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In the Apr/May issue of MaryJanesFarm, on newsstands March 6, you’ll see how Megan converted an old wicker bassinet into living-room picnic-gear storage that now holds a picnic quilt, a couple of pillows, and board games for the perfect indoor picnic.


In the photo above, you’ll see my MaryJane’s Home “”Busy Bee” quilt and pillow with my favorite patchwork shape, the hexagon. Why a hexagon? The hexagon, a shape that speaks the zen of the busy beehive or the wired manors of chickens (the oldest domesticated animal on Earth), symbolizes the unity and structure of the farmgirl life—a framework for the proper order of things, a pattern for life. In unwritten feminine language, it is a standard for farmgirls, or for that matter, the ordinary honeybee or the hen, rank and file workers that move the work along. It says that all things are to be done decently and in order, and that small things add up.

For a chance to win one of our “Busy Bee” twin quilts and matching 16″-square pillows, tell me all about your favorite picnic experience in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-May.

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  1. Kathy Mccourt says:

    My Mother had a very vivid imagination. So even in the Dead of winter this Sun Worshiper could make the Sunshine come inside. With a green plaid metal picnic basket I still own she would fill it with goodies and a thermos of Hot chocolate spread the picnic blanket on the floor and we would have a winter picnic even though there would be a half a foot of snow outside.

  2. Elizabeth Hawley says:

    Our favorite picnic is a trip to sleeping bear dunes where we pick up smoked lake fish, cheese, crackers and cold drinks. Maybe some fruit and chips to round things out! As everyone else plays at the Lake Michigan shoreline I sit on a towel making cracker sandwiches while keeping the blowing sand out of the food and drink! A warm, sunny, beach day is a wonderful thought as we are now 2/3 the way through a Michigan winter!

  3. Barbara Criss says:

    My favorite picnic experience dates back to the summers of the 1970’s when my cousin would come to visit and stay a few days. Our family would drive to a local state park and stay all day. I can still taste the great home cooked food we had and the fun we had playing on the swings and see-saws. Also hiking and playing in the creek gave us a thrill. My cousin and I still talk about those happy days of our youth and we remember them with great joy.

  4. Deb Ritchey says:

    We were camping in the Smokey Mountains. We hiked to Andrews Bald and had a picnic.

  5. Suzanna Drozd-Kowalski says:

    There are many favorite picnic memories shared at the off grid chalet my parents built years ago but I’m reminded of one the November we moved into our retirement 50’s ranch on Indiamwood Lake in Michigan. Normally that time of year here is cold with a possibility of snow. Somehow we ended up with weather in the 70’s. We have eight adult kids and 10+ grandchildren. We had an impromptu picnic in the backyard. Everyone brought food and made my homemade baked beans. The fun the kids and adults had with the peddle boat, skiff, fishing, and sitting on the pontoon that came with the house was just incredible to watch. We’ve just past a year here this past November and our spring, summer and fall were filled with picnics every weekend. My husband survived a brain tumor and the only item on his bucket list was wanting the grandchildren to remember who he was. In his own words, “I never knew I needed a lake!” Priceless!

  6. Michelle Kirby says:

    I’ve always lived on the coast & most picnics occur at the beach. There’s nothing like eating out in the fresh air. We don’t have to worry about ants, just sand.

  7. Kristy De Vuyst says:

    My favorite picnic was on top of a mountain in a meadow filled with beautiful wild flowers. We ATV’d all morning to get there. We had sandwiches and wine and it was the perfect day.

  8. JacksonQVance says:

    My favorite picnic of all time was climbing up into Eel Creek on the Lochsa River as a child. The smooth warm stones and the bubbly creek represent the ultimate picnic site to me.

  9. Lisa Von Saunder says:

    My favorite picnic memory is from the early 70’s. We “clammed” ( dug up fresh clams) all day at a private and remote beach on Martha’s Vineyard. Then we built a huge fire, and set up a monster cast iron kettle and made gallons of clam chowder which we simmered all day long. When it was finally ready we had also roasted corn in the husks and dug right in. The owner of the beach had actually built his own submarine and that day was the maiden voyage and christening . It sailed just fine, although we all turned down the offer of a ride!

  10. Rebecca Darrington says:

    In the backyard with my 3 young children, serving peanut butter sandwiches, chips, apple slices and chocolate chip cookies. I loved those days! Oh and always a dog, waiting patiently for a cast off crust or piece of cookie.

  11. Marlene Laverty says:

    My favorite picnic memory is from when my daughter was little. We had planned a particular picnic outing for almost a week and the day of the picnic, she came down sick. Instead of going outside to picnic at the park we stayed in and spread a blanket out on the floor and had our picnic inside. We read stories together on that blanket after lunch until she fell asleep. Great times!

  12. Debra Brodie says:

    It was a beautiful warm night in the early 1970’s in the low country of South Carolina. There was too be a meteor shower that night, so my teenaged friends and I dragged blankets and paper bags and coolers full of the tasty junk food that teenagers love outside under the stars. We laid down on the blankets, mesmerized by the show above us. It is an indelible memory!

  13. Leisa Joan says:

    We found an old historic Meeting House in Vermont while looking for a place to enjoy our sandwiches. it was beautiful & peaceful. and we learned something new that day as well.

  14. Mary Arntson says:

    My family would take a picnic lunch to Itasca State Park in northern Minnesota. We would take our shoes off and splash in the waters of the beginning of the Mississippi
    River. My husband, daughter and I and our bridge couples would camp in the park every summer. The kids would go raspberry and blueberry picking and we would make pancakes with the fruit. Wonderful memories of the park.

  15. Marcy says:

    My favorite picnic would be at what we used to call ‘the sand bars’. I was born in Massachusetts but lived in Tennessee for almost ten years. We would still trek home almost every summer to stay with and spend time with our family in Massachusetts. The sand bars were like a lovely little watering hole where people went swimming. Sometimes four generations of my family would all be together spread out on blankets, eating sandwiches and whatever else everyone brought, swimming, chatting, hanging out and getting caught up on each other’s lives. Unfortunately that was many years ago and most of my family from that time are gone, but the memories of those wonderful times will always stay with me.

  16. Julie R says:

    I’ve actually never been on an official picnic where you sit down on a blanket!

  17. Liz Hofacket says:

    Growing up in the desert southwest of El Paso, Texas, there weren’t many lakes, streams or rivers (the Rio Grande River is very often a dry sand bed!) to picnic along. As money was often tight, there was no option of driving 3 or 4 hours to a lovely place. Thankfully, we had the gorgeous desert!! All the aunts, uncles and cousins would load up sandwiches, chips, sodas, beer (for the dads!), cookies and maybe a cake or two and head for the desert which was only a 10 minute drive from anyone’s house. The days were always great, the sky blue, the air smelled fabulous and we kids all had a grand time finding treasures – rocks, pieces pottery, arrowheads. BUT, we could only go on picnics during the late fall and through the winter….rattlesnakes were out spring and summer! What a happy childhood I had!!

  18. Lori Morton says:

    LOOOOVE Hexagons too! 🙂 Favorite picnics have always been making a tent with blankets over the clothesline & quilt on ground..packing up sandwiches & treats & cool drink..gathering my 4 Kiddo’s & having a grand picnic! BEST fun ever!!& under the table, in the Winter! lol (Now do with Grankiddo’s!) Thank you for chance to win such a treasured prize too! 😀

  19. Rebecca McCoy says:

    Oh what fun memories this post brings up. My family used to pile in daddy’s old Ford Truck (kids in the back) and head to the river for the day. We’d play in the water, eat ham biscuits with fruit for dessert, and fish until dark before heading back home to sleep and dream of the wonderful time we had had.

  20. My husband & I went on our “first picnic of the year” every New Year’s Day, for many years. We’d take fruit, cheese, crackers, and wine to a park where we could watch eagles. If the weather was nice enough, we’d sit at a picnic table, otherwise enjoy the sight of the water & the eagles congregated in the trees on the opposite shore, from our car. The highlight was seeing an eagle swoop down & snatch up a fish–our own “National Geographic” moment.

  21. Donna Blankenberger says:

    Just enjoying a day in the sunshine or having a picnic when it rains on the dining room table.Life is apicnic no matter where you are.

  22. Alison Davis says:

    After 20 years of having picnics on the beach in the Caribbean we have bought a small 17 acre farm in WV. We experienced our first cold winter here and loved it. There is something so special about taking our picnic down to the Creek with the puppy. We sit and enjoy sandwiches, fresh fruit, cake and coffee
    while she splashes around in the water. Almost heaven!

  23. Carolyn Forbis says:

    I have always loved picnics. I have an old basket and a red checkered tablecloth I have used since my boys were little. As soon as school was out for the summer we would take off to the park. I do miss those days but plan to restart them with my grandchildren soon. Making new memories.

  24. Deanna Hoyt-Zoeller says:

    our favorite picnic is at the beach. Blanket spread out on the sand, not too far from the waves with our favorite sandwiches and iced tea to go with it. Of course having the beach umbrella is always helpful. The kids love to gather shells and sea glass while the hubby and I soak up the rays. Such a gorgeous quilt! I love the idea of a bassinet for a picnic basket, fabulous!!

  25. Cassie White says:

    My favorite picnic memories include the big patchwork quilt spread softly on the bluegrass hillside with my family…The breeze gently blowing our hair and the sun kissing my boy’s cheeks. Simple sandwiches packed with favorite fruits to complement our picnic vacation on our back country hillside.

  26. Jeanette Moscoso says:

    A picnic anytime, anywhere. Favorite eats and friends.

  27. Deborah Allen says:

    My favorite picnic as a young girl was when I was about 8 yrs of age. I decided to take a old blanket outside for a picnic in a field out behind our house. Didn’t have a whole lot to choose from for my meal, so I took a jar of pickle juice, some saltine crackers and a popsicle.
    Spread out the old blanket in the y’all grass where close by I could smell honeysuckle blooming on a oak tree. As I lay watching the white billowy clouds float by, I began to itch on my legs and arms so much that I ran to where mama was hanging clothes on the line to show her the rash. She went with me to see where I had laid down to make sure it wasn’t poison oak or ivy. Gladly it wasn’t neither…
    But then she smiled and said it was because the old blanket was my daddy’s old Army blanket and it was made out of wool!!!
    Needless to say I never took it out again on a hot May afternoon!
    Deborah Allen ❤️

    • Deborah Allen says:

      tall grass-sorry…👍
      When I was about 10 someone built a house on that grassy lot and I never got to picnic there again!

  28. Sherry Bradley says:

    I remember the special times my three little girls would come in from Church and we gathered the food put in the picnic basket and headed for the big oak tree in the pasture. We would pray and watch the cows grazing in the field. I can hear their laughter and see their beautiful smiles today, even though they have grown children of their own. Memories in the heart forever.

  29. Terri Stalmach says:

    I remember our neighborhood picnics in Fairview , Pa. on Linda Avenue. We would have pig roasts, beef roasts and many other ones. Always on memorial day we would go to the parade and then home to picnic. July 4th and Labor Day also another picnic. I miss that neighborhood and all my childhood friends.

  30. Deb F says:

    I have many wonderful childhood memories of picnics at state parks in Wisconsin where I lived. Fishing, hiking, and sleeping outside in a tent under the stars were an adventure. We were scared one night by the sound of banging on our pots and pans resting on the floor of the tent.In the am, we discovered that a critter was trying to dig under the tent). That adventure provided many stories at school. In adulthood,picnics in the forests and mountains of Washington State were incredible. My parents had a Thermos brand red and white cooler that accompanied us on my childhood picnics and it was then passed on to me for picnics and adventures with my children.

  31. Sally Kroenke says:

    I remember picnics with my family at my fathers favorite fishing spot. My mom would spread the quilt she made from scraps of clothing and old fabric she recycled. Our drink of choice was always koolaid, and it did not matter what we ate, usually bologna sandwiches, homemade pickles and cookies. There were five of us adopted kids, and we enjoyed every minute of the picnic day. I am thankful for a wonderful memory.

  32. Elizabeth Plewa says:

    My favorite picnic moment is when my three children were young, I picked them up from school with a completely loaded picnic basket full of sandwiches, drinks, salad, desserts, and a blanket. I packed some balls. Drive to the nearest forest preserve by our house and surprised them with a picnic dinner and games. It was such a magical day!

  33. Sylvia Jacobus says:

    Memories that will be with me until I die are those of our beach picnics and night fishing. We started late afternoon. My grandmother, Dad, uncles, cousins, my sister and I all joined in.
    My grandmother fixed lots of sandwiches,brought bottles of her pickled onions, sodas, coffee in thermoses, and THE cookies–her famous oatmeal cookies. She sprawled the large beach towels on the sand. Everyone was in a good mood, laughing, telling jokes, telling “stories” of the ones-that-got-away from the last night fishing adventure. No matter what my grandmother packed in her large picnic basket, it always tasted the best ever. We all felt that way.
    Once the sun set, the fishing began. They used spears to catch the fish. All of the kids were never bored at the beach. Torches were lit around the area. We weren’t considered old enough to handle spears and we definitely were too noisy to fish. We amused ourselves investigating tide pools, chasing crabs and each other. Hours later, the limit of fish was obtained and happy people came back to camp. A fire was started and we had freshly cooked fish as “dessert.”
    Fun, fun times I’m glad I had as a kid……

  34. LAURIE D SPARKS says:

    My favorite picnics were with my husband Steven who bought a wicker basket with lid and proceeded to fill it with cobalt plates, wine glasses, napkins, candles, real flatware, sunflower napkins, blue gingham table cloth. We had wonderful picnics with that basket. He died in 2010 of leukemia. I still have the basket along with a picture of us using at the foot of Mt. Rainer. It gives me a smile when I look at that basket

  35. Kayln Stokes says:

    There was always grandma, cousins, aunts and food that would be considered today to be too high in fat to be healthy (thanks to grandma) We need to bring back the old fashioned picnic, children need to sit in the grass with bare feet, casually brush off a stray ant or spider without worry, and eat under the open sky with friends and family! NO ELECTRONICS ALLOWED!

  36. Colleen Richter says:

    My favorite picnics were the annual family reunions with my maternal grandmother’s family. We always had the event at the same great park, and there were cousins by the dozens! We swung across the creek on rope swings and waded along the banks. We played every game kids could think of – and then some! It was a chance to ‘catch up’ with cousins we only saw once a year. And the food! Icy lemonade in big crocks and SO much food.
    Still one of my favorite growing-up memories!

  37. Mary Jane Nostrom says:

    July 4th was a big family gathering when I was a child. We’d gather at an aunt & uncle’s for a noon pot luck, softball & games were played in the afternoon, & then
    homemade ice cream with goodies were eaten. When it was dark enough, a couple
    uncles would go into a field & shoot off fireworks they had purchased (out of state
    at that time!). I can still hear the o-o-o-s & a-a-a-h-s from the little ones. The older
    cousins would wait for the bangs! There would be an occasional parade in a nearby
    town either in the morning or afternoon, weather depending. I remember eating watermelon in my winter coat, it was so cold outside, one year! Great memories!!

  38. Megan Chapman says:

    Hidden away at the top of a junk shop shelf (or “treasure shop” as my son calls them) was an old picnic basket. Exactly what we were looking for. We filled it with PB&J’s, grapes, and homemade brownies. The hills of Kentucky are woven with beautiful trails that were once home to Native American tribes. My family and I climb to the top, find our purch with an amazing view, throw our handmade picnic quilt on the ground, and enjoy the bounty… belly and soul.

  39. Denise says:

    My all time favorite picnic memory is from back in April 1983.
    We were military and stationed in Honolulu.
    My husband was getting ready to leave for a 6 month tour to the Pacific.
    We were out taking our little ones for a ride and decided to go to Diamond Head and walk around. The only thing we had with is was snacks for the baby and 2 yr old. But we just ploped ourselves down and enjoyed what we had while took in all the beauty around us and played with the children. It is one of my best memories of our time there and while he had to be away.

  40. Laura B Owen says:

    I have raised 6 kids to adulthood and now have 2 grandchildren. We did many traditional picnics at the park near our home and in our backyard, pretending to be pioneers. However, their favorite memories of all time began with my childhood. Sunday nights we would have a tablecloth dinner in the den so that we could watch the Wonderful World of Disney. This was a precious time for my parents and my brothers to be together. As I began my family I wanted to continue this tradition with our Tablecloth Dinners. Each child had a week that they could pick the movie and I would set out to prepare the perfect dinner. Fruits, vegetables, dips, little smokies, cut up cheese squares, pepperoni, cream cheese wrapped in ham, “fancy” crackers, just basically whatever we could afford – we ate with toothpicks which is the best! I always served them on those huge divided trays. My adult children have carried this into their homes – some as far away as Latvia. I am now continuing this tradition with my grandchildren when they come to stay at Grandma and Papa’s (any adult children who are around join in too). These traditions bring us closer together and are just fun! I also still do the “traditional” picnic with my grandkids too, sometimes just in the yard, but precious times are worth the little extra effort.

  41. Eric Hendrie says:

    It would have to be the first picnic with our three children. Seeing there faces and how much they enjoyed it was and is priceless.

  42. Brendalee Campbell says:


  43. Joyce says:

    My favourite picnic memory is not just one, but a series. One Spring/Summer, every Sunday after church we would take our picnic and visit a different ocean beach, provincial park or riverside for a picnic. Many happy memories were made that year, as we enjoyed getting to know our province better (we live in a small province, so we were able to go to almost every one!).

  44. Kathleen Freel says:

    My favorite picnic memory was on a cold windy beach in Northern California where I tried oysters for the very first time. I was in college and was with many good friends. Oysters with butter and garlic; delicious.

  45. Julie Banigan says:

    My favorite picnic was a winter about 15 years ago, when my girls were small. It was a cold, snowy day outside, so I laid a blanket in front of the wood stove in the living room. I made fruit salad and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We toasted marshmallows and made s’mor. It was divine.

  46. Ruby Spohrer says:

    I remember Momma making a picnic basket for us to eat on the way to either my grandmothers or my uncle’s house. We would stop at a roadside park and spread our goodies and eat. It was always fun, but we never knew how much trouble Momma had to go to make those special picnic’s. She is a special woman at almost 90 years old and still going everywhere!

  47. Peggy says:

    Thinking back over the years, I don’t believe I’ve ever been on a picnic. I believe I’ll need to change that.

  48. Heike says:

    Lots of good picnic memories from when I was child, my parents always found a flowery meadow, a creak, or a lake for us (we lived in the city).

    But my favorite memories are NOW. I love when my kids (now 20 & 16!) and us go the river or drive to the ocean and picnic. I simple family day, and it is rare that we are all off together. When we drive the 1.5 hours to the ocean, we always stop at my favorite bakery in Chinatown first to get lotus cakes :). I cherish this time with my family, no phones, no distractions. Just good food & us :).

  49. Susan Boysen says:

    Some of my favorite picnics have been on a quilt, on the family room floor, inside, in the wintertime with a good movie!

  50. Hollie Feickert says:

    Our favorite picnic is a family tradition on New Year’s Eve. While the winter winds howl outside, we set up a picnic blanket in front of our Christmas tree in the living room and make a huge, yummy spread to enjoy (mostly things we’ve canned from our garden from the previous summer!) It will be fun to see if our four sons continue this tradition in their own families when they are no longer under our roof.

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Winner!!! Giveaway: MaryJane’s Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook

The winner of our MaryJane’s Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook giveaway is Jeannie Keeffe, who said in response to our question, “Tell me what at MaryJanesFarm has inspired you … magazine, books, products, chatroom, or journal”:

“Am hoping not to be judged by MY cover, too.

I’ve been a country girl (a red-dirt girl) all my life. Growing up with parents that grew their own rabbits & chickens both for the freezer, show, and of course, eggs. Some years we’d have a cow for milk, but the goats were easier to keep, would eat the poison oak, and the milk … MmmMmm good … oh, and they loved to show off at the fair. Pigeons for squab which I thought everyone ate until later in my life. Ponds to swim and fish in, horses to ride & show, 1/4-acre garden where dad would be found sitting and watching—a place I would enjoy a one-on-one with, a place I learned to eat fresh foods that tasted so marvelous (before cooked by mom, who often cooked things to death). Looking back at my life with Mom & Dad is heartwarming. So a book with an Old Look that is filled with surprises would be wonderful to have.”

Congratulations, Jeannie! Watch for an email from the farm.

Thank you to the 325 women who responded with such lovely comments. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them! Continue reading

  1. Lisa Bell says:

    Congratulations! Most definitely a very special book. ❤️ Enjoy 🌞

  2. Barbara Criss says:

    Mary Jane–you truly deserve all the wonderful comments you received. I first heard of you in a magazine article several years ago and I was instantly hooked–especially by the aprons you wore. I began to wear them too and I now make my own. It’s a very special wonderful look. Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration to so many.

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  4. Deborah Fischer says:

    Congratulations Jeanne, it is a wonderful book, you will love it!

  5. Paula Leyva says:

    Way to go! all will be well!

  6. Lisa Beaubien says:

    I am very excited about this new book “A HoneyBee Heart Has Five Openings”! I had the unique and whimiscal experience of having a honeybee land outside my car window a few years back! I watched with amazement as the bee did a honey dance for what seemed like a long time, but in retrospect maybe a minute! I was gifted a book shortly that experience called “The Shamanic Way of the Bee”

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GIVEAWAY: MaryJane’s Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook

Thank you for dropping by my Raising Jane Journal to participate in my giveaways! We’ve chosen a winner for this giveaway already (click here for details), but don’t be afraid to leave a comment anyway. I love reading them. And stay tuned for more great MaryJanesFarm giveaways.

This copy of my first book, MaryJane’s Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook: For the Farmgirl in All of Us, was in our store window and ended up with a sun-faded cover.

But its insides are like new, and as every farmgirl knows, it’s never good to judge a book by its cover. Better to judge it from some of its online reviews, like this one from Amazon’s “Never Enough Books”:

“I’ve been a farmgirl, citygirl, tried the Mother Earth News route years ago, so it was with some skepticism that I checked out this book from my library. Don’t be put off by the reference to “Martha Stewart of the West” because the only similarity I can see is that both Martha Stewart and MaryJane Butters are hard-working women. I don’t think I have ever before read any non-fiction book as closely and with as much pleasure as MaryJane’s Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook. I couldn’t be satisfied with the library’s copy, but had to have my own, plus ordered one for my daughter-in-law. The pictures are beautiful, from antique implements to happy people. The verbal sketches of family, friends, and helpers is uplifting.

What struck me most about Butters was her positive attitude. She advocates organic farming and living, but rather than trying to force others to conform to her way of thinking and doing, she found ways to work with local farmers. In using local products, she has connected growers with consumers and built a business for herself, family, and friends.

I’d rate this right up there with Aldo Leopold and Sand County Almanac.”

To lay claim to this (sun-faded) copy, tell me what at MaryJanesFarm has inspired you … magazine, books, products, chatroom, or journal. We’ll put your names in a basket and pull out a lucky winner sometime soon. Check back to see if it’s headed your way.

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  1. Jodel Guerrero says:

    I am a care taker for my mom in law so my life has become a lil isolated with Maryjanes magazines and blogs I am able to escape for awhile and breath while learning so much for my gardens and chickens too

  2. Lisa A says:

    I first discovered your magazine and find inspiration in every issue. I’d love the sun-faded copy!

  3. Jane Westbrook says:

    I really enjoy your posts about activities/lessons with the kids. It’s exactly like reading about activities I have with my grandkids. Not only do I have to keep them on task, I also have to keep myself on task!

    My older 3 grandchildren are 2 girls & their younger brother, so you can imagine the eye-rolling & difficulty taking turns! The younger ones are 3 little stair-step brothers who now live with us most of the time, so I’m always saying “Hands!” to remind them to keep their hands to themselves, or not to grab, or just injure any of us in their excitement!

    Thanks for the morning smiles 😊

  4. Ashley says:

    It will have to be the gardening and self suffency. I am just getting started in that area, and MJF has been a tremendous help! I now have more confidence in myself an feel like I can weather the storm, so to speak. Thank you for all that you do, an for everything you continue to do, for those just starting to dip their feet in the self reliance pond!

  5. Lisa Bell says:

    The magazine has been a total inspiration. It made me realize to grow where I am planted…and so I am on our just under 4 acres. Thank you-your magazine has breathed life into me.
    That book would be an absolute treasure. How wonderful! Keep up the good works! ☀️

  6. your magazine and also your emails. I love seeing the photo you send out each day, it calming for me.

  7. Martha says:

    Many years ago, I picked up the second issue of Mary Jane’s magazine. I was inspired! I was hooked. (I have every issue except the first one.) Since then I have tried so many things. Gardening (love garlic!), bake overs, learning to knit and sew (I am still looking for a treadle machine), pickling, and so many more things. And now my kids are following! I think our next project will be repainting a bookcase. Thanks Mary Jane!

  8. Deb Ritchey says:

    Mary Jane’s Farm magazine has inspired me to try new things I never would have if I had not read the magazine. I read every one from cover to cover. I love the last page and always take away a lot from that article!

  9. MaryJanes takes me back to the “Golden Days” when children were children and adults worked hard but lived life to the fullest!

  10. tammy kavich says:

    I first discovered your magazine in the hospital while my mother was in ICU. I clung to your magazine. It is what kept me grounded in a very bad situation. I did order my own subscription & have just ordered your magazine for one of my daughters. There is just so much good information, recipes, things to inspire you. Thank you MaryJanesFarm.

  11. Arlene Wilder says:

    There is so much each month in your magazine and even when readers send in a letter. A lot of learning and ideas. Also it extends to others in crafting, websites, gardening especially with recipe’s. I love all of it. I look forward to this magazine every month and so does my sister Shirley Moreno.

  12. Diane says:

    I am inspired by all of your products. First found you through books. Was enamored with the Vegetable Ball.

  13. CJ Armstrong says:

    Everything about Mary Jane and the Farm inspire me. I LOVE the magazine!!! Mary Jane writes the BEST books. I LOVE being a part of the Sisterhood and all that I’ve learned there, the friends I’ve made, the fun I’ve had. Visiting the farm and meeting Mary Jane and some of her family and staff was AWESOME! Meeting her again at the store in Coeur d’Alene with some other farmgirl friends. At that time around the table with breakfast snacks I remember someone asking Mary Jane why she did/does all the things she does. Her response was “because no one ever told me I couldn’t”!

  14. Julie Conrad says:

    Your dairy and cheese book is the best! I have taught cheese making classes and use some of your recipes and references. I highly recommend your book to all of my students. The photography alone is beautiful and really represents the art of being a dairy maiden!

  15. Winnie Nielsen says:

    This book was my first book of MaryJane’s collection that I purchased and I bet I read it cover to cover at least five times!! It is full of great stories, things to make, delicious recipes to make and lots of ways to live off the grid and grow your own healthy food. Whoever wins this book is going to love it and I hope they will find ideas that will enrich their life. I know I did!!

  16. Merry Jayne! says:

    Absolutely love the magazine and have been a subscriber for quite some time. I must confess to checking the back page first as a quick read…love Rebekah’s insights. Yours is a magazine to look at over and over until the next one comes, then save to pull out a pile of back issues on a cold snowy day. Would love your first book. I’m sure it would be a treasure.

  17. Barbara Criss says:

    I love this book. I do not need this copy as I purchased one several years ago when it first came out. I learned a lot from it and it is still among my most prized possessions. I also love your magazine and I keep them all.

  18. Julie B says:

    One of my favorite Mary Jane products is her glamping book. One day my girls (2 and 1 one the way) and I will definitely go on adventures in our very own glamper!!

  19. Susanne says:

    I received a couple of yummy food bars, 3 magazines and a one year subscription of MJF for Christmas one year way back in 2004 (I think) and have so thoroughly enjoyed them since. I’ve made many recipes, crafts, knitted from patterns, been inspired in gardening and preserving and have been educated on many different topics. I have checked this book out from the library but would love to have a copy of my own. Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. Leisa Joan says:

    My mom got me this book for one of my birthdays, saying “this looks like your kind of book” well I’ve been a Mary Jane fan since I opened the book.

  21. Kelly says:

    I am continually inspired by Mary Jane’s Farm Magazine. I read it from cover to cover and can’t wait for each new issue to come out. Why am I so taken with the magazine? After all, I am a single mom working 2 jobs in suburban Northern Califirnia, not living on a farm at all.However, Mary Jane’s Farm transcends such superficial distinctions and makes me feel like I am 10 years old again with the assurance that anything is possible. I may not technically live on a farm, but I can sit on my front porch swing and dream that my life could be a bit more farm girl-like and with the inspiration from Mary Jane’s farm, I can begin taking steps to find my inner farm girl and let her run through the fields of my imagination, bringing together the free-spirited girl that I was with the free-spirited woman I would like to become.

  22. Joanne Vanderheite says:

    We had moved to the country to start our farm and while shopping in our local farm and tractor store I found your magazine. I was hooked , being the Mom of a special needs child you don’t get much relaxation so when I bury myself in your magazine it is a respite for me and it brings much comfort, restores my ambitions and gives me so many ideas to fordge forward with. I LOVE it….!

  23. Lori Foote says:

    Like the quote from Amazon, I found Mary Jane’s approach to life the thing that was most pivotal for me. Her descriptions of how to make an apron or make a hat that is functional yet beautiful, is just the tip of the iceberg. In reality the mindset of choosing to do with less, to reuse, to consider not only functionality but beauty, to consider the ways our actions impact others… All of these and more arise from reading this book. It really did change how I live my life. I now recognize that I need to decide when enough (stuff) is enough, and I consciously choose to support businesses that are in line with my own thinking. I find myself more resource full these days, enlightened by a growth mindset which was seeded in Maryjane’s farm.

  24. Deb F says:

    I enjoy every article and look forward to each issue. My mother-in-law was raised on a farm and the magazine makes a wonderful gift subscription for her.

  25. Lori Morton says:

    I am soooo inspired by Mary Jane’s Farm Magazine!!! LOVE everything about it! Had subscription for long my daughter hooked as well. Now she gets subscription for us both! 🙂 would love to win your book!! Thank you for the chance! 😀

  26. Heidi says:

    I first picked up a MaryJanes Farm magazine because the cover promised lots of recipes. I actually didn’t realize MaryJane was a real person until I discovered this book! I was heartbroken to return it to the library and was thrilled when my husband bought this book for my birthday. This book has inspired me to make take more steps toward self-sustainability, and the daily blog journal provides a regular dose of farm girl life to this city girl. I was hoping to give this book to a girlfriend who has recently taken the plunge and moved from the city to a hobby farm. Thank you for all the inspiration!

  27. Denvalee Corff says:

    I have really been enjoying your magazine,so I share it with a friend and have gotten my daughter a subscription. I am inspired to try your homemade recipes, learn about oils, use your crafts for gifts and decorating….I can hardly wait to get my next issue…thank you!!

  28. Joy says:

    I love everything about your magazine.

  29. Marilyn says:

    I have been inspired by all of the stories from the ladies involved in the magazine.

  30. Betty pries says:

    The magazine and blogs

  31. Hillary Maxwell says:

    I find so much comfort in the magazines and books, after a hectic day in the world! Thanks for keeping simplicity a thing of value.

  32. Bev Read says:

    I LOVE all the craft ideas and down home “Like my Mama, cooked recipes!!!!” Your magazine is like a breath of fresh air, each time ,my new copy arrives…. Such a BEAUTIFUL magazine(I wish it came out EVERY month, hint hint!)

  33. Teresa Page says:

    It was this book that first acquainted me with Mary Jane. I was enchanted with the bag a friend had made from a calendar, and she referred me to this title. I’ve read and enjoyed all the books. I am now a subscriber to the magazine as well. I’d love to win the book!

  34. I love Mary Jane’s magazines, I love her books. I love everything about her.’

  35. Dori Umphreys says:

    I first found out about MaryJane’s Farm years ago when I read a magazine article in my doctors office. I was excited a couple weeks later to find an issue at our Natural food Coop. I was so fascinated with it that i read it cover to cover in one sitting and then re-read it again later. I’ve been reading and collecting issues every since. I think what has helped me the most is that I knew I was a farmgirl at heart but just had never known how to put it into words before. I just skim other magazines but with MaryJane’s farm I just find every single page interesting and I’ve learned all kinds of new skills from reading it over the years. My husband knows its the one thing I treat myself to i buying every issue. I haven’t been able to read the books yet but I’d so love to!

  36. LynB says:

    I love the magazine and I really love the Milk Cow Kitchen.!

  37. I first came across the MaryJaneFarms magazine In my little tractor supply company store And have been inspired ever since ! The magazine even inspired me to buy my first sewing machine and join the sisterhood!

  38. Barbara Wenkel says:

    I read it cover to cover and love it.

  39. Lorena Washburn says:

    Oh my, a sun-faded copy to match my sun-kissed skin! I’d love to indulge myself and enjoy the recipes, stories and what-not! Please place my name in the hat 🙂

  40. Janice Woods says:

    Love your magazine! I plan to retire on Dec 31, 2018! I am so looking forward to doing all the things I’ve dreamed of doing with my large parcel of land my home is on! Chickens might be in my future along with a raised vegetable garden and loads of flowers…I will have enough time to cook for my family and “put up” garden items to achieve a healthier lifestyle. This book will help me plan and dream even bigger that I have already!

  41. Kelly says:

    I love the recipes!

  42. Josie Davis says:

    I love the crafting articles and recipes!

  43. Ruth Turner says:

    I LIVE for your magazine to arrive each month! I can only imagine how much time must go into each glorious issue! The pictures, articles, stories … ALL magnifique! I was raised on a farm that has been in our family since the 1700’s – a land grant from the King of England. We have been the last family to farm it. My dad started leasing it out to farm when he was no longer able to do so, as my brothers were interested in other pursuits. We lost him to Parkinson’s 2 years ago. So, our farming history is long and rich. SO much very hard work, so many wonderful memories. Work ethic?? WE’VE got it in spades! All of this to say that your magazine is all the more special because I can relate to so many things in them. They’re a gift…

  44. Kate Lane says:

    I was at the library back in 2008, looking for.something new to grab me. MaryJane’s Ideabook, Lifebook, Cookbook grabbed me just by the photos on the spline! I had been feeling like something was missing in my life. After reading the book cover to cover twice, I made the choice to buy a farm and “simplify” my life. Thank you MaryJane Butters, for helping me find my dream!

  45. Annie Trexler says:

    Your magazine is the only one ever that I read cover-to-cover and have kept every copy I received over the years. I share it with everyone!! Thanks so much for continuing to do such a great job!!

  46. Rebecca M Jankowiak says:

    The magazine itself. I look forward to seeing it at my local Tractor Supply. Love all the ideas inside.

  47. Dee Larson says:

    I grew up on a farm in the 50s, but I have lived in the Twin Cities since finishing school. Your magazine is like a trip home (even though home isn’t there anymore) I can feel the warm sun, the crickets singing and the sweet smell of warm earth in the spring. The stars at night that are not visible in the city at night, the early morning sun and smell of the fresh cut hay as work to turn it into bales for winter. I see my mother in the farm girl in every issue standing on the wire wheel in her plaid shirt and sweet smile.

  48. Laura Anderson says:

    My husband and I are planning our retirement to our ranch in South Texas and Mary Jane”s farm will be my guide! I have been saving my issues so I will have a great library and reference guide for all things we deal with in farm life😊

  49. Amy says:

    I love the visual’s! There are so many wonderful ideas to look at! I love getting new ideas to share with my family. Thanks for the chance to win this book.

  50. Staci McLarnon says:

    MaryJanesFarm magazine is my ultimate favorite read! I love the recipes and the creative ideas for crafts! My chickens and gardens are thriving from things I’ve learned.
    I ❤️ the rural lifestyle and am so happy to have found this magazine!!

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