been in many of their performances.

  10. Joy says:

    Hopefully I am surrounding my girls with strong women. Then again knowing they are watching me makes me strive to be stronger

  11. Jensine says:

    My 7 yo daughter, Eleanor, is a bright, artistic, compassionate young lady. She has a very giving heart, giving away toys, artwork and every penny she earns (Or even receives as bday presents) she turns around and spends it on others. She is an inspiration to her younger sister, Betty (age 5), as well as to many adults, including her mom. Her desire to bless others by giving of herself makes her a rare, but true to herself, girl.

  12. I am one of freestore ct. We glean from farms and take throw aways from markets restaurants and farmers markets and create usable food. My grandDaughter came up with compost jelly. We took apples pears peaches and berries and turned them into a mixed fruit jam. It is our most requested jam. I am so pround of her efforts to make sure no family ever goes hungry

  13. Janice LaRue says:

    My mother set the example for me and the girlfriends I brought home through the years. One week she would be reupholstering a couch, the next she’d be planting tomatoes. I have tried to follow in her footsteps in my home and career and now to my 7 year old granddaughter. Any time we can get together we cook, craft, and sew, and talk about life. I want her to live life unfettered by society expectations based on gender, with confidence based in her own abilities. This magazine will support that!

  14. Shele says:

    I am the proud grama of three wonderful grand-daughters and I enjoy getting them excited about gardening, sewing and reading by doing related activities with them. We have a history of strong women in our family and I will keep on showing these girls how to become and remain so.

  15. suaan sims says:

    My mother is 92 years young and from the time I was a little girl, I played under the quilting frame. She made many quilts over the years and as my sister and I watched and learned, she inspired us to make quilts, as well as sew our clothes and those of our kids. She makes quilts today, and has warmed many many relatives with those quilts. She is truly a pioneer and an inspiration for all her grandchildren and nieces .

  16. Janelle Lande says:

    My granddaughter loves to read, she is homeschooled by her mom, who takes her to the library every two weeks for 35 new books. She is small and strong. , learning gymnastics and
    Krav Mgrav. She loves to make a fairy garden in the woods by her house.where thousands of wild flowers she planted are blooming from seed. She helped pick 90 pounds of strawberries last summer for jam. She is interested in plays, and told me she loves going to the” theatre”. She gives many hugs, and stands up for herself with her two older brothers. She is awesome. She would love this magazine.

  17. Christine Leone says:

    I have 3 daughters and 3 grandaughters. The little ones are homeschooled, love nature hikes, drawing in journals, making things, music, etc. Very little tv, no fast food,all organic and healthy lifestyle. They also love books. I would love to have a subscription for them.

  18. Carol Crane says:

    I have a great granddaughter soon to be 5 and also having 2 great grandsons that I found
    it easy to find all kinds of things for them to have and learn from. So I went shopping, like you, looking for some magazine for my little girl to have for her own and all through I haven’t seen the magazine I know it will be wonderful. I was in the Capital of our State and went into a very popular book store only to find they did not carry it so I am bound and determined that this magazine is going to find its way into my city and little girls I
    hope will have a chance to see it and they will know that anything is possible if you read, dream big, and now she has a baby sister that she can lead into into a better world.

  19. Brianna says:

    My mom, my girls and I look up to her so much. She inspires us everyday to do things the old fashioned way. whether it be baking a loaf of fresh bread or giving flowers and a smile to a stranger.

  20. Brenda says:

    Is this where we enter for the free issue?

  21. Joye says:

    My daughters are inspiring their girls to be strong and independent through participation in sports.

  22. Jaci Chambers says:

    I have tried to show my girls to be strong and independent through my own actions. We have a small farm, and my hisband isnt aleays home, so when something needs to be done, we ususally figure out a way to do it, like unloading huge bails of feed from the truck, or fixing animal hitches with what we have laying around. I try to involve them, by using their ideas or their muscle!

  23. Paula Ann Leyva says:

    I have three little granddaughters that will be reading this, so I pray that I will do better than my Mother & Grandmother did with the aging journey! Open the doors to the next generation. More Love , Peace & Joy!

  24. Theresa Hays says:

    Finally moving to an acreage w/baby on the way, my now 5-yr old daughter has had the beautiful opportunity to lean how to garden, can & preserve food, raise chickens, & learn about a more sustainable life. I’m thrilled to give her this chance to enjoy God’s beauty around us in nature~

  25. Judy says:

    I have a dear friend who is an organic farmer.. She is strong in both spirit and body. She now has a daughter who is following in her footsteps who I know would love this magazine!

  26. Vikki Towson says:

    I have a friend Michelle who I used to play roller derby with. She took it upon herself to take her personal time and dedicate it to a group of young girls to create a Jr. Roller derby league. She brought these same strengths to teach these girl to be strong, smart, true to themselves and others and boy did she teach them to be fierce. She gave and taught these girls confidence that some of them never had an ounce of. I admire this strong woman for the time she dedicated to these young girls to help them develop some great strong characteristics desperately needed in today’s world. A mission to empower these young women, an absolute success!

  27. Eveline says:

    Oh wow, a magazine to help young girls feel important, think for themselves, and know that they can concur anything with determination. I work with girls of this age who need a confidence booster such as the ones offered in this magazine. Thank you!!

  28. Kendra Chubbuck says:

    I would love to give this gift to sisters that live here on Isle au Haut. They were in my Sunday School class and would simply love this magazine. These girls are grounded and were home-schooled for one year but now are attending a one room school house. The eight year old (Gabby) is a lobstergirl with her Dad. Thanks so much for offering this one-year subscription. Best Holiday Wishes and lots of hugs!

  29. Kim Davidson says:

    My story is about my Niece and how she kept her daughter from tumbling down a long tunnel of depression and not believing she could learn in school like all the other kids! Her daughter was mistakenly marked in school as a slow learner and held back two consecutive years. In fact one school told my Niece and Nephew she needed to go to special ed, which would have been fine if that was the problem they were facing, but all along their daughter had extreme hearing and vision problems that had gone undetected. The little girl had learned early the basics of how to read lips!
    My niece fought for her daughter as best she could, keeping her confidence built up in every other aspect of the girls life! After much needed special attention from Mom and Dad, a little outside help, a hearing-aid, and the cutest pair of glasses the girl is at a NEW SCHOOL, doing better… catching up to her classmates, and has so much confidence now in herself thanks to all the love and extra time and outside the box thinking her Mom did!
    I’m just so proud of my Niece and her Family shes worked so hard on!

  30. Janice LaRue says:

    I have always tried to teach the girls in my life to be “smart” in doing with and for others as well as in books or mechanics or farming or whatever they were interested in. there are many kinds of smarts, and no one can be top notch at ALL of them, so just do your best to be the best YOU you can and want to be. My seven year old granddaughter still believes she can do anything and is willing to try almost anything. Many of my junior high students had lost that confidence in their own abilities. It was my job to give them opportunities to be successful and amazing! Our young women need the examples of successful women from an early age, and the opportunity to find things they can be successful at. Hopefully this magazine will provide both. Hugs and loves to all of you.

  31. Jenny Hoagland says:

    Telling my two girls that they are smart, confident, and fun. Positive reinforcement.

  32. Liane Glick says:

    I have a young daughter who is smart and pretty shy. This magazine sounds like a good quality magazine that would be good for her. I don’t buy any other kid magazines besides the kids national geographic because there is so much trash in other magazines that send the wrong messages to our young ladies. This magazine looks very nice! I would love to check it out!

  33. Patti says:

    My Grandson is an active 6 year old that is so creative…It would be nice to guide that creativity to a positive and supportive direction !
    He loves to help others without anyone asking ! He has such a good heart !

  34. Anne Stacy says:

    I would love to try this magazine with my 14 year old granddaughter. She is developmentally delayed and is on about an 8 year level. She is very artistic and also loves her chickens. I think this mag will be very good for her.

  35. Gail Hankins says:

    Sounds interesting

  36. Staci McLarnon says:

    Being a Girl Scout leader gives me a chance to show girls how to be courageous and strong individuals. As women and girls, we need to build each other up instead of tearing each other down.

  37. Michelle Vanderslice says:

    I’m raising my 7 yr old daughter to have morals and manners. I’m proud to say she shows dairy goats in 4-H and is also an active girl scout. Our children are our future. We are blessed to live in the country, so we spend a lot of time outside with our animals. For our trunk-or-treat at church, she took her dairy goats, turkey, and chickens. It was so neat to watch her share her knowledge of her animals to those whom had never been around goats. If she won this subscription, it would only add to her knowledge to share with other kids.

  38. Lisa Whaley says:

    It sounds like a great magazine, that my active independent Grand Daughter would really enjoy!!

  39. DENA JARDIN says:

    What a wonderful theme for a magazine. I have two granddaughters just the right age to share this magazine. I read Mary Jane’s Farm from cover to cover the day it arrives, I am sure they would do the same with Kazoo!

  40. Karla reinhart says:

    I ha e a 8 year old grand daughter that I am teaching to be grounded cooking crafting gardening and car of animals.

  41. Linda Olson says:

    This looks like a great read for young girls, and I have a granddaughter who would love this, and encourage her to read more.

  42. Lindy Davenport says:

    Several times during the year I try & have my 3 nieces & 2 granddaughters in to my home to sew, cook & craft. God blessed me with 2 grandmother’s in my life that taught me to cook, sew, & alot of different crafts so it is very important to me to pass that on. I feel that it is my responsibility to help keep these life’s lessons along with putting God first in our families. These precious little gals are where it all starts. I know that each one of them will grow up to be responsible young women who continue to put God & their families first in their lives. They are beautiful young women inside & out. Thank you Lord for our sweet family!! Thank you all at Mary Jane Magazine for all the great info in your magazine.

  43. Linda King says:

    I love the idea of making girls feel strong and independent while relying on God. I have been a widow since 1996 and I hope that my two daughters and 3 grandaughter can use me as a small example of what it is like to pull yourself up by the boot straps and do things yourself. My strength is not what it once was, but my heart is still good and so are my plans. Kazoo magazine has many attributes that girls can follow.

  44. Candy Weaver says:

    One of my granddaughters, age 9, has been brought up to tell the truth, about everything. Even if it means she will be reprimanded, truth is always the best policy. When she hangs out with me, I try to tell stories of how wonderful it is to tell the truth, but being careful to keep others feelings in mind. She can be too honestly brutal, I’m attempting to help her keep truth and feelings in check. Helping her is helping me, everyday on our farm. She loves it. Truthfully!

  45. Patti Hough says:

    I believe my niece does this with her daughter.
    She is teaching this 6 year old to explore all the possibilities of this world; all the potential that is in her. Baking, creating, reading, . . . enjoying life together.
    They are both really cool people.

  46. Betty says:

    I’m sure my niece would love it. I like to teach girls skills in 4-H to give them confidence.

  47. RaeAnn Nolander says:

    I’ve heard so much good buzz about this magazine!

  48. Amy says:

    We back my daughter 100% in ANY interest that she has. Girls are no long set onto a single path and their skill sets should reflect that. Now my daughter climbs trees, hikes and camps, plays with make up, paints and helps in the garden. She talks about going to the moon and being a doctor. I remind her that as long as she is happy, I will be there to help her with what she tries for.

  49. Mary Workman says:

    Just saw an issue of this magazine. Lots of fun! My girls are grown up now but this is the kind of inspiration I would choose for them.

  50. Amy Stingle says:

    I work in an special education program in our local middle school. The teacher and I have a young lady that was originally ‘labeled’ at a lower IQ level. This is our third year with her and the teacher and I have encouraged her to never let anyone take away her power and to do the very best she can. She has had that ‘label’ removed and is such a joy. She is a very confident young lady!!

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Winners!!! Giveaways: Stitchin’ Post

In the Oct/Nov issue of MaryJanesFarm, “Stitchin’ Post,” I led you here to my daily journal for a chance to win some special giveaways. Following, you’ll find the winners of all six giveaways. Thank you to all who participated by leaving comments, and stay tuned for more giveaways in each issue of MaryJanesFarm. If you’re not yet a subscriber to MaryJanesFarm, subscribe here for $19.95/year.

The winner of my “Junk Gypsy, Stitchin’ Post” giveaway is Vicki Wilkins, who left this comment in response to “Tell me about your favorite junk find.”

“Treasure hunting has been one of my favorite things to do for the past 30 years. This summer, one of my treasure finds was a 1930s Little Miss Tootsietoy Breakfast set. I then looked for a shadowbox and found one that looked a bit worn. The breakfast set with spoons, forks, and knives fit in the box for a sweet display in my kitchen. The best part about treasure hunting is going with my mom and daughter; my grandchildren have joined in the fun, and we are now a 4-generation party.”


The winner of my “Harvest Apron, Stitchin’ Post” giveaway is Winnie Jackson, who left this comment in response to “Tell me about a vegetable or fruit you grow that is your all-around favorite.”

“I have loved growing my dwarf blueberry bushes in my back yard. Nothing better than growing your own fruits to pick early in the morning for cereal or baking pancakes or homemade syrup. I have always grown blueberries and other berries. But blueberry is my favorite. I love to wear aprons in the kitchen. I love this one being offered with great pockets. Colors are so great and festive. In the magazine, I love seeing all those great aprons in the photos. Nothing better than a woman in the kitchen! I hope to be the one who is sporting this new apron in my home. Thank you for all you do.”


The winner of my “Natural Candy Store, Stitchin’ Post” giveaway is Jennifer MacKinnon, who left this comment in response to “Tell me about your favorite Halloween tradition.”

“Our favourite Halloween tradition is making a ‘spooky’ graveyard in our front yard for the little trick-or-treaters to walk past. We have taken many found pieces of plywood and wood scraps and written silly puns and signs that we post all over our graveyard, I mean front yard, then we don’t cut the grass around the gravesite, which isn’t hard to let grow in the soggy Pacific Northwest. It always looks really cool.”


The winner of my “Knit, Hook, and Spin, Stitchin’ Post” giveaway is Carol Vagher, who left this comment in response to “Tell me about your favorite kids’ project.”

“I work at a school for children with special needs. We have students from Preschool to 21 years old. We have an art teacher that works with the students doing adapted art projects. They are my absolute favorite!


The winner of my “Jackson’s Honest, Stitchin’ Post” giveaway is Honey, who left this comment in response to “Tell me about an inspiring company you support.”

“I hadn’t heard of this company, but after reading Megan’s story about her son, Jackson, and the challenges their family has gone through, I’m inspired! A family simply trying to do the best for their child. The product sounds amazing, and with the back story, it sounds like a win-win. I hope to find their products locally soon.

I’m also inspired by Will Leather Goods of Eugene, Oregon. They have a program that puts backpacks filled with school items in the hands of children/schools that need the help.

Thanks, MaryJane, for introducing me to this product and the amazing family behind it.”


The winner of my “Farm to Girl, Stitchin’ Post” giveaway is Bobbie Krohn, who left this comment in response to “Tell me what color of flower would look best tucked behind your ear. (My choice would be a red lily, or maybe a yellow rose, or maybe a pink peony or …)”

“For me, the beauty of a flower would be in the lilac. I have always loved lilacs … the color and the scent. It brings to mind my childhood days when sunshine and bare feet were the norm. Nothing smells lovelier.”

To our winners, make sure you check your e-mails for one coming from MaryJanesFarm.

Continue reading

  1. Krista says:

    Congratulations Vicki, Winnie, Jennifer, Carol, Honey, and Bobbie! Enjoy all your wonderful new goodies! I loved reading all your responses.

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Congratulations to all the winners! Enjoy your fantastic goodies from MJF.

  3. CandyC says:

    Congrats to all! 🙂

  4. Shannon Jensen says:

    My favorite junk find was for my husband. A motor-head, always tinkering with something in the garage, he would complain about all of the towels he had to wash and dry. I found an old style towel wringer for him that he wall-mounted in his garage and still uses to this day. I’m pretty sure that find saved our dryer.

  5. Corrine Kohli says:

    Cute apron!

  6. Lauren Akridge says:

    i repurposed mason jars,plumbing clamps and scrap wood into hanging wall storage/vases

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Winner!!! Giveaway: Bright Blooms Quilt


The winner of our Bright Blooms Quilt giveaway is Melly Wilson, who said:

My favorite summer, so far, was last summer, 2015. The hardest summer of my life, but the best! Hubby and I found our homestead, a 5-acre place with an old barn, a lean-to, and a shell of a small home built 50 years ago and never finished. We spent the entire summer working on getting the outside winterized … I should say hubby worked, as I was pregnant and always had my two toddler girls in tow. We struggled with how to finish the inside financially, but things came together after a month of prayer. I was so excited to get our homesteading life started, I picked up chickens from craigslist the first week we owned the place and put them in the old barn, letting them free-range during the day. Lo and behold, we had farm drama within that first month! A bobcat came through and continually wiped out my dwindling flock. Hubby finally caught sight of it during the middle of the day, jumping six feet in the air. No wonder they weren’t safe perched on top of 6-foot stalls! No matter what traps we set, we couldn’t catch the wild thing. I had to give my survivors away to friends. Only thing that kept our chickens safe the following spring was getting a set of pups. So the summer of 2015 was spent supporting my hard-working husband with food and our girly presence, drinking our well water, enjoying the weather at the base of the San Francisco peaks, having friends show up to help, and always having meals prepared at the “base camp” we called the back of our Jeep with a shelf table.

We picnicked outside all summer, spent a few nights under the stars as daddy worked away, and eventually brought the tent into the house for the girls to play in while I painted our finished walls and hubby worked tirelessly away at getting the inside of the house finished. We actually got our place finished in the nick of time, days before Christmas, and my 3rd baby girl showed up on January 14th. We got to christen our ranch home with a home birth, just as we had wanted to do when we daydreamed a year before about doing it at a new homestead, since our first two home-birth memories were now in a home we had sold. What a year 2015 was …what a summer! Hard, hard, hard, but full of precious memories!

Congratulations, Melly! Watch for an email from the farm. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments/memories. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them. Continue reading

  1. Karlyne says:

    Melly, I’m glad you won: what a great story to read!

  2. Krista says:

    Congratulations Melly! Enjoy your new Bright Blooms Quilt. I loved reading your summer memory.

  3. Karen says:

    Wow, there could not have been a more deserving winner. You are amazing!!

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